"OMG, Alice "

"This place is beautiful" and when I say it was big I mean it was huge, it had 4 rooms, 2 of them were bathrooms, the living room, kitchen, and it also had a balcony.

"Alice, I call the master bedroom" I said

"No, I already call dibs on tha master bedroom" Alice walks in and she has that look that said (ill bet you to it)

"Alice, you wouldn't dare"

"Wouldn't do what" then she took off towards the room, I started to run after her, I am so much faster than her and passed here up but some how we both ended getting there at the same time.

"I win" I chanted childishly

"No you didn't, it was a tie"

"Wat ever, I get the room" when I looked back at Alice she had a evil smirk on her face, I knew she waz font to make my life hell

"Wat are you thinking about

"I'll make a bet with you; who ever can get a boyfriend by the end of the month gets the master bedroom.

I knew it was chance that Alice would win but wat the hell, I will just have to take that chance.

"Deal" I smiled and walked away


It's been a week since I've made that bet with Alice and I haven't had any luck with finding a boyfriend.

Let me tell you a little about myself and my friends

I am 5'4, light brown hair, golden brown eyes, nice curves, medium size boobs, perfect size butt (not to brag) and I work at footlocker with my 2 besties Alice and Rosalie, we live in California.

Alice is 5'1 she is like a little pixie with short brown hair with blonde streaks , she is always energetic, fun and loving but don't under estimate her ,she has a mean left hook

Rosalie is 5'6 she has the body of a super model and wavy blonde hair with streaks of red in it she is loving ,crazy and loves to shop ,she your go to girl

That pretty much sums up me and my friends

I was sitting at tha both that was closes to the window , me and alice were suppose to meet here at starbucks an hour from now ,you may ask why I was here so early ,personally I didn't know myself ,I don't rember getting out of bed ,pathetic right ive been tired from staying out to late at clubs trying to find a decent guy , of course alice insited we look a little while longer when I told her it waz 12:00 pm already ,Rosalie of course didn't take my side

I rember when we told Rosalie our deal she laughed at us and said good luck.

I didn't get wat she waz saying till now

I didnt know I had zoned out intill someone slapped me

I looked around ready to tell who ever the hell hit me off

There stood a smirking alice

" I knew that would get ya attention" she laughed as I glared

"wat ever, so why did you call this meeting are you ready to give up and let me have the room" I smirked knowing damn well she wouldn't give up that easy

"of course not" she smirked

" I think we should length the period of time to 2 months"

" sounds good to me"

Well , I got to go , you comein ,nah im goin finisn my drink and then go.


I have been sitting here watching the girls that come in here,waiting for the one that will be my prey , I dont do girlfriends to many heartbreaks and tears, you may say im a player but im just waiting for the right one

(Yeah right)

(who said that)

( the thing in your head)

Just then a this hot girl walks in theres no doubt she was the hottest out of all them that came in .

She had on a leather jacket and a shirt the said "you wish you were me" ,and a back mini skirt with black and purple converse, she had legs that looked like they went on forever,

Some short chick walked in and slapped her ,I could tell by the expression on her face that she waz pissed, then they started talk and then the spiky headed girl left .

I got up and sat in front of her she just looked at me then, went back to looking out the window as if I wasn't there,who couldn't lok at me I was 5'8 light brown/blonde hair green eyes ,I had a 8-pack , and I knew I looked good from all the girls that flirted with me .

I decided to play the first card

" hi, im Edward , and you are."

She looked me up and down ,and then bit her lip which may I add was sexy as hell

"Bella" she smiled and then she did something unexpected she got up put a piece a paper in front of me.

It had her number and said call me .

I was shocked and decided I would call her

When she answered her first words were " I knew you would call'

" oh ,did you so how about you go to dinner with me on Saturday"

" I would love to" she said huskily

"see you at 7 pm then"

"cant wait" she said huskily and hung up before I could reply

I couldn't believe I had a date,well this should be fun.

I got a message saying check my hood'

There on my hood waz a note with a address on

For some reason I knew it was bella , damn I got turned on just thinking of her

She waz goin be the death of me!