The Legend of Spyro a Change in Destiny chapter 1

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Spyro awoke with a yawn and stretched out his legs. It was another glorious day, and yet he could not help but feel that something was different. Spyro shook off this feeling and walked pass the mirror which reflected his orange scales. Spyro froze and quickly rushed back to the mirror. "What's happened to me?" gasped Spyro

"Hey Spyro you in there?, It's time for breakfast" the distinct voice of Cynder said

"Yah uh I'll be there in a second" Spyro shouted turning back to his reflection. " As he continued to stare at his reflection Spyro could not help but notice how much he looked like Ignitus the fire guardian almost like looking at a younger version of his father figure.

Spyro left his room and made his way for the kitchen with a big grin on his face. No longer did he have to carry the burden of saving the world, finally he could be just like everyone else. " I don't know what's happening but I like it."

"Yah well it is making me feel uneasy." Cynder mumbled

"Uneasy? Hang on you mean you noticed it too?" Spyro asked

"Of course I noticed it, and I'm pretty sure last time I checked you were the purple dragon and we were about to get crushed by a ton of boulders as the world came crashing apart." Cynder said with an annoyed tone. "But now it's like none of that ever happened. And what's even stranger is that no one has made any snide comment about my past with Malefor."

"Well maybe Ignitus could tell us something about what is going on.

Spyro collected all the food he could get on his plate and quickly sat down. "Man what's with you today Spyro did you skip dinner or something?" asked Cynder

"No, I'm just really hungry today." replied Spyro

"Well well if it isn't Spyro the fire dork" sneered a voice. Spyro's eyes widened, the voice belonged to none other than Flame a fire dragon that also trained at the temple only now his scales were a deep shade of purple with a golden underbelly.

"What do you want Flame?" asked Cynder giving Flare a dirty look

"Be quiet you stupid little girl" Barked Flame backhanding Cynder across the face

"hey leave her alone" shouted Spyro

"Aw look the little girl has a little boyfriend, well it's time to learn what happens when you get in my way." Flame said his body glowing with a purple light

"That's enough Flame" Barked Ignitus who had just entered into the kitchen.

"Humph you got lucky this time " Sneered Flame before walking off to one of the food tables

"Hey Spyro since when did Flame have purple scales?" Asked Cynder

"I don't know I just woke up this morning looking like this so I'm pretty new at this as well." Said Spyro

"It seems all three of us are lost in this strange reality." Observed Ignitus

"What do you mean?" Asked Spyro

"Because we are the only ones who believe that Spyro is the purple dragon not Flame. Yet to everyone else it seems to be the other way around and even worse Flame is demanding payment for his services." Said Ignitus

"That's disgusting a real hero would never do something like that." Cynder said, "A real heros would out his life on the line for others because it is the right thing to do. Not because you can make a quick few gems off it."

"That is because Flame is not a hero, all his life Flame has been given special treatment because of the fact that he is the purple dragon and it has corrupted him and his purpose as the purple dragon." Sighed Ignitus

"So what do we do" Asked Cynder

"What we must to keep the world safe since the current purple dragon will not." said Ignitus

Spyro looked over at Flame who was surrounded by many dragoness's that were admiring him. He could hear Flame bragging on and on about his many accomplishments and deeds Making Spyro turn away in disgust.

"So does that mean that Flames your son now" Asked Spyro fearing the answer that was to no doubt come

Ignitus laughed, "Thankfully no you are still my son even in this twisted reality and if you want proof go look at yourself in a mirror."

"But still, this new reality reminds me of something Malefor once said." Spyro said

"And what would that by my son?" Ignitus asked inquisitively

"It has been the duty of our predecessors to resurrect the Destroyer and the Golems of the deep... to bring about the great cleansing. This is the true nature of our kind. Your destiny is to destroy the world." Spyro said as the maniacal sound of Malefor's voice echoed in his ears.

"It is true the purple dragon is known for summoning the great destroyer to bring about the great cleansing. However another purple dragon will come and defeat the evil purple dragon and bring about a time of peace. But should someone find a way to break this cycle and bring two purple dragons to the side of evil, the duty of the purple dragon falls upon the shoulders of the guardians who together have the power to defeat them when all eight guardians are united." Ignitus explained.

"But now the question is how did Malefor create this alternate reality?" asked Cynder

"You guess is as good as mine, that is why I am having Volteer check through the archives to see if there have been any other cases like this one. But for now Spyro follow me and we shall begin your training." Ignitus said signaling for Spyro to follow

(Several hours later)

Spyro comet dashed a nearby wooden dummy splintering it to pieces. Another came up behind him but Spyro quickly sidestepped him and blasted him with a fire bomb.

"Now release the fire fury" Shouted Ignitus

Spyro lowered his head and tucked his wings in front of his body building up as much power as he could muster until finally he could take no more and released it into a mighty storm of fire that destroyed all the remaining dummies.

"Very good Spyro you're very talented at using fire." said Ignitus

"Like the old saying goes like father like son" laughed Terrador, "I would have expected no less from the fire guardian's son. By the way have you seen Flame? He was suppose to show up here an hour ago."

"Ah Terrador good to see you my old friend, and last time we saw him was in the kitchen being wooed by a crowd of females after that I couldn't tell you what happened to that boy." replied Ignitus

Terrador sighed, "Why do we even put up with him that's the fifth time this week that he's skipped class and he's been doing the same thing to both Cyril and Volteer and all three of us are at wits end."

"I know Terrador I too am at wits end with him, we must prepare for the worst should he continue down this path." said Ignitus somberly.

"Is there any way we can help?" Asked Cynder

"For now the best thing you can do is continue with your training and be ready should an enemy attack." said Terrador, "We do not know if or when Malefor may try to take Flame as his apprentice. For all we know he could already be secretly training with the dark master."

