The Legend of Spyro: A Change in Destiny Chapter 12

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters accept for my OCs Polaris, Volt, Freeze, Cryo, and Richter. All the other charecters and OC's belong to their rightful owners.

The next several months were a whirlwind of training regiments and mind bending puzzles that pushed Spyro and the other guardian trainee's to their limits. The regiments were a fusion of elemental training, physical training, and mental training to help hone their skills and sharpen their senses in battle. Spyro had to admit even though good Malefor was an excellent teacher; he was a bit of a taskmaster at the same time though no one could blame him considering the situation.

"Faster," Good Malefor said as he launched an ice spike at Ember. Spyro immediately got in front of Ember and used his fire element to melt the spike. "Good use of element but you left yourself wide open."

Spyro sidestepped a swipe from good Malefor and preformed a comet dash to his chest sending the purple dragon across the room. Alec immediately intercepted good Malefor and used his earth flail to send him into the air. Finally with a powerful leap Polaris finished the combo with the electric drill technique. Good Malefor crashed to the ground and Alec encased him in several thick layers of crystal.

"Now hammer him!" Spyro shouted releasing a torrent of white fire over good Malefor. The other guardians joined in using their most powerful techniques on the entombed dragon.

"Do not think you have won yet dragons." Malefor growled releasing a blast of purple energy that sent the guardian trainee's flipping through the air and into the wall. "You may have become stronger but it is still not enough to defeat me."

"Dead," Polaris said wrapping his claw around Malefor's neck.

"I do not think so." Malefor said and attempted to move but Spyro smiled as the purple dragon found his limbs encases in ice and crystal. "What is going on?"

"When you sent us flying across Cryo and I made sure to pin you downy with our elements. Then Polaris could go in for the kill." Alec said with a wide smile.

"So you think that you have won I would think again if I were you." Good Malefor said.

"And that is exactly the reason why I made sure to paralyze you before I wrapped my claw around your neck. I knew that there would be no way that we could defeat you if you could use your elemental abilities so I cut them off along with all the nerves that control movement."

"You can do that?" Venom asked as he slowly got off the ground.

"Yes, I have been perfecting this technique along with controlling the full extent of my power." Polaris replied but still keeping an eye on good Malefor. "You should be able to use your poison in more than one way as well."

"No there is only one way to use poison can be used is by injecting it into the bloodstream." Venom replied as he got up and dusted himself off.

"Actually he is right; the poison element can also be used in an acidic form to eat through your opponent's skin. Also as a poison dragon you should be able to instinctively coat your claws with poison so any slash you make can be lethal and acidic as well." Cynder replied as she walked over to Spyro and wrapped her tail around his.

"It would seem that we still have much to go over Venom before you are ready to continue. The rest of you however are ready for the battle against my evil counterpart, be warned this will be that hardest task you have ever faced so be prepared." Good Malefor said

"What why is it that they get to go on while I have to be held back?" Venom demanded.

"It is because your fellow guardians have mastered their element unlike you." Good Malefor said. "Now for the bad news, you will have to stay here longer to build up your endurance to that of true guardians as well as the physical strength of a guardian."

"How long will it take master?" Spyro asked.

"Five years I am sorry but it is for the best if you are going to face Flame." Good Malefor said.

"Then we will make it through, I know it will mean not getting married to Cynder for another five years but we will make it through." Spyro said

"Yes we will my darling." Cynder said putting her head on Spyro shoulder.

"That is what I call true love." Good Malefor said with a chuckle.

(Flame's P.O.V)

"Would you please tell the court where you stole your powers from?" Flame said with a sickening smile.

"I did not steal my powers my lord, I discovered I had this powers when I was training in the temple." The dragon in front of him begged.

"That is impossible you have red scales and you are an electric dragon therefore you must have stolen them from another dragon. "Scorch replied.

"No it is true, my mother was an electric dragon I got my powers from her." The dragon begged. "And my father was a fire dragon so I got my scale colors from him."

"You are lying," Volt said sending a stream of electricity through the dragons body. The dragons thrashed and screamed as Flame and the others watched with satisfaction. Volt cut the stream after several mintues and the dragon collapsed onto the ground.

"Now tell us who you stole your powers from. We can continue to do this for hours if need be, but you can easily end this by telling us the name of the dragon you stole your powers from." Flame growled angrily.

"I did not steal it," The red dragons gasped.

"Fine take him to the torture chamber and make sure the he is beaten harder. I want to know who he stole those powers from even if you have to break every bone in his body." Flame said. Immediately two apes came from out of the shadows and grabbed the now screaming dragon.

