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This is a VERRRRY short Chapter but…
Chapter 21: the final Chapter

A white flash took Red X to Slades Room. "Congratulations." He started. "You've won. Now you must decide to fight me or join me."

"Then lets fight."


Red x looked at him in a wild confusion. "No?"

"You see, like all things in these games it is not your choice. It never was, from the beginning."

"I don't understand."

"Look at that screen." Slade said pointing to a large screen on the wall the image was of raven, levitating on her bed back in titans tower.


"I will kill her should you not join me." He put a hand on Red x's shoulder. "You are smart, quick, and a champion of Champions. I want you as my apprentice. And should you decline I will kill her. And not give it a second thought."

"You can't its impossible."
"Oh?" he said. "Who has monitored your food for the last week? Hm?"

"You," Jason said, taking some realization, he recalled a story about robin in which the titans became infected with probes, he, however could not recall how Robin had gotten out of the predicament.

"I can kill anyone who was in that arena. You. Raven. Your Brother."

"How did you know my brother…"

"Same way I knew everyone elses identity. And even if I hadn't known, you spoke with him on your first night, told him to quit while he was able to."

"I know… I just didn't…" Jason ran his hand through his hair.

"I will kill them both… Just a tap of a button."

Jason looked to Slade and then back to the screen, he would not let raven die, even if it meant, "I will join you."

(If I get enough reviews asking for it, I will write a sequel to this, in which the brother is revealed and you find out what happens with Mal, Robin, and Raven, and all that, also, Red X's Father will be revealed,)