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Chapter one

Games with villains

"No, absolutely not." Raven said as Starfire pulled out the card game, 'natural disaster.'

"Last time we played that game we all got teleported to an alternate dimension and were forced to compete in games with other titans that put all of our lives at risk." Robin threw in trying to avoid playing the game.

"Awe com'on robin, Afraid you'll get your Butt kicked?" Cyborg asked as he wiggled his eyebrow. Starfire gave a light giggle.

"Come friends let us join in the ritual of the playing cards!" Starfire said with a large smile as she sat at the table with the deck of cards in hand. Robin reluctantly sat down and looked at Cyborg.

"You're going down." He said as if reassuring himself that he was the king of the game at hand. Beast boy was all too eager to pull out his green visor (which he thought made him look like a pit boss) and shuffle the cards. He dealt ten cards to each player, and then, before the game could even transpire, they were all teleported in a white flash to the same arena in which they were in before. The room seemed to be filled with thousands though, not the simple eight that were there before, there was a murmur amongst the crowd as the teens arrived.

Some of the people were recognizable, like kitten for one, and jinx, and many others such as backfire, argent, bumble bee, cinderblock, and many other heroes and villains alike. But then there were people that no one recognized. People who looked like civilians. It was known that these were other heroes and villains who were not 'dressed for the occasion'; (one was even in a bath-towel). These people tried to act nonchalant as if they had no idea what was going on, but then they all seemed to realize that they were fooling none and their covers were slightly blown.

But not so entirely, because amongst the thousands it would be hard to decipher who was who. One person in particular caught ravens eyes. A tall, thin, lanky boy, he was lean, yet muscular, looked as if he were simply built for stealth. He was in a black hoodie and leaning on the wall, his expression was blank and hood covered most of his face. He had a single lip piercing and longish black hair. He wore loose black jeans and black combat boots. He had his arms crossed over his chest. Though raven could still see that it was advertising the black veil brides. He had headphones in his ears and he was looking around slightly assessing the situation.

"Welcome Champions one and all!" the master of games shouted over an intercom. He appeared on a stoop high above each hero's head. "Seems we are not all properly dressed." He mused and surely enough suddenly each person clothing was replaced with that of their hero or villain. The man raven had bee staring at was none other than red x. They all looked at the master of games, most of them (not being here before) were confused beyond all recognition. The master of games looked different. For one his coat was a light shade of baby blue. The pendant around his neck was glowing orange, and he was wearing an odd form of shorts.

"For those of you who have not met me before I am the master of games." His voice boomed. "This challenge is for all of you who are man, or woman, enough to take it, the winner will be met with the most glorious of prizes!" He cried,

"NO WAY!" Cyborg yelled, "Last time you called us here you stole our powers and tried to kill us!" a few chants of agreement and a few murmurs spread among the crowd.

"These games are different, you must believe. I am no longer self employed. I was called upon to host these games. "His voice boomed across the crowd. "The winner gets to meet MY master." He said as if it were a glorious prize.

"Who called you to do this?" Starfire asked innocently,

"The answer is simple and should motivate you all to win. My master is looking for a new apprentice!" The master of games yelled. "For those of you villains that shall be your prize. And for those of you heroes you will have the chance to fight my master." Light murmurs flew amounts the crowd. "My master is Slade." The whole place seemed to erupt with questions, excitement, anxiety, and for some, *Cough* Robin *cough* Hatred.

"Though I must state the downside to this great game, for those of you who loose, your identities shall be surely revealed." Then more murmurs were to be heard. "Any questions?" then all went silent, "good then. The games begin tomorrow. As for room assignments I am afraid you will all have to share rooms. The matchups for rooms are the following:

In room 190: Wildebeest and Malchior" Ravens cheeks flushed as she looked around for the man, he was in the form of a knight like he had been the first time she read the book, Malchior glanced over his shoulder into the nostrils of wildebeest who snorted right into his face, blowing his hair back. "In room 270: Terra and See-more" Beast boy turned in circles locating Terra, his heart thudded in his chest as he saw he her hair filled into her face and she tucked it gently behind her ear, looking at the ground. "In room 108: Speedy and Starfire." Robin's head looked like it was going to explode, and Starfire blushed. She locked eyes with speedy who winked at her.

"In room 216: Tramm and thunder

In room 132: Punk rocket and Fang

In room 160: Pantha, Mas, and menos.

In room 121: Mammoth and Lightning

In room 180: Kid Wykkyd and Kid flash

In room 217: Kitten and Kole

In room 181: Jinx and Jericho

In room 154: Herald and hot spot

In room 141: Gizmo and Cyborg" Cyborg bursted out,

"WHAT! No way am I sharing a room with a twelve year old, bald, m-"

"Please Cyborg let me finish."The master stated calmly.

