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Chapter Ten: Pranks

"Run Marik, run!" A ten year old Amane pushed the older boy, breathing heavily from the running they'd already done.

"I am running!"

"Marik, I'm going to kill you!" Amane looked back and saw a furious Bakura following them, still showing evidence of the prank they'd played on him earlier.

"Not fast enough!" Amane returned, following Marik as he took a detour through the park. Marik shoved her into his secret hiding place and hid with her, both of them hoping Bakura would pass them by. They sat in scared silence, hearing Bakura shout as he stormed right past where they were hiding.

Marik peeked out and determining the coast was clear, helped Amane out as well. They had a moment of silence before they burst into giggles. "Did you see his face?" Marik laughed hysterically.

Amane nodded, giggling behind her hands. "Do you think he unwrapped his room yet?"

Marik shook his head. "He's too busy chasing us… Where'd you get all that wrapping paper anyways?"

"I asked Yugi for some, and he let me take a whole bunch!" Amane replied, thinking back on how much it had taken to gift wrap all of her 11 year-old brother's furniture. Amane giggled harder when she remembered how loudly Bakura had sworn when he returned from his summer detention to find his room wrapped up like a present.

"And then the exploding pie!" Marik added.

"And when he tripped into the pool of grape jelly!" Amane and Marik started laughing so hard that tears came to their eyes. They were laughing so hard they almost didn't hear the 11 year old subject of their conversation coming back.

"Marik, Amane, I will find you!" Bakura was almost back to where they were, shouting fit to scare anything within a ten-mile radius.

Amane and Marik shared one last look before splitting up to hide. "Run!"

MBP: So… didn't really come out like I thought it would… but playing with the idea that Amane is an awesome girl that is as much a "prankster" as her brother…


Kio: MBP, I think you made Onee-chan crazy…

MBP: Just a bit…


Bakura: I will kill you.

All but Bakura: AAAH! RUN AWAY!

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