IMPORTANT: I'm prone to making mistakes, and I made one. The Mississippi River doesn't run anywhere near Galveston, so I'm changing the celebration somewhat. I hope too many of you don't get pissed off at me.

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It was a sweltering evening in Pasadena, every window in the apartment was thrown open, tempting in the none existent breeze. Summer seemed to be coming early this year, and the beers were in the cooler beside the girls on the bed, both occasionally holding the cold bottles against their sticky faces before cracking them open.

"Ready to be our bitches?" Victoria said, sitting cross-legged on her bed beside Penny, both with headsets on and controllers poised in front of them. It was around 9:30pm that Friday night, and Victoria had coaxed Penny into teaming up with her.

"No offense Vicky, but I don't think that you and Penny pose much of a threat to us." Howard said cockily as the countdown to the game began.

"Guywithoutadoctoratesayswhat?" Victoria quickly replied.

"What?" Howard replied confusedly, Victoria and Penny high fived, and Raj and Leonard could be heard laughing into their microphones. One of the many benefits of Halo 3 was that Raj could talk to them freely, as they weren't technically in the room.

"Oh snap." Sheldon said, in his characteristically Sheldonish tone.

The game began, and Penny's green character immediately hopped on a warthog, with Victoria on the back with the gun.

The game was nothing short of carnage on the girls' half. Penny was killed four times, Victoria three, whereas the boys averaged about ten kills apiece.

"Come on! They must be cheating!" Sheldon said, as the scoreboard came up.

"What's that Sheldon? I can't hear you from the bottom of the scoreboard." Penny said with a grin, and the girls' high fived once more.

"As you have proven your worth and mocked is accordingly, I suggest you get an early night Victoria as we will be leaving early in the morning." Sheldon said.

Victoria groaned.

"Yes, fine." She sighed. "Nighty night boys." I chorus of 'night's,' 'good nights,' and 'night night's,' came from the boys, before Victoria took off her head phones and dropped them on her bedside table.

"Well, orders are orders. G'night Penny."

Penny laughed. "Night Vicky. Good luck tomorrow with the family." With that, she left the room, and Victoria decided to sleep on top of her sheets.

Victoria awoke that morning with a start, a cold hand on her shoulder. She opened her eyes groggily and jumped when she saw Sheldon leaning over her.

"Sheldon! You scared me." She said, her throat croaky.

"My apologies. But you said you'd get up early, and yet you're still in bed." He said. Victoria felt around for her glasses before putting them on.

"What time is it?" She sat up, and ran a hand through her hair, aware of how terrible she must look.

"6am." He said. Victoria frowned at him before falling back into her pillows.

"Come back in five hours." She said, muffled.

"I'm afraid I can't. We first have the fifteen minute drive to the airport, then the 2.5 hour flight to Galveston, where my mother will meet us and drive us back to my childhood home where we will spend the day and enjoy the street's fireworks at night. We will then return in the morning."

"Sounds lovely Sheldon, but I find it hard to give a crap at this time." Victoria replied, her voice still muffled by the pillow.

"Victoria I must insist." Sheldon said, and sat down on the bed.

"This isn't how I imagined the first time you'd be on my bed." Victoria grinned into the pillow, and Sheldon felt his ears heat up. He was already uncomfortable with her Wonder Woman boy shorts and revealing vest. Obviously because of the heat.

"Get up, Victoria." Sheldon said a little more sternly than before.

"Oooh, getting angry Sheldon?" Victoria teased, before opening one eye and looking up at him. "I kinda like it."

Sheldon blushed again, and looked at his lap.

Victoria laughed to herself and sat up. "Okay, okay. I'm getting up. Good morning Sheldon." She smiled. Sheldon looked back up at her, and was surprised at how attractive she was, even with messy hair and no makeup. Her lips, those fascinatingly soft lips were as pink as ever. He felt the urge to kiss her again, but ignored it.

"Good morning." He checked his watch. "It is now 6:06am, I'll return in twenty minutes at which point we will leave." Sheldon stood, and left her room. At which point Victoria quickly dressed in the pretty white dress she had bought, did her makeup elegantly, and twisted her hair at the front, before fastening it with a white flower.

Once perfectly happy with her reflection, she checked the time. 6:21am.

"Finished with time to spare." She smiled to herself.

Deciding it was best not to awake Penny at that time on a Saturday, Victoria knelt down at the coffee table and wrote her a quick note;

See you tomorrow Penny; call me if you need me. xxx

She then picked up her overnight bag and left the apartment, where of course Sheldon was waiting in the hallway with his own bag. In honestly, he was rather surprised by the sight of her.

He'd seen her looking nice before but never so... Perfect. She perfectly suited the pretty white dress she wore which gently swayed when she moved, and was cinched in at her waist. Sheldon didn't know if he liked the way she made him feel, it was completely alien of him for his heart rate to increase at the mere sight of a girl in a pretty dress.

"Ready to go?" She said, with that stunning smile of hers.

"I've been ready for an hour." Sheldon said quietly, as they made their way downstairs.