"In room 207: Cinderblock and Plasmas

In room 213: Billy numerous and bumble bee.

In room 231: Beast boy and Black fire.

In room 145: Argent and Robin.

In room 112: Aqualad and Adonis

In room 156: Raven and Red x." All seemed to freeze in ravens mind, she would rather cut off her foot and eat it before sleep in the same room as the stupidest most arrogant, selfish, low-life thief she could think of.

"Rest well young champions, for tomorrow you shall fight!" Then in a flash he was gone. Then people began to talk. A few left eager to find their rooms, (like See-more, Jericho, and Billy)

"Raven you alright?" Robin asked grabbing her arm gently, he knew of her resentment for the thief. She had resented him from the first time he called her sunshine, ice queen, and especially angel. She nodded her head and gently pulled up her hood. Starfire could not have been more content,

"I am glad, in that I was chosen to be living with an ally! Friend speedy none the less." she said lightly hovering above the ground. Cyborg looked like he was going to blow a gasket.

"No good, dirty rotten, pit sniffin…" He grumbled lowly under his breath with his large robotic arms crossed. Beast boy was turning in circles trying once again to locate terra who must have already wandered off to her room.

"Did you guys see her? I think she is remembering things again! Why else would she have been brought here! Guys this might be my chance!" He said as he ran off in the direction of the dorms.

"Guys I can see our predicament, but this could be our chance to finally catch slade and bring him down!" robin said slamming his fist into his hand. It was a silent agreement amongst them. "Now we have to try hard to take the villains out, and leave no one but hero's so that way no matter what we have a chance against him."

"But robin, even if a hero does win, how do we know they will be able to take slade down?" Cyborg said looking with a slight concern at his leader.

"Because, whoever wins will have to beat me." He said, adopting a look of determination on his face.

"Lights out will be in fifteen minutes, all of the doors to the dorms will lock in fifteen minutes. Once in your dorms the doors will lock and you will not be able to get out. Failure to be in your door in fifteen minutes will result in elimination." The intercom boomed. Suddenly a lot of people wanted to be in there dorms. Raven, Cyborg and Starfire looked at their leader for dismissal. He nodded and they all departed to their dorms.

As raven walked along the long corridor she suddenly felt a cold sensation shoot up her spine. Malchior walked slowly behind her. She turned to face the jerk that broke her heart. He walked up to her nonchalantly and put his hand on her shoulder. "Don't touch me." She commanded. He looked her in the eye and in a smooth voice told her,

"I told you I'd be back." Then he walked past her being sure to brush shoulders with her.

She watched as his figure disappeared down the hall. Then she continued her walk. Room 156. She told herself as she looked at each door. She finally found hers and gently placed her hand on the knob. She took a deep breath and braced herself for the night ahead. Her fingers gripped the knob firmly and she turned it. She walked in and thanked the gods above that red x had not arrived in it yet. She was hopeful that he never would. She prayed for his elimination.

She looked around the small room. There were two beds two nightstands, each holding a lamp on top of them, and a small foldable table. She walked over to one of the beds. The blanket on top was brown and there was white sheet underneath. There was a single white pillow on each bed. Maximum comfort. Raven thought to herself.

There were two rooms connected to the bedroom, a bathroom and a small kitchen. She opened the fridge and found it to be fully stocked with water, tea, liquor, candy, and some other small foods as if it were the mini-fridge in a hotel. Raven took out one of the waters and a bag of herbal tea and began the steps of making it, there was no tea kettle, but there were a few pots. She puts some water to boil on the stove. It took her nearly eight minutes to prepare the beverage.

She concluded that it had been twelve minute since the intercom warned them to be in their rooms. She took her small mug of tea back over to one of the beds and sat down. She scooted all the way back so she could rest her head on the wall. Within the next two minutes red x walked in. the very sight of him made raven want to splash her hot tea all over him.

"Hey, sunshine." He said closing the door behind him.

"Don't call me that." She said trying her best to ignore him. She gently sipped her tea.

"Sure thing, dollface." He said. She ignored him as he did his own investigation of the room. When he walked into the kitchen raven heard him open the fridge. Ten bucks says he picks up alcohol. Raven thought to herself with a smirk. He came back with a small can of beer, thus causing raven to smirk further. He lifted up his mask so it no longer covered his lips and took a sip of the beer.

"You don't need to bother wearing that mask, I saw what you looked like beforehand." She said to him. he looked over at her.

"How do I know you aren't lying, angel?" He asked, she cringed on the inside at the use of his dumb pet name. She could almost feel the confidence radiating off of him.

