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"What would you do if I broke up with you?" Joey asked as he watched Seto from his seat at the breakfast table. After months of begging Seto had spent entire day and to top it all off 'spent the night' and was making breakfast.

"Why would you ask something like that?" Seto ask he searched the fridge of any type of breakfast food and found a new carton of eggs and package bacon, "Went shopping I see. You forgot milk."

"I'd never ever break up with ya ever, but I want to know how you'd react. Ya know. How would you feel?" Joey asked as he watched his boyfriend take the iron skillet out of the cabinet and place it on the hot stove.

"I'd have to say I'd be very disappointed in you however it's nothing that you wouldn't heal from in time."

"Heal? What do you mean? I'm the one that broke up with you?" Joey said as he sat up straight. He had a feeling Seto was going to throw him a curveball and he wanted to be a prepared as he could.

"Well, I'll explain it in a way you can understand." Seto began. Joey could tell that the conversation had already rubbing his boyfriend the wrong way, "You see this?" Seto said holding up a strip of raw bacon in-between his pointers and thumbs, just like the guy L in that manga he'd been reading, "You see how it's straight, and I'm making it stay up."


"And you know what happens if I put it in this skillet?"

"It gets cooked."

"And hard."


"If you ever broke up with me I'd make it so you never get it up or hard ever again." Seto threatened as he dropped two strips of bacon in the skillet.

"Whoa." Joey said biting his lower lips, " Geez, I'm not ever going to ask what you'd do if I were too ever cheat on you."

"Cheat?" Seto laughed lightly as he slowing turned back to Joey with an egg, "If you were to do that." Seto said strutted over to the table and leaned forward, and crushed the egg in his hand, "You'd regret the day you were ever born. So are you having any thoughts that that hot pan and I could help you decide on?"

Joey leaned back officially intimidated, "Geez, it was just a hypothetical question! I swear!"

"Good." Seto said moving back over to the stove but now before washing his hands, "How do you want your eggs?"

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