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As soon as Gazille and Jet were done chatting with Bob, they took place in front of each other inside the rune circle drawn on the ground. Levy was kneeling at the edge of the runes, both hands hovering over it.

" Ready?"

Jet nodded while Gazille made himself more obvious:

" Get me out of this shitty skin before I vomit."

The solid script mage activated the spell as Jet was about to reply something unfriendly toward the dragonslayer. His words got sucked into the huge whirlwind of the spell that sent flying golden bolts from the runes, the light balls making ropes of magic link between the two men like electricity.

Droy and Lily were watching the show with high interest. There was bolts of lights like fireworks and glowing sparks, they kinda hoped that the final would be even more flashy. Unfortunately, all they got to see was the two mages fall on their knees like puppets and crash down on the ground, face first.

When he opened his eyes, the first thing he noticed was how everything was spinning around him. He was pretty sure it was something he had experienced not so long ago. The second thing he noticed was the voices that made his body rumble, like if he was standing near an amplifier. Then he felt the third thing when a rough hand shook him left and right: the pain.

Sitting up almost instantaneously, Jet groaned and whined under the watchful eyes of the other Fairy Tail mages. His upper back was stinging as much as his stomach and he felt like his head was on the verge of cracking open.

" About damn time you wake up, princess."

His eyes focused on the owner of the voice, a voice that had been his for the last few days:

" Go to hell, Reitfox."

Gazille's trademark laugh echoed in the warehouse while Droy, Lily and Levy were cheering for Jet, happy that he was back and safe. Levy gave him a heartfelt hug that he was unfortunately not strong enough to return before she let go of him.

" You could have taken better care of my body." He told the black-haired man with a scowl.

The piercing-faced man shrugged:

" A couple of scars won't kill you."

As Droy helped him on his feet, the orange-haired man mumbled something that sounded like I'm sure he planned it that way, to which the iron dragonslayer replied in the affirmative, just to piss him off.

They slowly made their way to Jet and Droy's apartment, Levy was helping the plant mage support their childhood friend, happily talking about how they had convinced Bob to quit playing games. A couple of steps behind them, Gazille and Lily were following in a calm silence. Neither of them would say it out loud but they were quite glad that the two young mages were back being themselves. The exceed had missed his partner's taunts as much as the man had missed his cat.

When they arrived at destination, Levy asked the speed mage if he would be alright:

" Don't worry, Levy, I feel like shit but I'm super fine. I would have gone crazy if I had stayed another day in that idiot's body."

" Oi, don't think it was a five star stay for me."

" The worst thing was, " he said, ignoring the dragonslayer, " I kept having that weird feeling I was being watched. I swear, I could just turn around and see shikigami disappear in the crowd."

Levy tilted her head on the side:

" A shikigami? That's strange. Maybe it's the stress, if you rest tonight, you should be fine."

Lily, having heard the conversation without any problems, watched his partner from the corner of the eyes. He had stopped breathing suddenly and his eyes seemed to be fixed in front of him, like if he had seen something that others couldn't.

" You alright, Gazille?"

The black-haired man looked back at the black cat and quickly nodded, his face back behind his usual mask of uncaring arrogance.

" Just glad this is all over."

Lily acknowledged the answer but he couldn't help feeling there was much more to it. That man might have been his best friend, there was still a wall between them and he had no idea if he would cross it, one day.

" It is as Juvia said, Gazille-kun and Levy-san are back together."

A collective shout of surprise was heard from the rest of the group in front of the water mage. Juvia was sitting on a stool at the bar, surrounded by Lucy, Visca, Alzack, Gray, Cana, Miki and Lucky. Mirajane was behind the counter, eating pie.

Lucy was the one who asked the question:

" How do you know?"

Juvia smiled over her cup of tea, looking much more mature than her fellow nakamas, which was strange considering they were of similar ages.

" Gazille-kun explained everything to Juvia, it was just a misunderstanding. There is nothing to worry about."

Miki was pouting in a doubtful manner while Lucky, Gray and Alzack all seemed to accept their friend explanation. Cana was disappointed that there wasn't anything juicer to it while Mirajane took out her little pink notebook and wrote something in it with a victorious smile. However, Lucy and Visca were not convinced:

" How about the kiss between Levy and Jet?"

" Juvia promised to not talk about it, it is between them and only them."

Her tone was showing that she wouldn't talk about it anymore. The spirit caller was quite disappointed but it was nothing compared to the intense feeling of guilt the female sharpshooter was having:

" I can't believe I stressed over that... I feel like an idiot, now."

" You're not an idiot, Visca." Alzack took her hands in his, his gentle smile comforting her.

Juvia quickly changed the subject to something more interesting (Gray-sama) while the others just decided to find something else to pay attention to. Good thing there was a new brawl starting in the guild by no one else than Natsu and Elfman about something as insignificant as what was more manly between a shark and a tiger.

Lucy still felt like something was odd about that whole story. She promised herself she would ask Levy about it.

" You still smell."

Sighing, the little blue-haired woman stood in front of the iron dragonslayer with her hair slicked back, her body wrapped in a fluffy white bathrobe and her fists on her hips. She couldn't help but smile at the pout her lover was making while sniffing her all over again even if she was starting to be annoyed:

" No, Gazille, it's all in your head. I've already took two shower and I even washed between my toes, there's no way I still smell like Jet."

