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Chapter 19 – The Sweet Escape


The waves were a beautiful shade of blue, or were they green? Cerulean? Indigo? Blue Green? Am I really naming colors from a box of crayons? I giggled at my own thoughts and felt Edward's shoulder bump against mine playfully.

"Is something funny, babe?" He took another bite of his sandwich and washed it down with some water. I watched a small drop run down his chin until he wiped it away with the back of his hand.

I took another bite of my turkey and cheese bagel and laughed again. I just couldn't contain my happiness. "I'm sitting under a tree that's probably hundreds of years old, overlooking the water with the man I love sitting next to me and he wants to know why I'm giggling?" I kissed his shoulder. "Add all that to the fact that we're going to Vancouver together on your brand new Harley!" I said excitedly. "I mean, what woman wouldn't want to be sitting on the back of a motorcycle, with her arms wrapped tightly around Edward Cullen's waist for hours? Um, not me." I snorted at my silliness.

"I love seeing you so happy, Bella. Your smile is contagious and I want to see it every day for the rest of my life. I need to have you wrapped around me too," he said as he lowered his voice and continued, "but I know another way I'd like to have you wrapped around me, well, a part of you and me joined together that is."

I was sure my ovaries had just exploded. He was just too damn sexy and he was mine. Mine. Mine. All mine.

I giggled again which made him roll his eyes as he laughed at me. "I think I want you to show me that later," I whispered and leaned over to nip at the skin along his neck, just below his jaw line. I could not wait to feel his body becoming joined with mine, moving in a timeless dance together, feeling his weight pressing me firmly against the mattress. The sweat on his skin mixing with mine, and I longed to hear the words he whispers against my skin that he says without realizing it.

I moaned.

"Woman, what on earth are you thinking about now?" Edward chuckled.

I placed my uneaten lunch down on the plate, moved to straddle his lap, and ran my hands up along his arms and into the hair at the nape of his neck. I pulled him into a heated kiss and ground my hips against his.

Our arms tightened around each other and our bodies did what came instinctively to us. Too bad my boyfriend couldn't let his mind go far enough inside of our passion filled bubble and stopped us. Stupid man.

"Baby, not here. There are cars driving by within twenty yards of us and it's not private. Everything that's underneath your clothes belongs to me and I'll be damned if I allow anyone else to see what's mine. Later, baby, I promise." He placed another kiss on my lips, grabbed my hips tightly and pressed me firmly onto his lap so I could feel his desire for me.

"Feel that? It belongs to you too. We have all weekend and I plan to take full advantage of having you to myself," he whispered along my neck, causing my breath to hitch and another moan to escape. "No part of you will be neglected." Edward nipped my chin.

We finished eating, with me still straddling his lap, feeding each other. He and I stuffed the garbage back into a recycled grocery bag and placed it inside one of the two saddle bags he had attached to the Harley. I strapped the backpack around me again and climbed on behind him.

"Oh, Bizz, don't forget you'll need to let Jasper know that he was wrong about buying this without your permission."

Edward had called me earlier that morning and told me to pack very lightly, but wouldn't tell me why. The one thing he requested me to pack was a nice dress. Although I thought it was a little strange, I went along with it. He arrived thirty minutes later, riding up my street on a beautiful, blue motorcycle that hummed a deep rhythm.

It was the single sexiest thing I had ever seen in my entire life.

He pulled up into the driveway, shut the bike off, and removed his black helmet. His hair was a mess, some parts flat while others were wild, until he reached up and nervously pulled his hand through it. His ridiculously gorgeous green eyes met mine.

"So what do you think?" He spoke bashfully.

I looked at the motorcycle and noticed it was a Harley. My boyfriend was riding on a blue Harley. I must have died and gone to heaven!

"About what?" I asked, playing dumb.

He rolled his eyes knowingly. "Um, about our new motorcycle," he said softly, looking down to the ground. He toed the driveway with the tip of his boot.

"You bought a Harley, Edward?" I slowly walked towards him.