"Well one more dragon dares to rebel against Lord Malefor." Scorch said with a snort.

"Indeed, but we have managed to get several confessions from the prisoners today." Volt replied happily.

"That is good, finally some honesty from my fellow dragons." Flame said as another dragon with crimson scales was brought into the room. The dragon was trembling as he was brought to the stand and pinned to the floor by Richters earth element. "Are you Ryuu son of Scorch and Estella?"

" my lord." The dragon Ryuu replied.

"You have been brought before this council because you have been accused of having dragon parents of two different elements." Flame said with a suspicious glare

"I did not know that was a crime my lord." Ryuu replied.

"It is, a severe crime in this city. One that is even punishable by death unless you renounce your mother and father and go through the purification ritual." Flame said.

"What is that my lord?" Ryuu asked.

"It is a process that will purify you from your tainted blood and make a full fledge fire dragon or an earth dragon if you wish. Afterwards you will have to renounce your relationship with your parents." Flame said.

"What is going to happen to them?" Ryuu asked timidly.

"They will be brought in and tried as criminals for not marrying into dragons of their own element. But not to worry your parents will be forced to divorce and marry a dragon of their own element and whichever element you choose will determine which parent gets to keep you." Volt said excitedly.

"Now the major question is will you undergo the ritual?" Scorch asked.

"No, your law is not fair." Ryuu yelled.

"Well you see that is the problem isn't it, you think our law is not fair. The truth is that those stupid guardians brainwashed you into thinking that it is alright to marry dragons of other elements and that simply will not due. My ancestors would keel over if they saw this horrible corruption those fools had put upon you." Freeze snorted angrily.

"At least they did not bring the entire city to ruin." Ryuu shouted. Your brother Polaris was ten times the dragon you ever will be. If you ask me he or Spyro should have been the purple dragon instead of you."

"How dare you insult Prince Flame, take him to the dungeon and have this dragon tortured for several hours then bring him back to us. Hopefully the torture will make him more civilized and see the error of his ways." Volt said. A pair of moles came in and took Ryuu back into the dungeons below.

"How many more cases do we have to go through?" Flame asked rubbing his temples irritably.

"That was the last one my lord." Volt said getting up and stretching.

"Good because I cannot take anymore of these wretched cases. Bring in the girls." Flame said. Another door opened and several girls dressed in hooker uniforms came in and surrounded the prince. Flame sighed as they began rubbing his shoulders and the shoulders of the other four guardians as well.

"Hey beautiful how about you and I find a nice private place and I will show you my guardian ability of mating? "Richter asked.

"Oh of course master Richter I always wondered what it would be like to mate with a guardian." The dragoness massaging his shoulder giggled.

"And the nice thing about this whole experience Richter is that you can do it all you want until the day you die because we rule this land now and no one can stop us." Flame laughed evilly.

"What about Malefor" Freeze asked.

"He has already been taken care of." Flame said pulling out a glowing purple crystal. "I tok him by surprise and used his own black magic against him. I also shoved my mom and dad into there as well to keep him company."

"You think you have won Flame but it is far from over." Malefor laughed.

"Oh shut it you old fool, it is over I won." Flame sniffed. "And there is nothing you can do about it."

"That is where you are right Flame. There is nothing I can do about it, but your brother and his friends on the other paw might be different." Malefor retorted, "That is right your brother and his friends are alive and they are training to defeat you."

"You will not let that happen though because if they win you will be killed." Flame said sending an electric current into the crystal. Malefor roared in pain and Flame cut the current and went into another fit of laughter.

"If they do kill me, at least I will have the pleasure of watching you suffer before I die." Malefor panted.

" I highly doubt that Maly old bean you see their chances of winning are nonexistent." Freeze bragged.

"You still have a lot to learn about battling. Do not say I did not warn you especially once Ignitus and his followers escape." Malefor replied then retreated deep within the crystal.

"Yeah right like that is ever going to happen." Scorch snorted angrily.

"Let us enjoy this day gentlemen for today life is good I propse a toast bring in our finest wine." Flame said snapping his claws. Two moles rushed in with five glasses and handed one to each of the guardians. " A toast to the golden age that we will usher in now that my plans are finally completed."

"Cheers" everyone shouted tapping their glasses together and taking a hearty drink of their wine.

Well here is the end of Legend of Spyro a Change in Destiny. I am planning to make a sequel to the series so stay on the lookout for it. Until the sequel comes out this is Polaris the dragon signing off.