Skirts and Showtunes | part two: A Bit of Sun and Sleep
Santana/femaleOC (nothing explicit) with mentions of others | T | 1,344 words
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Tuesday, 2:42 PM

Santana walks out of English the next day with a detention slip in hand. She's also got Ms. White's words ringing in her ears: "I still expect that essay on my desk by the beginning of class on Friday, Miss Lopez. No more extensions."

At the very least, she's glad her grade didn't take a dive. As much as she complains about Ms. White, Santana is fairly certain that she's the coolest teacher besides Miss Holliday. Four days is more time than she was hoping for.

Detention starts at three o' clock sharp and Santana is aware that she needs to be there a little early for everything to go as planned. Ms. White had droned on for a fair amount of time about responsibilities and then she'd tried to get Santana to go over the essay outline with her. It took a fair amount of crocodile tears to end the lecturing and an excuse about a previous commitment to volunteer before Ms. White finally let her go.

It wasn't a total lie. Santana's effort to get the new girl away from Rachel Berry was a community service.

She gets detained when she passes by Artie's locker. Brittany is there, helping him carry his books. Sure, Santana's on a mission, but Britt is still her best friend and she got interrupted when they were texting earlier. Santana is fairly impressed that Artie is such a good sport about it all, rolling a couple lockers down to chat with Mike and Tina while his girlfriend is busy.

It takes a good fifteen minutes to catch up on the juicy gossip from earlier that day and Santana ends up sprinting across the school to make it to the detention room before three o' clock. The new girl rounds the opposite corner at the same time Santana rounds hers; she barely makes it to the door in time to grab Mollie's wrist and pull her aside.

"Hold up, New Girl," Santana snaps. For a second, she thanks God that she's a Cheerio. Anyone else would have been flushed and breathless after that dash, but she's fairly sure she looks as fantastic as she did that morning.

Mollie looks fairly surprised and cocks her head to the side. "I'm sorry. I'm not sure I know you."

Santana rolls her eyes. "I'm your guardian angel, alright?" she responds. Jared, the short kid Santana copies in third period, is heading for the door of the detention room with a pink slip of paper in his head. Sanatana's fairly sure this is her one shot, so she levels her eyes at Mollie and says, "Just give me your detention slip and don't move."

Mollie still seems apprehensive, but she hands her slip to Santana and the cheerleader briefly notes that this girl is far to trusting.

Santana manages to step in Jared's way just before he enters the classroom. "Listen dwarf, I need something done and you're going to do it." The kid is just a freshman and Santana's fairly sure he just pissed his pants, but she can't really ease off now. "Just walk on in there and turn these slips in with yours, alright?"

Jared's eyes are wide and he sputters, "What if I get caught?"

"If you get caught, I'll punch you in the balls. Don't get caught." She pauses and glances over her shoulder. Mollie is watching and, by the look on her face, she seems to have heard everything. Santana sighs and tries to flash a calming smile at the kid, "Just do it."

She backs off and Jared wanders into the classroom. Santana's fairly sure he'll be fine. She and Britt have been pawning their slips off on other detention-goers for years.

Spinning around, Santana's pleased that Mollie is still waiting. Mollie cocks an eyebrow, but Santana shrugs it off and says, "We can go now."

Mollie keeps up as Santana leads the way down William McKinley High School's winding hallways. For a minute or so, Mollie is silent, looking fairly confused, but eventually she asks over the din, "So... You're my guardian angel?"

"Socially at the very least," Santana responds and turns another corner, "It's your lucky day, New Girl."

Santana chuckles as they make their way out a side door of the school. It leads out to the football field and Santana climbs up onto the bleachers. They're empty today, expect for the first couple of football players setting their stuff down on the lowest-most bench. One of them must see the pair, because Santana hears a loud whistle and then a couple catcalls join in.

This time last year, she and Britt would have been playing it up for the attention, flipping their hair and maybe dancing a little for the guys. Now that Britt and Artie are nearing eight months though, Britt has been fairly monogamous. Santana's just about used to it now; hell, she might even respect the commitment. Heaven knows she couldn't do it.

"You're from Glee Club, right?" Mollie voices. Santana pauses halfway up the bleachers to glance back at her. Mollie smiles wide and Santana can't help smiling back. She looks a little like Brittany when she smiles. "That's why you know me. I didn't recognize you at first."

"Color me impressed," Santana replied dryly. Mollie's face falls at the sarcasm and Santana tries to seem a little warmer when she speaks again, "I'm Santana. We're going all the way up."

Mollie keeps climbing up the bleachers and Santana follows this time until they reach the top. The cheerleader settles her bag on the bench next to her and drops her sweater on top of it. The sun is shining down on the metal bleachers making them warm as she lays down on her belly and stretches like a cat.

"What are you doing?" Molly asks and Santana sighs.

"Lay down. We're tanning," she replies and pillows her head on her forearms.

Santana hears the heavy metallic 'thump!' of a backpack hitting the bleacher and she glances over to see Mollie taking a seat one bench down. The girl stretches her legs out in front of her and Santana closes her eyes, shutting out the bright sunshine.

Listening to the distant buzzing of students and the soft rustling of leaves, Santana finds herself drifting aimlessly through thought, comfortable and warm on the bench. She muses over Finn and Puck for a while, almost certain she can hear their rich tenor shouts from far down the bleachers. She thinks about sex with them, how they were different and how they were alike. She thinks about sex with Brittany and thinks about the one time she and Quinn drunkenly kissed in front of the boys.

In passing, she thinks of the time she hit on Sam that past summer and was turned down. The memory still feels fresh: the blush on his face as he quickly excused himself, the embarrassment when she saw him again that afternoon. Two weeks later, she had apologized, a first for her. Sam had put an arm around her shoulders, given her a quick friendly hug and walked her to her next class. She's still amazed that he didn't tell Finn and Puck.

Santana thinks about Mollie, beside her, and thinks of how she barely knows the girl. She thinks about how a year earlier, she wouldn't have minded sitting up here alone if Brittany had gotten lost on the way. She thinks about Quinn and Sam and Puck the day before, thinks about how she misses the feeling of belonging to something. She thinks about Finn and Rachel, about Tina and Mike, about Artie and Brittany. She thinks she might be lonely.

At some point, Santana drifts off in the warm sunlight and falls into a dreamless slumber.