"Yes," he answered nervously. "Do you like it? I thought we could spend some time together riding it... just me and you." He gave me a hopeful smile, waiting for my reaction.

I reached out to glide my fingers across the handlebars. So pretty.

"You did this for us, baby?" I brought my hands down from the handlebars and glided them along the smooth frame of the bike, until I reached his thigh and then slid my fingertips up his body to his messy hair.

"Yes," he said with more confidence while looking between my eyes, searching for my response.

"I love it, but when did you buy it?" My breath hitched from my desire for him. All kinds of vivid thoughts passed through my mind from truly innocent ones, to downright dirty.

"Yeah, um, well… I ordered it a few weeks ago and I just picked it up last night. I wanted it to be a surprise for you." He looked up and grinned, spreading his arms wide. "Um, surprise…" Edward said slowly.

"It's very pretty, Dr. Cullen," I said with a sassy tone to my voice as I tried to stamp down my need to ride him... Oops! I mean ride his bike! I took a deep breath and focused on his response.

"Our bike is not pretty, Bizzy. It's a Harley for God's sake! They're crafted by the most talented workers in the industry. Please don't insult them by calling their workmanship pretty," he lectured me playfully. I reached behind him and pinched his ass, then I turned to walk inside to get my things, listening to his laughter as I went.

"I'm a girl Edward," I called back from the doorway. "If something's pretty or sparkles, I'm going to like it."

After spending some time showing me the features, including an extra passenger seat added just for me, we packed up what little I could fit inside the saddlebags. I decided to throw on a pair of jeans, grabbed a jacket and we hit the road. I must say that sitting on a motorcycle, tucked closely behind him, was a fantasy of mine. I didn't tell him that, of course, as there was no need to encourage his spending habits.

Edward nudged me and I rubbed up and down his back, returning to the moment with him.

"Um, Edward, I've got news for you. As much as I really love this motorcycle, the next time you think about buying something that costs this much money, without talking to me first, you'll be in the doghouse, buddy."

"Fair enough," he said as he waited for me to put my hair back into a low ponytail. I reached for my helmet and secured it in place. Before Edward put his on, he turned slightly to kiss my lips. "Ready, babe?"

"I'm always ready for you." I winked, brought my hands around his shoulders, down his chest and squeezed tightly around his waist to hold on. I didn't realize how sore my ass was until we started riding again, after spending hours traveling already.

It took us another hour to reach our destination; a family-owned Bed & Breakfast named Cherry Blossoms. It was already late in the afternoon by the time we closed the door and collapsed onto the bed.

Around a half hour later, Edward was placing soft kisses on the exposed skin near my bellybutton. I didn't realize I had fallen asleep.

"Hey, beautiful, it's time to wake up. I brought our stuff in already." He kissed my t-shirt, just above my heart.

I sighed and opened my eyes. Looking around the room, I noticed how beautiful it was. I was lying on top of the Queen sized bed that was covered with a white, and very soft, down comforter. Several white, sage green and peach throw pillows surrounded me, and hand painted onto the wall behind the bed was a Cherry Blossom tree. We had an alcove that housed a white armchair and ottoman, with a window that let in a lot of natural sunlight. The opposite side of the room had a fireplace with a white mantel and a chase lounge in front of it. Looking straight ahead from my perch on the bed, I could see a balcony with a black wrought iron railing that overlooked the swimming pool.

I think I died and gone to Heaven.

I hadn't checked out the bathroom yet, but I hoped there was a tub large enough for both of us. My body was tired from riding on the bike all day.

My eyes closed as his lips touched mine. We didn't have an agenda and just relished being together, never rushing our movements.

"Hi," I whispered as I pulled away.

Edward smiled; the love he had for me radiated in his every touch, every look he gave me.

"Hi. You want to go eat? I asked Ms. Wilson at the front desk and there's a really nice steakhouse a few blocks away we can walk to. How's that sound? I'm starving and I bet you are too." He emphasized his hunger by trying to eat my neck, which turned into being tortured by him tickling me.

