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Chapter 3: Dreaming

"Wise ass. I don't believe you. You're making that up!" she smirked, fighting a full out grin, trying to sound angry even through her amusement.

He didn't answer, simply looked at her. Though she didn't realize it, his eyes betrayed his emotions. She knew him better than anyone, and yet... He was amazingly adept at hiding his thoughts, this time of his love for her. A love she wasn't aware of. One she may never know.

She glanced downwards, blushing slightly from the intensity of his gaze. Suddenly, she moved her eyes upwards again, meeting his. They stayed like that for several long moments, eyes and souls connected by something as simple as one look. They both began to lean forward slowly, his hand involuntarily reaching upward to brush her shoulder length, light brown hair behind her left ear. All at once, the slow leaning sped up, and her lips were attacking his, but not in a scary way, in a great way, and he found himself kissing her back. Her arms reached up, looping around his neck, her fingers tangling in his hair, pulling him closer. He willingly complied, snaking both arms around her perfect waist, bringing her as close as human-avianly possible,

Until she was suddenly gone. Pulled away from him, against both of their wills. Yet it was, he knew deep down, his fault. She was gone from his life, and he was to blame. He looked at her desperately, willingly her to come closer, horrified by the look of terror on her beautiful face. She was sliding away, out of his grasp, and he couldn't control it. They called out, screaming each other's names.

"Fang!" came the sound from her gorgeous lips, the same lips he had been kissing just moments ago.

"Max!" he called her name, breaking one of his vital show-no-emotion rules. But as they say, some rules are made to be broken, especially when the reason for the break is even more important than the rule itself. For example, when the reason for the break is, quite simply... Her.

He woke in cold sweats, disoriented, with her name on his lips, whipping his head around in search of her. Of Max. He then realized that parts of that horribly wonderful dream had been true. He had left her. Months ago. It hadn't been easy, but he had felt it needed to be done. And now he was paying for it, alone, miserable, in a dark and dank cave somewhere in the vicinity of nowhere.

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