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by SilverTurtle

This is strange, Addison thought as she was laid out naked on a soft bed in a dark room, but I kind of like it.

She couldn't see the face of the person hovering above her who was tenderly, almost reverently, caressing her skin but she could tell from the shape of the silhouette that her lover was female. If not for the shape she'd have been able to tell from the softness of her hands, the warm press of heavy breasts against her own chest, and the lack of a bulge at the apex of her lover's thighs.

She lay back against the pillows, her hair splayed all around her head, her hands tangled in her lover's hair as they kissed fervently. She could feel hands on her, one gently cupping her breast the other stroking down her side and over her hip. Her body was flushed with arousal, the heat of it slicking her body with sweat and causing her heart to beat more rapidly. She felt her lover's body press down into her, curves meeting curves in a delicious press of heated flesh. A different sort of slickness build between her legs with every touch and her body canted up towards her lover needing more solid contact.

The thumping of her heart was echoed by the rushing in her ears, her quick pants and pleading gasps, and her hips rocking to gain friction against the smooth thigh dropped between her legs. Warm lips gave way to a hot tongue as her lover traveled down her body nibbling her neck here, teasing her nipple there, licking a swath along the underside of her breast, tickling her ribs and abs, dipping briefly into her navel before sliding down and down further to part her folds and gather the wetness there in long lapping strokes.

Addison keened with want. Her body ached for release, burned for it. The pounding of her heart produced a corresponding pulsing in her sex, aroused to the point of pain and desperate for more. More of what she wasn't quite sure, but more. More.

Her fingers still fisted in her lover's hair she unconsciously pushed and tugged, guiding her lover's mouth to where she needed it most. Her body rocked forcefully in her need. She ground down pressing her sex harder and harder to her lover's mouth completely unaware of what she was doing as she sought her release.

A soothing hand smoothed around her thigh to rest upon her abdomen and press down, preventing her from her uncontrolled movements. Another hand parted her legs a little further before finding her clit and starting up a quick rhythm there that made Addison twitch and buck and cry out as heat coiled in the pit of her stomach tighter and tighter.

A questing tongue kept lapping between her folds while fingers worked their driving pace.

She was close. So close. Every part of her body was tensed, coated with sweat, quivering with need. Her breathing was ragged desperate gasps, sucking air into straining lungs to release it in guttural grunts and moans.

Fingers kept their rhythm as her lover rose up and slid their bodies together, once more driving a thigh between her legs which was immediately slicked as Addison pressed wantonly along it. That thigh was pressed into her harder and harder while fingers moved faster and faster still.

Addison's body writhed sinuously to the rhythm of those fingers. Her hands abandoned her lover's hair to clutch at rocking hips and drag them down for more forceful contact. She heard her lover moan as her thigh reflexively came up for more leverage and pressed hard into a dripping sex. It spurred her on further. She pushed her thigh more firmly against her lover, the bucking of her own hips setting a new rhythm as the two rocked together, straining towards release, their bodies pressed so tightly together not a whisper of air could pass between them.

Suddenly those fingers pinched and the heat coiled in Addison's body sprang loose and sent her headlong into a blinding orgasm. The world around her, already so dark, went pitch black and wave after wave of pleasure broke within her. She threw her head back in a wordless cry as her hips kept rocking, milking every shockwave and prolonging her pleasure. For several long moments she lost awareness of self as she was submerged in the feeling of euphoria.

She became aware of herself and, more importantly, of her lover still straining against her thigh. Not wanting to be alone in her bliss she thrust her leg up roughly to her lover's core, over and over, aiding her efforts. Her lover ground down forcefully, hips pushing against Addison's, her head dropped to Addison's shoulder as her arms wrapped around Addison's frame and squeezed.

Her lover shifted for a better angle, unintentionally dragging her thigh along Addison's sensitive sex and setting her ablaze with arousal again. Addison didn't let the feeling overwhelm her this time. Instead she rocked with her lover, hands pressing them together, faster and faster until her lover went rigid above her and Addison allowed herself to careen over the edge once more.


Addison opened her eyes and blinked at the light. Her roommate peered worriedly into her face and Addison shrieked and rolled off her bed. She landed with a heavy thump on the floor and her hand pressed over her thundering heart.

"What are you doing?" she demanded wide-eyed and breathing hard.

"Trying to wake you up!" her startled roommate shouted back, "You were having a nightmare or something. It must have been pretty bad because you were rolling all around and moaning and stuff."

"A nightmare?" Addison said to herself and blushed. Her roommate definitely did not need to know she'd been having a sex dream, "Yes. Yes, that was some doozy. I should really stop eating Fluffer Nutters before bed. Thanks for waking me."

"Sure," her roommate said slowly, "it's nearly time to get up anyway. You want first shower?"

"Uh," Addison was still trying to make sense of everything, the fog of sleep and haze of pleasure clouding her mind. She felt her pajamas sticking to her damply and answered, "Yes."


Later that day as they joined a group of vacationers in a ship sponsored activity Addison's mind went back to that dream.

A sex dream, she thought with shiver of thrill running down her spine, with a woman!

"Alright everyone," Connie, the ship's Funtivities director, called out, "get in your teams! We're about to start."

Addison startled out of her thoughts and looked up at Connie...and stared dumbfounded.

She knew that mouth, it had been a prominent feature in her dream. And those well manicured hands. And that particular hair style. And that thigh, oh that thigh.

"It was you!" Addison accused with a pointing finger.

Connie jumped, startled, and looked at Addison with a furrowed brow and a confused smile, "Excuse me? It was me, what?"

Addison went bright red and stammered quickly, "Nothing. Nothing at all. I have to go now. People to do, things to dream...I mean, shoot! Things to do, people to dream. No, dangit! I have to leave. Now. I'm going. Right now. Leaving." Addison looked shifty eyed at all the people watching her curiously. She turned on her heel, blush still burning in her cheeks, and ran while calling out, "Bye!"

Connie watched her confused, then shrugged. That girl, she thought, needs to cut back on the sugar.



Pairing: Connie/Addison. Connie was the Activities Director on the S.S. Tipton, she has appeared in 2 episodes and is played by Jennifer Tisdale. Addison is a classmate of Zack and Cody on the S.S. Tipton and is played by Rachael Kathryn Bell.

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