"Stop, Cullen. I'm going to go get ready. I'll be done in about ten minutes, okay?" I asked as I made my way to the bathroom to change my clothes and brush my hair and teeth.

Thirty minutes later, because Mr. Touchy couldn't keep his hands to himself, we gave our name to the hostess.

Edward was dressed casually in a pair khaki shorts and a black polo shirt. I chose a pair of jean capris and a thin, black sweater, over a pink cami. I braided my bangs, angled them to the side and pulled it all back into a messy bun.

We were seated a few minutes later and had ordered a bottle of local wine. While we waited on our appetizer, I took a moment to text Alice and check on the girls. She had volunteered many times to help out with MC and Makenna as long as we reciprocated for them as well. I loved Ben and Liam and jumped at the chance to spend any amount of time with them.

Conversation flowed as easily as the wine. The atmosphere around us was bubbling with energy from the people quietly eating dinner, to a few business men in suits and from an older couple who sat nearby. I stared at them in amazement as they held hands across the table seemingly as much as in love as the day they were married. I could only hope for us to be that we would be happy when we were their age.

He smiled at me and nodded, as if he could read my mind. As I looked at Edward, I knew we would be.

We shared a chocolate lava cake for dessert and sipped on some coffee, continuing our light banter, quiet laughs and quick touches, both above and below the table.

After leaving the restaurant, we walked around the shopping district, looking into various shop windows and pointing out things we liked. Edward had his arm draped over my shoulder, leaning my body into his with my hand tucked into his back pocket. I could feel Edward's muscles flexing through the material and wondered if his ass was sore like mine.

I chuckled, which caused Edward to look down at me and smile. Again.

"I love you, Bella. I don't know if I tell you that enough, so I'm just going to keep saying it… I love you so fucking much." He kissed me. "Thank you for coming away with me. I'm having a great time so far and from the sounds of it, I would bet that you are too. Am I right?"

"I love you, too, Edward, and I'm having a wonderful time." I stopped us in the middle of the sidewalk and tugged him down into another quick kiss.

"What do you think about going swimming when we get back? Ms. Wilson said the pool is heated."

"I would love to, but I didn't pack my swimsuit. Remember you told me I had to pack light?" I frowned because I wanted nothing more than to relax my muscles in the warm water.

"Then why don't we just buy you one, babe? There are plenty of shops around here and I'm sure we can find something you'd like," he suggested and looked around the area we were in.

"Let's try the one over there first," he said, pointing across the street.

The boutique didn't have one, but soon we found a stop which had swimsuit I liked. It wasn't all we purchased that night. As I was trying on a black, two piece bikini in the dressing room, Edward was browsing the intimate section and just happened to come across a sweet, sexy lingerie set that neither of us could resist. It didn't help that as he held it up; Edward used his best puppy dog eyes, his secret weapon that worked like a charm on me. When I agreed, he waggled his eyes in a mischievous manner. He was up to no good and I licked my lips in anticipation of putting it on for him just so he could take it right back off. Hey, I'm not a dummy!

With our purchases in the bag that we both held between us, swinging our hands together, we walked back to our B & B.

I took more time to appreciate where we were staying than I did when we had arrived. I first thing I noticed was the humongous Cherry Blossom tree to the right of the cobblestone walkway that led to the burgundy painted front entrance. The walkway was lined on both sides with manicured boxwood bushes, trimmed to a perfect square. The simple country style windows were framed with white shudders, and the same sage green color from our room covered the exterior. The grass was cut so low it looked like carpet; I wanted to take my shoes off and just walk through to feel it between my toes.

I squeezed Edward's hand to get his attention. He stopped walking and looked at me. Smiling, I thanked him again for bringing me here and he lowered his lips to kiss my forehead.

We walked in the door, only to be greeted by the Inn keeper and a warm plate of delicious smelling cookies. She smiled as she offered us one. "Well hello, Mr. and Mrs. Cullen. Did you have a good dinner?"