The car ride to the airport was smooth, as was boarding, Sheldon complained a little about their seats, as behind them sat a woman and her baby. Victoria kicked off her shoes, as seemed to be a habit for her, and crossed her legs.

"You know, this plane ride is the perfect opportunity for us to get to know each other." Victoria suggested, becoming increasingly bored with the clouds outside the small window.

"Alright, I agree." Sheldon turned slightly in his chair. "How do you propose we do this?"

"Hmm…" Victoria chewed on the inside of her mouth. "We'll just ask each other honest questions, and make sure we give honest answers." She said eventually. "I'll start."

She put her hands on her knees ceremoniously and Sheldon braced himself for the first question.

"Okay, who is your favorite family member?" She asked, trying to break the ice with something like and easy."

"My Mee-Maw." He said without hesitation.

"Your Mee-Maw?" Victoria repeated with a raised eyebrow.

"Yes, my grandmother. On my mother's side. She sends me frequent letters." He said. "And you?"

"Also my grandmother on my mother's side." Victoria said honestly. "Nonna Maria." Her accent briefly flipped to Italian, and Sheldon found himself surprised.

"You're part Italian?" He questioned, completely shocked she hadn't mentioned it before.

"Yes, my mother lived in New York her whole life though. I inherited my dad's pale skin unfortunately for me." She chuckled.

"Why is it you never mentioned it before?"

"No reason, just didn't have an opportunity to bring it up, and I only speak Italian to my grandmother or when I'm angry. It's my question now anyway." Victoria shifted slightly in her seat.

"Why did you want to date me? From what Penny says you're not the dating type…"

Sheldon considered her for a moment.

"In honesty Victoria, I don't really know." He said, and she couldn't help but feel slightly hurt. Sheldon for once could read her facial expression, and knew he had accidentally upset her. "I don't mean that offensively. I, like many other men, am attracted to your physical beauty, your intelligence and oddly, your sense of humor. But there is something indescribable about you that makes you different from other women, and that makes me want to be with you." He tried to explain. Victoria smiled, understanding.

"That's so sweet and you don't even know it." She leaned over, and pecked his cheek. Again, Sheldon didn't mind. "Anyway, it's your question?"

"Alright…" Sheldon thought for a moment, and then asked a question that had been bugging him. "Do you still have any romantic feelings toward Wil Wheaton?"

Victoria pursed her lips. "No. I don't. Wil and I were in a relationship for six months, during that time we played a lot of video games and…" She lowered her voice. "Had a lot of sex. There wasn't that much romance involved. I thought I loved him for a while, but I wasn't as sad as I should've been that we broke up." She said, and sipped her Sprite. She didn't like to talk about her time with Wil… Not only did it bring back memories of a relationship which ended badly, but it also reminded her of how good Wil was in the sex department, but also he lack of sex for the passed six months.

Sheldon paused for a moment. "Do you find yourself dependent on sex?" He asked, Victoria choked on her drink, and looked around to see if anyone had heard.

"Sheldon!" She half whispered, half yelled.

"I'm sorry, was that an inappropriate question? I was given to understand this was an open conversation." Sheldon said.

"Okay, you're right, you're right." She set her drink down on the little table. "I wouldn't say I'm dependent on it, but once you've done it once you certainly get a taste for it." She explained.

"I wouldn't know." He said.

Victoria did a slight double take. "Have… Have you never had sex?" She asked, out of pure nosiness, and intrigue. Sheldon shook his head.

"Jesus." Victoria said, and shook her head slightly.

"Please refrain from blaspheming when we get to my house. My mother will hit you round the head with a bible." Sheldon warned, completely oblivious to how incredulous she was about Sheldon's virginity.

"Sheldon…" She said. "Why have you never had sex?"

"Well, I've always found the idea of sexual intercourse rather repulsive. Of course the thought of relieving one's sexual urges is rather appealing, I have never met nor seen a woman I would want to do that with, nor has anyone wanted to do it with me."

"Oh, don't be so sure." Victoria mumbled to herself.

"What?" He asked, not having heard her.

"Nothing, nothing." She smiled brightly. "I took your question anyway, now you get two."

Sheldon thought for a moment. "Are you attracted to me?" He asked, and glanced out of the window, feeling slightly embarrassed.

Victoria smiled and bit her lip. 'Yes,' was the honest answer, she was very attracted to him.

"Do you want me to be attracted to you?" She asked, unable to meet his eye.

"Yes, I think I do." He said honestly. She looked up at him now, suddenly realizing their proximity, and the blueness of his eyes.

"Well, I am. That's why I agreed to go on a date with you, that's why I kissed you." She said, and leaned on the arm rest a bit so they were closer.

"I…" Sheldon began, feeling slightly nervous of what he was about to say, as he was aware of how close their faces were. "I enjoy kissing you." He told her. Victoria felt her heart pleasantly flutter.

"I enjoy kissing you too…" She quietly replied, and leaned in closer to him.

"Please fasten your seatbelts, and prepare for landing." They hastily moved away from each other.

'God damn it.'