"You have black hair. You were wearing a lip piercing, but you took it off," She said feeling inwardly smart.

" That proves nothing, sunshine. You could have guessed my hair color, not many choices there, and you can see my lips at the moment, so you could have seen the hole from my piercing, thus proving nothing." He said taking another sip of his beer. They both heard as the lock on the door slid into place.

"I like the black veil brides too." She nearly whispered. He glanced up at her.

"So you did see me." He said flat out as he pulled off his mask. He placed his beer on the nightstand and opened the drawer. There was a copy of the bible, a pen, and a laser pointer. He frowned looking dissatisfied. "Well at least we don't have to worry about your boyfriend hitting up argent." He said looking back at raven, she was shocked at him.

"Robin is not my boyfriend, why would you say that?" She asked being sure to keep her voice monotone, the feelings she had for her leader would not be exposed. Not to this thief.

"No condoms." He said gesturing to the open drawer.

"That is what you were looking for? Because I can tell you right now, this is off limits." She said sipping her tea. Her face was dead serious.

"Whatever you say, princess." He said waving his hand in the air. Raven finished off her tea and put the empty cup on the table.

"I am going to bed." She said in her monotone as she undid the hook on her cloak. She gently pulled it off and folded it into a neat square and placed it on the end of her bed then she slid off her shoes and slipped under the covers. She reached her hand off and turned off her lamp and stared at the thief. He smiled at her. He stood and took off his cape and threw it randomly onto the floor near his mask. He took another sip of his beer and stood. He gently put his beer back on the nightstand and pulled off his shirt.

Raven couldn't help but roll her eyes and stare at the same time. He was obviously full of himself, showing off his six pack. But the part that astonished her was how toned and fit his muscles were. He had obviously spent years working, and training. He pulled off his shoes. Then he pulled off his pants leaving him in nothing but his blue plaid boxers.

"Comfortable?" raven asked sarcastically.

"Like you don't love every second of it, sunshine." He said flashing her a handsome smile. Self conceded low-life…raven thought to herself. Red x walked into the bathroom and gently closed the door behind him. Raven rolled over facing the wall and tried to close her eyes. She heard him come out of the bathroom and jump into his bed. Then he turned off the light.

"Nighty night, sunshine, sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite."He said, she could almost feel his cocky grin. She felt his eyes rested on the back of her head for almost twenty minutes and then he rolled over allowing her a simple peace. She closed her eyes and tried to sleep a few hours had passed when she could sense a sudden fear in Red x. She rolled over and looked at him. He was dead asleep, yet in an unshakable fear. She could tell he was having a nightmare.

Part of her felt like the thief deserved a good ol' fashion nightmare. But the other part of her felt like she wanted to wake him up to end his discomfort. She stood and walked over to his bed nearly tripping over his clump of clothes in the dark. He placed her hand on his shoulder and shook him gently. "X?" She said trying to grab his attention. She shook him again. "X. Red x. X." Finally his eyes opened and he turned to look at her. She could slowly sense the fear leaving him as he came back into consciousness.

"Sunshine? What time is it?" He asked as she removed her hand from his sweaty shoulder.

"I…I don't know." She said as she started walking back over to her bed. She felt as a shock of his fear came back to him and he shivered. He sat up and closed his eyes reassuring himself that it was only a dream.

"What's up?" he said, opening his eyes he didn't want raven to go to sleep. He'd rather be awake and in her company than asleep with no one but himself. She thought for a moment. She could not think of a plausible reason to wake him up, and she didn't want to tell him about her ability to seek emotions.

"I had a nightmare." She said gently in her monotone as she pulled the covers up to her waist she remained sitting in her bed. They sat there in an awkward silence for a few short minutes. Raven slowly slid down back into a lying down position and faced the wall. Red x on the other hand was still restless.

"What was the nightmare about, sunshine?" He asked letting his hand find his open can of beer.

"You don't actually care. You would just rather be awake than asleep." She said in her monotone.

"and if I did care?" He asked swinging his legs off the side of his bed.

"Then you are not the selfish thief I thought you were." Raven said rolling over to face him.

"There is always more than meets the eye sunshine." He said as he stood and walked into the kitchen. He was in there for nearly ten minutes and he came back with two steaming mugs of herbal tea. He handed one to her and she propped her head up on one hand and took the mug in her free hand sipping it gently. Unsweetened just the way she liked it.

"I wasn't sure if you wanted crème or sugar or anything, angel." He said as he sipped his own cup.

"This is fine. You like tea?" She asked in her monotone voice.

"More than meets the eye sunshine."