I responded, "Please, just call us Edward and Bella. Yes, we had a wonderful meal. Thank you for your suggestion because it was truly delicious." I internally laughed at the sound of being called Mrs. Cullen. I knew someday I would be known as that, and honestly, I couldn't wait! When the timing was right, we'd know.

"Well, I'm glad you had a great time. Is there anything I can get for you before you go up to your room?" She asked.

"Actually, you had mentioned the heated pool earlier and we're going to take you up on your offer. Can we both get an extra towel, please?" Edward charmed her into several additional towels, not that his efforts were needed, but he couldn't help himself. He was simply irresistible.

We made it up to our room quickly and changed into our swimwear. I walked out of the bathroom and Edward whistled at me from the bed. He stood quickly and reached over to pick me up then spun me around in a circle.

"You, Mrs. Cullen, are the most beautiful and tempting creature I have ever cast my eyes upon." He chuckled.

"Mrs. Cullen, huh?" I cracked up laughing. "Aren't you getting a little ahead of yourself, Dr. Cullen?"

"Who me? Ms. Wilson started it. I just liked the way it sounds and wanted to give it a test run," he said innocently, pouting like Makenna did when she wanted something.

"Okay, Mr. Puppy Dog Eyes, whatever you say. Let's get down to the swimming pool. I'm dying to relax in the warm water. My butt's still sore from sitting on the motorcycle for so long." I rubbed my ass cheek while I pulled him out of the room and we headed to the stairs to go outside.

The pool area was beautiful and there was only one other couple present, but they were sitting in the hot tub. I walked across the grassy area to reach the pool deck and dipped my toe into the warm water to test it. Edward took my towel and tossed it onto a lounge chair with his.

We held hands as we walked down the steps and into the pool. I instantly felt myself relax from the heat of the water and the soft music that played in the background from somewhere unknown. I assumed they had speakers around, but I couldn't see them. Light instrumental melodies camouflaged the sound of the cars driving by and the words of the people talking as they walked on the sidewalk on the other side of the privacy fence. In the distance we could see dark rain clouds rolling in and we wouldn't have more than an hour or two before it started to rain on us.

Edward slid his arms around my waist, pulling me backwards to relax against him. I leaned my head back to rest on his shoulder and felt him kiss my ear. I could stay like that for the entire weekend and not complain.

"This was the best idea you've ever had. God, this feels so good," I murmured.

Hi arms tightened in response. We sat like that for what seemed like hours. Arms wrapped around my waist holding me like his life depended on me. I knew that I would never want to live without him again, so I guess in a way our lives depended on each other; at least our happiness did.

"You know what I like best about this swimsuit, Bizzy? These." One of Edward's hands traced along the pink border of the material covering my breasts; the other followed the path on the top of my bikini bottoms, both arms moving in tandem, tickling and teasing the sensitive skin. Slowly his hands met at my breasts and then moved up where he gently massaged my neck and shoulders. He applied the right amount of pressure and pushed the last bit of soreness from my body.

The other couple walked inside leaving the hot tub empty and we decided to test it out. On the way, Edward gently spun me around and asked me to dance with him. The whimsical music playing in the background set the perfect romantic mood.

Sliding my hands up and over his shoulders, I pulled him as close to me as I could. We swayed to the music in a perfect rhythm, as if our bodies knew what to do without our minds even having to offer a thought or direction. My fingers laced into the soft hair along his neck and his fingers traced the skin on my lower back.

Sharing chaste kisses and tucking his forehead into the crook of my neck, Edward professed his love for me over and over again. I didn't know how many songs we danced to, but we suddenly felt raindrops falling onto our bodies. Our first reaction was to run inside but as Edward mentioned, we were already wet and since there wasn't any lightening or thunder in the area, we felt safe enough to continue dancing.

Rain rolled down our bodies and it seemed as if God himself was cleansing our past away, offering us a clean slate. A million worries both large and small, washed way from my mind leaving me confident in the direction our relationship was headed.

