A/N: So, Dan and Blair hooking up once I can deal with. But them in a relationship is a whole different monster. No, just no. It would be the most OOC thing I have ever seen (from both of them). Gross. So this is my response to that possibility (kind of). I know this is kind of similar to my last one-shot, "Brooklyn," but I needed to do this for me. Hope you enjoy!

"I'm done."

Blair looked up from her desk at the man who had just barged into her bedroom. "What are you doing here, Bass?" She asked, still baffled after all this time at how he always managed to sneak past Dorota.

He continued almost as if he hadn't heard her, "I'm done letting you find yourself. I'm not going to just wait around for you anymore."

"No one would accuse you of waiting," She sneered, "Don't think I haven't seen you with her."

His dark, calculating eyes met hers, "Please, everyone knows she meant nothing. You of all people should have been able to realize that."

She waved him off, "Regardless, what gives you the right to decide what I do? I am not yours; you can't control me. You have no right to let or not let me do anything."

He stalked closer, "Last year I told you that I wasn't Chuck Bass without you and I'm not going to let you become Blair Waldorf without me."

"Were you even listening? You don't get to let me do anything. I am grown woman. What are you going to do, tie me up and hold me captive in your Bass-cave?"

"I would never force myself on you, Blair." He told her with a slight roll of his eyes, "But I'm no longer going to just sit back while you search for yourself in a string of pathetic, cabbage patch-loving losers." Blair scoffed at his thinly-veiled insult at her current relationship but that only caused his eyes to narrow and become even darker, "You can continue to pretend like you don't need me; like you can live your life without me, but now I'm always going to be there doing everything I can to show you that you are wrong. You once asked, no, practically begged me to fight for you and now you have gotten your wish. But you should know that I fight hard and I fight dirty, and I'm not going to give up until I win. So maybe you should warn your Brooklyn boy toy."


"I just came to give you advanced notice so when the first assault is launched you aren't caught completely off guard. I know you wouldn't want to make it too easy for me."

He turned to make his exit but froze when he heard her voice, "Just like your little girlfriend, he means nothing."

He looked back at her with that devilish smirk that still caused her heart to flutter in her chest, "Oh, I know. How could he ever compare to me? He doesn't even really love you. He sees what he perceives as the 'good' in you and he wants to use that to mold you into his perfect woman. What he doesn't realize is that for one, you will never allow yourself to be changed but more importantly, that you are already perfect," He shrugged slightly, "And someone like him would never be worthy of a woman like you."

She was staring at him, rendered speechless by what he had said. Her mouth was open and her eyes were wide, causing his smirk to widen in amusement. "I'll be seeing you soon, lover." He said smoothly before he once more turned and left the room, leaving her confused and excited. She had no doubt that Chuck fighting tooth and nail for her would be one of the hottest things she would ever experience.