Title: Out Of the Ordinary

Author: untapdtreasure

Pairing: Eames/Logan

Rating: T

Summary: Set after Logan has left the force. Him and Eames meet up at a bar.

A/N: I know I never write anything but Goren & Eames, but I must admit to always having a sweet spot for Logan & Eames. I have had this story in my head for awhile, or well, a few of the scenes, so I had to just write it. I hope all you Goren & Eames lovers can forgive me. I probably won't write too many Logan & Eames' fanfics.

Chapter 1

Alex slipped onto the barstool beside the dark haired man. She spoke just over the noise. "Haven't seen you around lately. How's life treating you?"

Mike Logan turned, a smile tugging at the corners of his mouth. "Well, as I live in breathe..."

Alex ordered a beer and then nudged him. "Seriously, where have you been?"

Mike shrugged. "Laying low. I just got back into town." He took a long pull on his beer, finishing it. He ordered another one as the bartender sat Alex's beer in front of her on a napkin.

Alex picked it up, letting the cold beer cool her palm. "Go anywhere fun?"

Mike shook his head. "Not really. I just wanted away...from the noise of the city." It hadn't helped. That is why he was back there in that bar drinking.

She touched his arm gently. "Why don't we get out of here?" When he looked at her, she leaned forward. "I rented some movies...I got beer at my place."

He pulled out his wallet and paid for their drinks. He downed half his beer and sat it back on the napkin. "I suppose you can drive?" When she nodded, he stood up on somewhat shaky legs. "I've had a few too many."

Alex shook her head. "Lean on me. And maybe I'll just make coffee."

Mike slipped his hand around her, letting his hand fall to her ass. Getting a sharp look from him, he moved it to her hip. "Just checking."

Alex opened the door for him and helped him out into the chilly night air so that he didn't fall. "Note to Logan: I don't screw drunk guys."

"Drunk chicks then?" he said as she unlocked the passenger side door for him.

She almost pushed him inside her car. "Not since college."

He studied her in his drunken haze. "You're bluffin'." Wasn't she? She had to be. Alex Eames was straight as an arrow.

She shrugged. "For me to know and you to dream about." She closed the door and hurried to the driver's side. She chuckled to herself. There had been this one girl, but that had been so long ago and so far out of her element that she didn't ever like to think about it. She had no idea what she had told him that. Chances were that he'd probably not even remember it once he sobered up.

The ride to her place was long and tedious with Mike trying to needle more information out of her. She refused to budge. He got out with a long sigh. "You brought me home with you without any hopes of action then take away all my fantasies by not divulging details..." He tsked and smiled at her over the roof of her car.

Alex laughed softly. "Just use your imagination, Logan. I'm sure it's more exotic in your head than what actually happened anyway." She hurried up the front steps and pushed open the door to her apartment building.

He followed right behind her. "Did you say we could get pizza?"

She punched the elevator button and looked over at him. "If you want to..." His stomach rumbled then. "I guess that is a yes," she teased.


A pot of coffee and a pizza later, they sat next to each other on the sofa watching an awful movie that she had rented at the praise of the video store clerk. "I can't believe I rented this garbage..."

Mike scratched the top of his head. "I'm not exactly sure how anyone calls this...acting."

Alex glanced over at him and nudged him. "Think you could do any better?"

Mike chuckled. "Hell no, but I know that this...crap isn't supposed to actually be crap. What else did you rent? Hell, Eames. I'll even watch a chick flick, just please turn this off."

Alex stood and moved to the bag of DVDs. "I have this old western that me and my Dad used to watch or How To Lose A Guy In Ten Days..." She looked up, waiting for his choice.

"Western..." He smiled. He had only been half serious about the chick flick. "Maybe if you hadn't sobered us up and we got really plastered, we would understand that shit flick."

Alex laughed softly. She settled next to him again, reaching for a small quilt to cover herself with. "I think it has dropped ten degrees in here in the last hour." She shivered.

Mike slipped his arm around her shoulders then, drawing her into him. "That better?" When she nodded, he returned his attention to the image appearing on screen. She felt good tucked into his side like that. Too bad that he wasn't her type.

She kept stealing glances at him through out the first hour of the movie. He smelled so good, and he was so warm, so inviting. She rested her head against his shoulder and let herself get lost in the movie. It wasn't long before she felt him rest his head against her's. Her heart began to race. "I...I like this," she spoke softly.

"Me too," he admitted. He turned his head at the same time that she did.

Their eyes met. She didn't know who had made the first move, but then their lips touched. She didn't pull back. She needed to know what his kiss felt like. She kissed him again and his lips parted. Her tongue darted out to move along his.

He moaned as their bodies shifted. She was half way under him now with her hands in his hair. He pulled back. "Oh god...Alex."

Her eyes rolled back. It had been so long since she had been kissed. So long since a man had been this close to her. Someone that she trusted, and she did trust him. She licked her lips. "Don't stop..."

His mouth pressed to hers again again before moving down along her jaw to her ear. "Alex."

She shivered as his breath tickled her ear. "Mike..."

He smiled against her skin before he nipped and sucked at the smooth skin of her jugular. "Can I take you...out?"