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Chapter One: Brother

Marik was not too pleased with Bakura. Bakura was crazy possessive, maniac protective, and insanely deadly. So, what did that make Bakura but a huge pile of crazy, insane, maniac? Not much.

So, when stealing a bit of time with Amane, he had to make sure Bakura was well distracted. Very well distracted.

Unfortunately for him, having to deal with older brothers wasn't easy. Especially when said brother was Marik's best friend. Who was so protective of Amane that Marik wasn't quite sure that even the bravest of soldiers would attempt to do what he had already done.

And that was fall in love with Amane.

So... where did that leave Bakura in Marik's like list? Not high. In fact, he didn't even make the like list at the moment.

Except for the fact that he kept Amane safe, Marik didn't see much use for Bakura. Or for older brothers whatsoever. With the exception of Ryou, who made life easier by being such an easy target for Bakura to go after.

Yes, the youngest Bakura, the only Bakura girl for that matter, had one brother with a bad sister complex, and the other brother really wanted to date her best friend.

But really, Marik could handle that. And any other trick that her psychotic brother threw his way.

Because really? What was a brother's wrath compared to getting an hour alone with Amane?

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