I tilted my face towards the sky, took a few steps backwards and raised my hands until they were the same height as my shoulders. I spun and twirled around in circles, laughing and giggling, having the time of my life… because I was.

Once my burst of energy diminished, well really it was that I had goose bumps covering my body from the sudden chilliness of the rainy air, we made our way into the hot tub where we stayed until it was dark.

Edward left me once to grab a bottle of wine and a single glass for us to share. We were in our own little world, enjoying our time alone.

When our skin started to look like raisins, we decided to head to our self imposed solitary confinement. We took a quick shower together to wash the chlorine and rain off of our skin, and actually behaved ourselves. There was no need to rush.

While I finished drying my hair, Edward started a fire and pulled a small blanket from the closet. Snuggling against him and tucked safely into his arms, we talked about our children and the merging of our lives. The conversation didn't last long, as we merged our bodies together as well; lost in our love for one another.

I didn't remember how I even made it into bed, but was sure Edward carried me, and I felt a sense of contentment flow through my body. MC was happy and completely smitten with Edward. Her relationship with Makenna couldn't be any better. Makenna and I loved each other deeply and had formed an unbreakable bond.

Looking down at the man whose head rested on my naked stomach, I knew my dreams were coming true. Nothing would ever tear us away from each other. We were solid, dedicated, passionate, committed and most of all, completely and utterly in love.

~~ E & B ~~


Hand in hand we made our way to the Art and Wine festival held a couple blocks from the B & B. Ms. Wilson had given us a list of activities scheduled in Vancouver over the weekend and we figured the festival would be a great place to look for souvenirs for our girls, as well as check out some local businesses.

After the long motorcycle ride the day before, we wanted some time to just relax and be together. It was nice to have nothing necessarily planned and could just let the day unfold without any structure.

We leisurely walked aisle by aisle, looking at what the venders were selling, and waiting to see if anything would catch our eye. We tried several wines booths and ended up picking up a bottle for ourselves and one for Alice and Jasper. With the endless choices of crafts, clothing and jewelry on display, the girls were easy to shop for. Bella wanted to pick out something special for them, so we choose silver bracelets that had their respective birthstones on them.

I had asked countless times if there was anything she wanted. Each time Bella shook her head, gave me a chaste kiss and stated she only wanted to be with me. Since my girl already had that, she didn't need anything else. I was bound and determined to find her a gift but I knew she would eventually crack and show an interest in something.

We stumbled upon a local artist who seemed to be popular based upon the amount of people coming in and out of his booth. Bella stopped to admire each of the paintings that hung on the wall, and as I watched her, I found more interest in the beautiful woman next to me, rather than the paintings. As we approached the fifth piece, I noticed she stared at it differently than the ones before. Bella's head slightly tilted as her eyes studied the scene. A small smile appeared on her face and I could tell she was trying not to reach out and touch it.

"Do you like this one, Bizzy?" I asked.

"It's very beautiful. I like the soft colors he used, as well as the tranquility it represents. The lone tree stands out in its natural setting as if it's the only thing there. The rocks and ocean are pretty but they're just backdrops for it," she replied without even looking at me. It appeared as if she was captivated by that particular piece and couldn't take her eyes away.

I walked closer to her and wrapped my arms around her waist.

"Let's see if the artist is willing to ship it since I don't think you'll want to hold on to it during our ride back to Seattle," I said with a chuckle at that thought.

She tightened the grip she had on me, which caused our bodies to become flush, and then looked over her shoulder with a shocked expression.

"No way, Edward, did you see the price on this?" She asked in a hushed tone and tried not to bring attention to us.

"Bella, if you want the painting, that's all that matters. Please, let me get it for you." I answered back trying to divert the attention away from the cost. I had seen the price tag and didn't think it was too high, but it was significantly more than you would spend at the average home store.

"It wouldn't even match anything I own and would put my Bed Bath & Beyond paintings to shame too," she whined, trying to list off reasons of why I shouldn't purchase it.

