So, uh. My first fanfic! I'm a totally new writer. I think I probably need help... Mostly with them being a little (or a lot) out of character. But.. It's been two years since the last book. So I don't know. Anyway, I'm rambling. Basically, I'd love it if you'd read and give me feedback. Constructive criticism, whatever. It's a really short beginning chapter, but they'll probably get longer as I go on!


Disclaimer: Sadly, I don't own Maximum Ride, or any of the characters I'm using to write this story. I only came up with the story line.

Chapter One: Awakening

"Oh. Ugh. Like, major ugh!" I hear Nudge complaining.

"Well, yea! We're on the run!" Gazzy exclaimed, excited about the strangest things, as usual.

Yet, it was true. And honestly, I couldn't blame Nudge for complaining. She was about fourteen now, a teenager. Like, a real teenager – the kind who doesn't completely have the weight of the world on her shoulders, as I did at her age. And what normal fourteen year old girl enjoys spending time in the wilderness, roughing it, sleeping in caves to avoid monsters who want to kill her? Well, certainly not the average one. Not one I can think of, actually. But then again, I don't know many people…

However, it was especially worse than usual since, you know. We had all thought we were done with this. Plus, with Fang gone… Let's just say, life as a fugitive isn't easy even with your right hand – or wing - man by your side the whole way. So just try to imagine how hard it is without him. Can't, can you? Well, I can.

I was in a nearly catatonic state for weeks after my best friend left me. Us. Again. I just… sat on my bed. Doing nothing. Really, I didn't know what to do. It was bad enough when he disappeared the first time. After I thought I had him back for good… It was just that much worse. A pain I can barely describe.

I finally "woke up" to the crash of a window somewhere in our house. Not the fun, Iggy and Gazzy just flew through a window! type of crash. It was more of the… Uh-oh, someone's here to kill us again, type of crash. So what did I do when I heard that, the sound of my family in danger? Well, I guess I realized I still had 5/6 of a flock, a Mom, an Ella, and a Dylan. From there, I did the only thing a mutant bird-kid could think to do in a situation like that. I snapped my head up, set my brain switch to 'on', and put on my battle face.