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Chapter One: Vases

Their entire relationship was based around the simple vases that lined the palace corridors. It was how they really bonded as children, how they really even managed to become friends. And even now, if he ever needed to find her and she had mysteriously gone missing, he knew that she'd pop out of one of the vases and hold onto him, chattering about something until he made her let go.

It was a wonder that two completely different people could ever really manage to be such close friends as they were. He seemed to be a calm, collected, young man, destined for greatness, fated to be above the common man, ruling his land justly and fairly. She was the reckless, talkative, hyper, magician's apprentice that always seemed to be making some mistake, or wreaking some kind of havoc. To a complete stranger that didn't know them well, it would seem strange.

But to them, it was natural. They couldn't even imagine not being friends.

Atemu wandered the palace hallways, not really thinking about where he was going. Even as Pharaoh, he needed time to just be alone every once in a while. But as Pharaoh, he couldn't get away from the advisors, the politicians, and all the other things he had to deal with on a daily basis.

"Atemu!" Mana's voice pulled him out of his thinking, jumping out of a vase and wrapping her legs around his waist. "Hi!"

Atemu caught the girl and made sure they didn't fall to the ground, and placed her gently on the ground, smiling at her presence. Even though Mana could be loud, and rambunctious, Atemu always relaxed more when she was around then when he was completely alone.

So whenever someone would see them together, they'd always ask how two completely different people could be so close to each other for so long. The two always have the same answer, accompanied by a mischievous grin from Mana, and a gentle smile from Atemu, that never ceases to confuse the one asking.


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