"You never know when you'll want to redecorate," I replied with pleading eyes, hoping to get her to cave. I added in a lower voice, "Or better yet, have a new space to decorate."

"You're crazy and I love you for wanting to buy this for me, but I can't accept it." She shook her head and tried to refrain from looking at the painting again.

"But, Bizzy," I whined my protest, trying to get her to change her mind.

"Nope, let's go. I heard a band playing that I liked. You can buy me their CD since you feel the need to buy me something."

Just as she finished her speech and I told her I was holding her to that, her cell phone rang. She answered it immediately after seeing that it was Renee calling. She stepped out of the booth and when I saw her turn the corner, I turned back around to speak to the artist about buying it.

I knew I was short on time so I handed him my credit card to quickly pay for the painting. While he swiped my card and wrote down my address for shipping, he mentioned he overheard Bella's description of the piece. He said he was thrilled it would be going to someone that saw the same beauty he had when he painted it. The artist went on to explain that it was created at some point on Highway 5. As he gave me a description of the area, it dawned on me that it did look familiar; it should have. It was the place that we had stopped on our way to Vancouver the day before.

I thanked him and told him I would be in contact as soon as we arrived home to set up the delivery. He smiled at me and said to have my wife call him if she wanted to discuss the painting further.

Just as I left, Bella reappeared asking why I didn't follow her. My response was that I wanted to give her some privacy although, from the look on her face, I doubt she believed me.

We continued to check out some of the other local sites Ms. Wilson had suggested. After a light lunch at a small French bistro, we ended up walking the grounds of the Nitobe Memorial Gardens. It was a beautiful Japanese garden with a large stream flowing through the middle of it. There were bridges to walk across where you could enjoy watching the Koi fish swim, as well as several fountains, archways and buildings to view.

Bella and I continued to explore the grounds until we reached a small gazebo nestled in between the trees, surrounded by close to twenty people standing around talking. Not wanting to intrude on what appeared to be a quiet moment, we stopped abruptly without interrupting them. Just as we were about to follow another path, a young looking bride appeared out of nowhere and walked towards the gazebo.

The group smiled at the young woman dressed in a simple, white, flowing dress who held a bouquet of orchids. A man, I would assume no older than twenty, stood proudly in the back of the gazebo but as soon as his bride got close enough, he walked to greet her. He took her hand in his and led her to their place in front of their guests.

I looked over at Bella and saw her watching the couple with happiness written all over her face. I squeezed her hand to get her attention and we exchanged smiles, then stepped back a little so we wouldn't be noticed watching the ceremony.

As I listened, I couldn't help but to wonder when that would be us stating our vows and making an oath to one another. There were no more if we would get to that point, it was only when.

Ever since I returned from my trip to see Renee, I brought up our future plans more often, wanting to feel her out further on the subject of marriage. As much as I knew Bella was serious about us, it seemed like she always brushed off my comments as if they were hypothetical. I wasn't sure if she was deflecting so she wouldn't have to flat out say she didn't see things that way for us, or if she didn't sense the sincerity in my statements. Either way, I wasn't too concerned; I knew we would get there when the time was right.

The wedding came to an end and after they left we made our way to sit down on the bench in front of the gazebo.

I wrapped one arm around Bella's body to pull her close to me. With no words spoken between us, I leaned in to brush my lips against hers. She shifted her body to wrap her arms around my shoulders. The kiss was slow as our mouths continued to move in sync together. As soon as Bella wove her fingers into my hair, I couldn't help but moan softly and pushed my tongue into her mouth to deepen the kiss. She let out a whimper and met my tongue with her own.

Our kiss broke when we both needed some air, but we kept our foreheads together and stared into one another's eyes while we waited for our breaths to return to normal. The love and excitement the newlyweds had just experienced must have been surrounding us. Before I knew what I was doing, I blurted out the question that had been on my mind since witnessing their exchange.

