The cool days of autumn had long since gone by and the chilly air of winter were already here. Six months had already passed by since the incident, and it had been six months since David Scott had come to live with his father and brother. He couldn't say that he was particularily pleased with this arrangement, but there was no other choice and so he delt with it the best he could.

David never really got the impression that he belonged in the family, feeling that he was just a burden and unwanted. His father, Frank, had not been around during his childhood. David's mother had sole custody of him, and Frank never fought to see him anymore. So besides seeing him on holiday's and a week or two during the summer, David never saw his father much. He didn't mind though, he always felt that he was never good enough, especially compared to his brother.

Karl wasn't his real brother since they had different mothers. When Karl was still just a baby, his mother left him with his father to be raised. He had grown up spoiled and did whatever he wanted. The two brothers never got along, ever since they were children. Karl didn't like David since he didn't live with them, to him, David was an outsider. Plus, David tried to hard to be perfect, but Karl knew it was just to please their father. But they were older now, and they didn't hate eachother anymore, they could get along.

None the less, the two boys were now living under the same roof in their father's house. Since Frank was constantly gone on business trips, the boys had grown used to being alone and spending time together with eachother. At some points in time, they could enjoy eachothers company. They may not get along sometimes, but they still cared about eachother.


David leaned his head against the window in his room. The sun was starting to rise, but t was hidden behind gray clouds that threatened to let loose rain. It was nearing 6am and he knew that Karl would be getting up in a moment or two, quickling getting ready for school so they weren't late again. David had been up for almost two hours now, he had gotten very little sleep because he had woken up from a bad dream.

He heard Karl call for him and stood up, grabbing his bag, and walked out of his room. He trudged down the stairs to where his brother was waiting for him by the door holding a jacket. The two walked out to the car they shared. Karl was the one that drove them to school. He usually left after first period to go mess around somewhere.

"Listen, I'm gonna skip today, alright? I'll be back when school gets out," Karl told his younger brother, he was older by almost six months.

"Yeah, sure," David mumbled tiredly. Usually he would try and convince Karl to stay at least until lunch, but today he was just too exhausted. Karl pulled into the student parking lot and David got out of the car. Waving to his brother, he walked into the building and made his way to his locker to grab his books for first and second period.

Walking into the Honors English for 12th grade, David made his way back to his desk in the last row near the window. He tossed his books onto his desk and sat down. Instead of socializing with the other students as he usually did, David rested his head on his hand and stared out the window. When the teacher came in, he tuned him out, already knowing what the work for today was. He had finished it yesterday anyway.

David always tried to get ahead in school, he wanted to get good grades and go to a good college or university so he could please his father. Instead, Frank acted as though he didn't really care if his son got straight A's. Of course, he always said 'good job' and all that stuff. But to David, he just couldn't impress his father and that sometimes hurt.

All of a sudden a paper ball landed in front of him. David sighed and uncrumpled it too see what it was.

What's wrong with you, David?

David looked over at the row next to him, where his friends sat. Brigette and Marcus were staring at him, urging him to quickly respond before the teacher looked back. Out of all his friends, they were the closes to him.

Nothing, just tired.

He handed it over to them and flipped open the book they were supposed to be reading and half-heartedly began to read. Mr. Voscielli began walking around the room to make sure the students were doing the assigned work, so Marcus didn't get a chance to reply back. David tried to concentrate on the book he had read many times before, but he found that he just could not concentrate.

When the bell finally rang at the end of class, David quickly gathered his things and walked out of the classroom before Brigette and Marcus could bombared him. Thankfully, he had Physics next and his two friends did not. When he got to his next class, there was a subsitute. He walked over to his desk and sat down, not bothering to take out his book. No one ever payed attention when there were subs, and none of the subs ever made them do anything.

As he sat in class quietly, David was starting to wish he had tried to go back to sleep after the bad dream. His eyes kept drooping shut and he felt as if he was going to pass out any moment, not to mention the killer headache he was starting to get. The idea of going to P.E class next was not appealing.

Trying to stay away, he looked around the classroom to watch people. David glanced at the window and sat that it was raining, and suddenly frowned. Rain was not his favorite type of weather, it always aggrivated his asthma. At that same moment, the classroom suddenly felt stuffy, as if the air was being used up. He closed his eyes and slowly began taking deep breathes, trying to prevent an asthma attack since he didn't have an inhaler with him.


Karl was looking through the CD's at the local music store. He had a few more hours until he needed to get back to school, and he wanted to check to see if there was any good new music. Unfortunately there wasn't, so he headed over to the movies to browse. He was looking through the B section when his cell phone went off. Checking to see who it was, Karl was very suprised to see that the caller ID was David's number.

"Hey," Karl said casually as he flipped it open and held it to his ear.

"Karl, can you come get me now?" David asked. Karl frowned, noticing how exhausted his brother sounded.

"Uh, yeah I guess. Something wrong?" He said, putting the movie he was holding back and leaving the store quickly. If David was calling during school hours, something must be wrong.

