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Chapter 13: Movie Date

There were three conversations that effectively ended Movie Nights at an actual movie theatre.

Conversation #1:

"Oooh! I've been so excited for this movie to come out, and I've been dying to see it!"

"Great, we'll take two tickets for…"

"But I heard that it was really bad, so I'm not sure if I really want to watch it just yet…"

"Never mind. We still need a few minutes."

"That one looked funny! Maybe we should see that one!"

"Okay, so two tickets for the Croods for…"

"Wait! Iron Man 3 came out! We should totally see that! Like… right now!"

"Sorry about this. Could we make it two tickets for…"

"No no no! Maybe we should see…"

Conversation #2:

"Okay Mana, how about we get two drinks and a large popcorn to share?"

"Can the drinks be Slushies?"

"…Yes. The drinks can be Slushies."

"Yay! A Blue Raspberry Slushie for me!"

"I know. You've had that kind since we were five."

"Yep! 'Cause they're the best! Hey, Atemu!"


"What about candy? We can't see a movie and not have candy!"

"Okay, I'll buy us each a candy bar along with the popcorn."

"But we'll run out before previews are over!"

"I won't let you touch the candy until the movie starts."

"Awww! That's not fair!"

"W-wait, don't start crying! Okay, I'll buy extra candy!"


"Y-yes. I'll buy more candy."

"Okay! Oh, did you know they had nachos?"

Conversation #3:

"Why is it in black and white? This is a new movie! Why does it look so old?"

"Mana, you've seen Wizard of Oz. This is because they want it to be like that."

"But when is there going to be color?"

"When he gets to Oz."

"But why doesn't he just start in Oz?"

"…Mana. I haven't seen this movie yet. I didn't make it. I don't know why he doesn't start in Oz."

"But Atemu…"

"Oh look Mana. It looks like the Wizard has a girlfriend."

"Ew! I hate the Wizard! I've never liked him; why does she like him?"
"…Let's just watch the movie."


"Mana? Are you okay?"



"Huh? Oh look, color! Did I miss something?"

"No. Nothing at all."


(Movie ends)

"So Mana, did you enjoy it?"



"And that little porcelain girl was so funny, and the monkey! I loved the monkey! Oh, and you know what Atemu?"


"I shouldn't be having Wizard feels."


Needless to say, Atemu stopped actually taking Mana to the movie theatre like the rest of his friends took their girlfriends… with the exception of Seto, but he had a private jet to fly Kisara to England to see live performances, so he didn't count.

And honestly, he had to say that he preferred having their movie dates at home. There wasn't ever a crowd, no one would interrupt them if they took advantage of the dark room like every other teenager in the theatre was, and they could be as loud as they wanted. They could spend an earlier part of the evening together making snacks for their movie, even if they never could eat everything they ate. There was more choices for movies to watch, even if they'd seen them thousands of times before. In the end, they both were much happier sitting on the old couch in Atemu's living room, watching some kind of movie on the tv.

"Atemu! Come on; Jack's about to be totally awesome and help a kid lose a tooth!" Mana's voice came out from the living room, where she'd obviously paused the movie. Apparently she hadn't heard him say that he was just grabbing something real quick and she didn't have to stop.

Atemu smiled, shaking his head slightly, ice cream in one hand, root beer in the other. When she squealed, seeing what he was holding, he handed everything over without a protest. Mana didn't even start the movie up again until she'd created two giant root beer floats and shoved his into his hand. Before he could say or do anything, Mana was smiling up at him, curled up by his side with his arm over his shoulders.

Atemu's smile grew as Mana started up the movie again, enjoying it just as much as she had the last time they had watched it together. Oh yes… he definitely preferred their movie nights together, just like this. Squeezing her closer gently, Atemu settled on the couch, not really paying much attention to the movie. He could always count on Mana to tell him all about it afterwards… and her reactions were better than any movie could be.

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