"You know, Bella. I'm not getting any younger, why don't you make an honest man out of me and marry me right now?"

Bella rolled her eyes at me. "Awe Edward, are you feeling as old as I am after watching that wedding? They're so young and we…aren't." She laughed.

"No, I'm being serious let's just do it." I squeezed her hand lightly.

"I am serious and didn't you get enough of me last night?" She doubled over in laughter then managed to add, "Wait, unless they give senior citizen discounts on marriage licenses. If so, I'm always up for a bargain. Do you think we'll qualify with your age?"

"You're not funny, Isabella, and age isn't anything but a number, baby. You just wait, I'll make sure to show you how youthful I am tonight."

"I better take you back to the room for your afternoon nap then, old man. I wouldn't want you to fall asleep during your performance." Her laugher turned hysterical and as much as I saw the humor in the subject, I was nowhere as amused as she was but laughed at the sight of her and our banter.

When she settled down, we agreed it was time to head out and I kissed her on the forehead then said, "You may have avoided marrying me today Bella, but I'm relentless. I plan to keep asking you until you agree."

"I wouldn't expect anything less from you and one day I'm sure you'll get the answer you want." She winked at me.

We ended up at a restaurant named The Teahouse for dinner. It overlooked the water, and from our seats on the patio we had the perfect view of the sunset. After we dined on seafood, Bella suggested we take some dessert with us to the room so we could enjoy it with the wine we purchased at the festival. She said she knew the perfect way to finish the day, and the seductive look Bella made caused me to track down our waitress, wanting nothing more than to haul her off to our room as quickly as possible.

We walked to the B & B and as soon as I closed our door, Bella said she was going to slip into something more comfortable and suggested that I should do the same. I unbuttoned my shirt and slid it off my shoulders then placed it on the chair. I shed my pant, shoes and socks, leaving me in just my black boxers.

I pushed the button to start the electric fireplace, wanting some warmth from the chill in the air and to illuminate the room once I turned the lights off. I moved the chase lounge farther from the fireplace and laid the comforter from bed in front of it. I opened the wine and set glasses next to the piece of cheesecake we brought back from the restaurant. I plopped down onto the floor and propped myself up on some pillows I had scattered around from our bed.

Bella didn't keep me waiting long and when she emerged from the bathroom, I was awe struck on how sexy she looked. She wore the black, two piece, lingerie set I picked out at the shop while buying her bikini the night before. The top was a bra that plunged low between her breasts where a satin bow teased me and I could see the outlines of her nipples through the lace, and it showed off Bella's perfectly shaped body. Resting on her hip bones was the very small black skirt, leaving nothing left to the imagination as to what lay underneath.

My eyes traveled down her body, taking in the vision that stood before me. When I reached her feet, I saw that she kept on the high heels that she had worn to dinner. As I looked up at her, I licked my lips and was greeted with a sexy smirk.

"Like what you see, Dr. Cullen?" She asked seductively, as she turned around to show me her glorious ass. I couldn't help but to let out a groan as I took in the lacey back side of the skirt.

"Fuck yeah, I do." I patted the blanket next to me then continued, "Why don't you come on over here so I can appreciate the view better?"

Bella made her way over to me and lowered herself ever so slowly, making sure that I got a peek at not only her cleavage, but her bare ass underneath the skirt. She sat across from me and took a sip from her wine glass.

"Want some dessert, Edward?" She asked picking up the fork to cut a small piece of the cheesecake then slowly brought it to her lips.

"Who needs cheesecake when I can nibble on every inch of your delectable body?" I flashed the crooked smile that I knew she loved so much.

I pushed up quickly and stood on my knees. I was about to stand all the up until she distracted me by pushing the plate and wine glasses away from us and matched my position by sitting up on her knees as well.

"Come here, Edward. If you're going to make me wait for my dessert, I think I should have a little snack to tide me over." She put one of her hands up and gestured me over with one finger.

Instead of standing up, I slowly crawled to her as if she were my prey.