"Right" Spyro and Cynder said together

"Now if you would excuse me I need to go meditate so that I can get rid of my anger towards Flame." Said Terrador

"Meditate?" asked Cynder

"It's a technique that helps calm the mind and body when one is stressed." explained Ignitus

"Wow he must have done it a lot to frustrate even Ignitus" Whispered Cynder. Spyro nodded in agreement, to aggravate Ignitus was a fate worse than death but also an incredible feat since the Fire Guardian was known for his patient nature cutesy of the pool of visions. Though, at times he was known for his fiery temper when angered.

"Now then let's return to your training" Said Ignitus, a loud bell sounded in the distance drawling the attention of the three dragons. "It seems that your training will have to wait come the city is in danger."

They ran through the entrance of and found a burning Warfang all around them and in the center of it all was the earth golem that Malefor had summoned once before and it was smashing and destroying everything in its path without cease

"We have to stop it come on" Shouted Spyro

"No let the purple dragon deal with we don't need another would be hero causing more destruction now round up all the jewels we need as many as possible if we want Flame's help" Said a mole nearby

"No we don't need his help we can defeat him on our own." Said Spyro

"So what's the plan then?" Asked Cynder

"The plan is to shoot the golems head" said Spyro simply. All the moles began to laugh but Ignitus smiled clearly catching on to what Spyro was thinking as did Cynder.

"And how is blasting its head off going to help us it'll just re-build it and continue to destroy the city." A mole said

"yah the purple dragon is the only one who could possibly stand a chance against it." Another mole shouted. "So why don't you just go back into your little temple and go play hero."

"Because inside its head is a dark gem that is connected to all the dark gems spread across its body. The gem keeps it alive so if we were to destroy the main gem." Spyro began

"Then the other gems will be destroyed and cut off what keeps the beast alive that's brilliant." Said another mole

"And best of all it won't cost you a single gem make sure to get those catapults ready" Ordered Spyro

"What are you going to do then?" Asked the first mole

"I'm going to distract it so you guys will have time to finish the preparations." Said Spyro

"Right then good luck to you and Gods speed" Said the first mole before barking orders to the rest of the moles

Spyro took off into the sky towards the golem ready to do whatever it would take to stop the beast. Suddenly two more sets of wing beats accompanied his own. Spyro turned and saw both Ignitus and Cynder following close behind

"What are you doing" asked Flame over the roaring of the earth golem

"What do you think we've come to help you whether you like it or not you can't do this alone" Shouted Ignitus. Spyro could not help but smile as he said this

"Alright then just be careful" said Spyro. Ignitus and Cynder nodded. As the trio came closer to the golem they spotted Flame circling above dodging the golems gigantic hand.

"What are you doing here" Sneered Flame

"What do you think we're here to stop that thing." Shouted Spyro; releasing several fire bombs. The earth golem let out a mighty roar and tried to swipe Spyro out of the air.

"You idiots get out of here your stealing my spotlight." Shouted Flame shoving Spyro towards the golems hand. Spyro quickly barrel rolled left narrowly escaping the creatures attack.

"What's your problem we're just trying to help you and you thank us by shoving Spyro towards that thing." Shouted Cynder

"He was in my way but you know toots after I'm done taking care of this freak and that little pest how about you and I" Began Flame before being back handed by the golem sending him flying into several buildings nearby. Ignitus dove through the holes Flame had made to check on Flame leaving Spyro and Cynder to deal with the earth golem.

"Well so much for the great purple dragon of legend." Cynder said rolling her eyes.

"Catapults ready." Shouted a voice in the distance; undoubtly belonging to the leading mole. "FIRE!" Loud booms resonated as a volley of catapult ammunition launched through the air and hit their mark. The earth golem roared in agony as its rock skull began to crack.

"Fire round two" Shouted the mole. Another volley of fire bolts were released hitting the earth golem once more in the skull causing its head to begin to crumble revealing what looked like part of a dark gem.

"Were almost there, fire one more round. And add more power to it" shouted Spyro

"Roger that Fire three." Shouted the mole which was followed by another volley or fire bombs causing the main dark gem to be exposed

"Alright now all catapults volley on the dark gem" Shouted Spyro releasing several fire bombs on the dark gem closely followed by Cynder fear bombs. The catapults joined in as well and after several volleys the dark gem finally cracked and eventually shattered. The golem let out one final roar before its body began to crumble and fall into the city bellow.

"We did it" Shouted Cynder over the cities victorious cries making Spyro fell like he stood a little taller that day.

Several hours later Spyro and Cynder exited the hospital wing and made their way towards their rooms. As Spyro entered he saw a note posted on the door that read come to the kitchen in an hour. There was no signature though the writing looked somewhat familiar.

An hour later Spyro made his way to the kitchen followed by Cynder who had also received a similar note from an unknown source.

"Maybe Cyril sent it" Suggested Spyro

"It can't be Cyril's handwriting isn't that fancy maybe Terrador?" Asked Cynder

"No I bet you it's from Ignitus he's the only one who can write that neat and fancy" Spyro laughed as they turned the corner leading to the kitchen.

"Well there's only one way to find out said Cynder opening the kitchen door. The room was pitch black as Spyro and Cynder stepped into the room. The door slammed behind them making Spyro and Cynder jump.

"Welcome dear victims to your hour of judgment" Said a deep yet familiar voice

The lights flicked on and something exploded right in front of them.

Well that is chapter one and yes I combined both chapter 1 and 2 from my first attempt and added some more details so sue me. But anyway I hope this time around I did a little better at explaining what was going on because last time I did a horrible job of it. P.S, I will be adding some new twists to the series but still retain some of the same elements from my original script. So please Read and review and please no flames.

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