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Chapter Eleven: Baby

"Waaaaaah!" Atemu could have imagined a lot of things that could go wrong when he left Egypt for a year to continue with the peace proceedings with other countries, but finding his best friend, queen, and true love raising a baby was not one of them.

"Haha… surprise?" Mana chuckled nervously, smiling sheepishly. She shifted the baby slightly, finding some invisible 'off' button on the screaming infant.

Atemu stared for a moment, wondering why she had a baby in her arms. He was sure she hadn't been pregnant when he'd left; unless that was the unnamable excuse she'd had for not going with him.

"Um… Is that…" Atemu choked on the words that might come flooding out, the pleas for her to tell him that it was his child and he'd been too much of an idiot to see that she was having his child.

"Huh? Oh!" Mana finally concluded what he was thinking. "No, it's not yours!"

"W-what?" Atemu felt like he couldn't breathe for a moment, trying to get his head around what had just happened. "I-it's not…"

"It's Mahado's!"

Oh, his head priest was going to die… Wait? Didn't Mahado come with… even before they'd left? Mana had betrayed him with…

"Yeah, Isis couldn't handle it alone, because Master Mahado's too much of an idiot to see he got her pregnant before he left with you!" Mana laid the baby in Atemu's arms, making sure he wasn't going to drop the young baby. "So I offered to help since I wanted the practice anyways!"

"Wait, Mahado and Isis?" Atemu was so lost.

"Yeah… Did you think it was mine?" Mana nearly burst out laughing, but didn't for fear of waking up the baby. "Atemu, why would you think that?"

"What else would I think, coming home to find my wife holding a baby?" Atemu tried to justify it unsuccessfully.

Mana grinned and pecked Atemu on the cheek, taking the baby back. She opened the door and ordered a servant to take the baby back to Isis. Turning as she closed and locked the door, she met her husband's eyes with a devilish grin.

"Why don't we try to have one?" Mana whispered mischievously, leaning close to Atemu. "It's not so bad, waking up every few hours to feed, walk, comfort…"

"I'm content to wait a few years," Atemu kissed Mana on the forehead, smiling at her. "As long as I'm with you, I'll wait forever, or not at all."

Mana hugged Atemu tightly, a sign of promise and love. She'd just have to wait to tell him about how much of an idiot he'd been before he left…

The sound of two babies approached the room.

"Wait, is that…" Atemu understood instantly. "You were… I'm a…"

"Shh…" Mana's smile was both reassuring and dangerous. "Maybe we should just stay in here while you get used to the idea."

Atemu nodded. "Sounds like a good idea…"

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