"Nothing...just...just come get me," David replied quietly, hanging up the phone. Karl quickly hopped into his car and drove back to the school to find his brother. It took him awhile because of the rain, everyone was driving much slower and it made him annoyed. When he finally got to the school he pulled into the parking lot and drove around until he found his brother. David was sitting on the ground outside the door, out of the rain. Karl quickly stopped the car near the sidewalk and went over to his brother. He was worried when he saw that David was almost completely out of it.

"David? Come on, Davey, let's go home," He said, using the nickname he and his father called his brother when he was sick. He knelt down and helped his brother off the ground and into the car. David leaned against the window sleepily while his brother drove them back home.

"Karl...turn the heat off," He mumbled. Karl reached over and flipped off the heat. He glanced over at his brother and saw a pink flush across his cheeks. Great, he's sick and dad won't be back until late tonight, he thought unhappily. He rolled down the window slightly to give his brother some fresh air. He didn't know how to take care of a sick person, let alone his brother who had asthma.

When they got home, Karl helped his brother walked up the stairs and inside the house. He walked over to the couch and dumped David's weak body down and walked to the kitchen to make a something to eat. After making a sandwhich he went back to the living room and flopped down on the chair, turning on the tv to watch whatever shows were on. He vaguely wondered if he should try and get David to eat something, but one look at his sleeping brother he decided not to wake him and started watching a movie for the next hour.


*David's Dream*

He walked slowly down the hall, almost scared to enter the room at the end of it. It was late at night, nearing one in the morning, and David had been woken by a thumping noise coming from his mother's room.

She had been so sad and distant lately when she was usually cheerful and full of smiles.

"You are the reason I live, David," She would always tell him lovingly.

He had finally reached the door. It was cracked open and a ray of light was shining through. He could see the shadow of something moving in the room, and figured mom was just moving something around.

"Mom?" He called hesitantly.

There was no answer, so he slowly pushed open the door.

"NO! MOM!"

*End of Dream*

David awoke with a start, panting and gasping for air. Someone came over to him and helped him sit up. Opening his eyes, David saw his brother staring down at him worriedly.

"David? Are you okay?" Karl asked. David took some deep breath's and nodded weakly. The room was dark besides the flashing screen of the television. Karl sat back down, not taking his gaze away from his brother.

"Is dad home yet?" David asked tiredly, rubbing his temple trying to ease away the pain.

"Not yet, he called a little while ago and said he'd be here soon though," Karl replied. David nodded and slowly got to his feet, and almost regretted doing so. Once he was standing, his body turned to lead and the room started swaying. Karl quickly pushed him back down on the couch.

"Karl, where's my mom," David mumbled. Karl grimaced and pulled the blanket off the back of the couch and draped it over his brother's shaking body.

"Go back to sleep, Davey," Karl replied, not wanted to make matters worse. David was starting to worry him, asking about his mother. He pushed his brother further down on the couch so he was laying, then he pressed a hand to his forhead to check for a fever.

"I don't feel good...where's mom," David moaned. Karl almost started panicking, thankfully at that moment Frank walked through the front door.

"I'm home, boys!" He called as he took off his jacket and hung it up. Karl sighed and relief and walked out of the room to go get him.

"Dad, David's sick, like really sick," He told his father.

"Oh? What's wrong with him?" Frank asked as he followed his eldest son to the living room. He saw David laying on the couch, slightly wheezing, and walked over to him.

"I have no idea. He was fine this morning, but then he called me and asked me to get him from school. He's been sleeping all day, bt he just woke up...He's asking for his mom," Karl told his father. Frank took a sharp intake of breath and knelt next to his younger son.

"Davey, you awake?" He asked, laying a hand on his son's shoulder. David groaned and tried to turn away.

"Dad?" The boy mumbled. Frank nodded, then turned to Karl and mouthed 'go get the thermometer.

"Yeah, it's me. How are you feeling?" Frank asked. David shrugged and snuggled into the blankets.

"Where's mom," He asked again, wondering why his mother wasn't by his side taking care of him. Frank sighed, not quite sure what to tell his son.

"She's gone, Davey. She'll be back later," He told his son, hoping that he wouldn't ask again. Karl came back and handed the thermometer to his father, who stuck it in his younger son's mouth and waited for the results.

"Is he okay, dad?" Karl asked, worried for his younger brother. He had never been around him when he was sick, at least not like this.

"He's fine, Karl, just a little delirious. I'm going to take him up to his room, bring me a wet washcloth and a glass of water," Frank told him. Karl nodded and left, and Frank slowly eased David up, who moaned and tried to pull away in protest.

"Shhh, Davey, I'm just taking you to bed," He whispered to his son as he helped walk him up the stairs. He got the boy to his room and helped him change into something more comfortable. Karl brought up what his father had asked and handed it over. Frank reached into the first drawer of the nightstand next to his son's bed where there was some Tylenol. He helped David swallow some and then lay him down, placing the cool, wet cloth on his forhead.

"Come on, let's let him sleep," Frank said, turning off the light. Karl gave David one last look before following his father out, leaving David to sleep, hopefully peacefully.