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Falling into Place

He falls on top of her. Now they must get up. Takes place during Stranded when Robin saves Starfire from falling down the ravine and he lands on top of her in the cave. RxS

Tiny pebbles rolled off the mountain of stones that barricaded the entrance of the cave. Starfire's wide green eyes stared up into Robin's mask enlarged to equal size. He hovered over her, his body over hers, and his hands placed at either side of her head. The rush of air stung at their eyes from falling down the ravine. The rush of their beating hearts throbbed in their chests.

She's here, he thought. When his gloves glided over her shoulders, when his face was a mere few inches from her, he never felt more reassured. Pulling out his grapple hook was instinct.

He came, she thought. The grasp around her shoulders, her face a mere few inches from his, she never felt safer. She only wished she could have flown him out. She almost did, but he reacted quicker.

After tumbling into the cave, it took her vision a moment clear before Robin's face came into focus. It took a bit longer to realize the blush spreading across his cheeks. He just stared down at her and it didn't take long for Starfire's face to heat up as well.

"Ahh..." Robin stammered. He started to shake as he leaned his weight on one arm and elevated the other. Holding it out to Starfire, she slid her hand into Robin's.

"Let's go find-" he began to pull himself up with Starfire in tow. Underestimating his balance, Robin's boot slipped out from underneath him and he fell on his back, pulling Starfire on top of him. She shrieked and jumped off, blush splashing across her face an even brighter red. Robin didn't move. More rocks bounced off the walls around them, echoing loudly in the otherwise silent cave.

Finally, mustering the courage, Starfire edged sideways towards Robin, still on the floor. She held her hand out to him and pulled him up. They didn't let go.

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