The black-haired man took her arm and sniffed it again, his frown not leaving his face.

" Can't fool my nose, woman, I know what I smell."

Chuckling, Levy gently pushed him back from her, which made him fall sitting on her bed, and climbed on his lap. Her hands hooked together behind his head while her legs were on each side of his:

" You and your nose are paranoid. I only smell like my soap and shampoo... no-thing else."

Her lips brushed his when he wanted to protest again and it took no more to shut him up. Slipping his hands under the bathrobe, he made them travel from her knees to her hips slowly, enjoying the softness of her skin while their mouth continued what they had started the day before. Only this time, it was more than alright and there was no reason for them to stop.

Her hands buried themselves in his hair while his were climbing her back and bringing her closer to him. She nipped at his lower lip, which made him smile, and allowed her in before returning the favor.

" Anyway," the young woman purred when they parted for air, " who's fault is it that I smell like him, hmm?"

He buried his head in the warm curve of her neck, freeing one of his hand from under her bathrobe to untie it while he kissed the sensitive skin of her neck, sending shivers down her spine. She could feel him grin:

" Yours, since I had to go way too long without my dose of this."

She pulled at his shirt to take it off, not wanting to be completely exposed to him before he was. She was quickly responding to the stimulus of his hands on her, her heartbeat was already accelerating and she was sure he could smell her arousal.

" It's your bad luck to have switched body with one of the only guy on my list. If you had been in anyone else's, maybe it would have been different."

Their mouths met again as he swiftly picked her up to lie her down on the bed right under him. His clothes were being discarded, one by one, just to push her limit. He raised an eyebrow at her, his eyes pouring with want as much as hers:

" Are you saying that you would have had sex with me if I had been anyone else? Even Bunnygirl?"

Levy shrugged, her eyes mischievous.

" Maybe."

She felt her cheeks burn at the meaning of her words. She honestly didn't know what she would have done if he had been anyone else. But he seemed to like what it would have implied if the movements of his hips against hers were any indication.

Gazille helped her out of her robe before claiming her mouth passionately. Both of them had missed the other like crazy and after all those events, there was no more time for delay. Their touches became hungry as their gasps and moans testified of their love. They didn't care much about what Levy's neighbors might think or if they were too loud. They knew that this night, even Erza wouldn't break them apart.


It was nighttime when she woke up. Her body was warm from the heavy blanket over her skin and the heat from Gazille's body at her side. He was lying on his side, an arm behind her pillow and the other lazily cupping her breast. His nose was buried in her hair.

She watched him for a moment, enjoying the faint lines of his face in the dark, the moonlight from the window making his studs shine faintly. Her quiet whisper traveled in the room:

" What are you thinking about?"

His eyes opened, she had known he was awake.

" Nothing much..."

She smiled. She liked to know about him but there was one thing she knew that would make him close up like an oyster and it was to insist too much. So she didn't.

After another moment of silence, she heard him speak:

" Did you like the flowers?"

Levy met his eyes, even if she couldn't see much, she could guess what emotion was hidden in them.

" Since they were from Jet, no. I burned them."

" But if they would have been from me?"

Her eyebrows raised slightly: she was understanding what it was all about.

She shifted her body to face him, her legs tangling with his:

" I would have loved them... But I know you're not the type of guy that gives flowers and I don't want you to feel obligated to give me some."

She still couldn't see his face well but she glimpsed a grimace of regret:

" I never give you anything."

" That's not true. What you give me is much more than gifts.." She pecked him on the lips playfully. " How many times have you saved me? How often have you cheered me up when I felt like I couldn't do anything? This is worth a thousand flowers and I wouldn't exchange it for anything."

He raised himself on his elbow to have a better look at her: he sure was surprised by what she had said. Didn't girls normally wanted rings, gifts and stuff like that? Okay, he didn't have a lot of experience in relationships like that but still, it was a secret for nobody. But Levy wasn't just any kind of girl, apparently.

She smiled up at him, looking so much like an angel (he had a mental laugh at the cheesiness of that thought) and he had to admit that he was quite lucky to have fallen for her. He probably wouldn't have liked her that much if she had been more like Juvia.

When the rain woman popped in his head, he suddenly remembered the events of the previous day.

" What was the big idea to go promise Juvia you wouldn't break my heart, huh?"

Levy was at first surprised by the direct change of subject but his face was a mix of happiness and seriousness so she decided to explain:

" Juvia came to see me the day after she learned that we were dating and she asked me what I felt for you. I told her the truth and she made me promise."

" What the hell? You shouldn't have made such a promise, that almost got you killed, idiot!"

She giggled at his outburst. He was seemingly angry at her but she knew he was secretly pleased because, as her eyes were accustomed to the dark now, she could see his cheeks take a darker tone.

" But I didn't."

He turned his head toward the wall, avoiding her gaze that he knew was on him.

" Don't you dare do that again."

Her giggle turned into a good hearted laugh, which pissed him off even more. She slipped her hands behind his head and made him look at her.

" I love you too."

End notes: shikigami is the name of the paper doll thing master Ivan uses to communicate with Gazille. Hope you liked it!