When I reached her, I placed my knees on either side of Bella's thighs straddling her and kissed her hard on the lips. Bella pushed me away too quickly and told me to straighten out my body.

With the position I was in, she only had to slightly duck her head in order to reach the spot where I wanted her most. She knew that too, and took her time teasing me. Without removing my boxers, she brushed her lips against my straining cock, causing it to harden even more. She left soft kisses along the path she created headed towards my bellybutton, which she proceeded to dip her tongue into.

My hands wove their way into her hair, as my eyes closed in bliss over the sensations running through my body. I could feel her arms wrap around me until my ass cheeks were in the palms of her hands.

Bella slightly lowered the front of my boxers and started to lick from my abdomen across to my hips and back down to my covered cock while she pulled me closer and sat back on her heels.

"Lean back, Edward." She demanded.

I did exactly what I was told and sat my ass on her lap, while holding most of my weight on my arms behind me. As soon as I steadied myself, Bella sprung my cock free. My head fell back as she took my shaft into her hands then started slowly stroking it.

She wasted no time and pushed my boxers down more before lowering her mouth onto me. She went as far down as she could and back up again. I could feel her tongue swirling around until she reached the head, were she paid extra attention to the slit with her tongue.

"Fuck… that feels so good," I said in a strained voice, trying not to cum prematurely.

I couldn't see anything she was doing with the position I was in, but with my eyes closed, I could imagine her pouty lips with my rock hard cock between them. The image fueled my fire; my body naturally reacted and started to thrust up into her mouth.

Deep moans and grunts filled the room.

Her pace started to quicken, matching the rhythm of my hips. She glided her hand along my stomach towards my chest where she began to tease my nipple. As she rolled it in between her fingers, she started to hum against my cock. The tightening in my stomach had turned into tingles, and I knew I wouldn't be able to hold off much longer.

'Oh, God, Bizz… don't stop… gonna cum." I managed to get out through gritted teeth

Before my next breath came, I felt my cock start to pulsate. As each hot spurt was released, the tightening in my balls decreased, causing my grunts to turn into shallow pants.

Bella stayed in place until satisfied that she didn't miss a drop. She sat up straight and giggled when she saw my flushed face and heaving chest.

"Laugh now, baby, but it's about to be my turn and you'll be looking just like me when I'm done with you." My breaths continued to slow and when I was finally able to open my eyes, I was pleased to be greeted by Bella's hooded eyes and swollen lips.

She gave me a seductive smile and licked her lips. "That's a promise I intend you to keep, Cullen."

In the wee hours of the morning, we finally fell asleep satisfied from a night filled with worshiping each other's bodies. We were a tangled mess of sweaty bodies and sheets but couldn't have cared less, we were perfectly content.

During breakfast the next morning, we received several stares from fellow guests. Bella was embarrassed because they may had heard us the night before but I shrugged it off. We would never see those people again. Plus, Bella expressed once that she liked it when I was vocal during sex, and I was just making sure my girl knew just how much she was pleasing me. Nothing wrong with that.

We checked out of the inn, thanking Ms. Wilson for being so accommodating. She told us it was refreshing to see a couple so in love and that we were welcomed there any time.

I enjoyed the feel of Bella wrapped around me as we made our way home on our motorcycle. My thoughts returned to the day I purchased it, when Jasper insinuated that she would hate it because I didn't ask her first. I couldn't wait to tell him how wrong he was. Like I told him that day, I knew Bella very well and had no doubt it would have an affect on her. It was one of the reasons I bought it after all.

As I reached the city limits, I released one hand from the handlebars to squeeze Bella's as it was securely holding onto my stomach. I hated that our weekend had come to an end but was excited to see our girls. Our trip was exactly what we needed and I knew I would be whisking her away as often as possible.

That night, after we tucked the girls into bed at my place and slid into bed, I came to the conclusion that having two households wasn't going to be acceptable for much longer. We were a family now and we should have a space we could all call our own, with all of our belongings merged together in one household.

Good thing I had a plan in place.

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