Chapter 10

Alex woke early the next morning. She started to turn, feeling a warm body against her back. She moaned softly as memories of their love making washed over her. When his arm tightened around her waist, she settled back against him and kept her eyes closed.

Mike nuzzled the back of her neck with his lips, kissing and teasing her skin gently. "You have to get ready for work..." he reminded her.

She groaned and pouted out her bottom lip a little. "Do I have to?" She turned slowly, meeting his dark eyes as she ran her hands up his chest slowly, then raked her nails back down.

He searched her eyes. "Well, beautiful, I don't think they'll allow sex all day with your boyfriend to be a viable excuse for shirking off your civil duties." His eyes danced as she dug her nails a little deeper into the soft skin of his stomach.

She leaned forward, kissing his chest gently. She kissed along his chest until she felt her lips move over the hardened peak of his nipple. She flicked her tongue out seductively. "But you'd like that, right?"

His hand gripped her hip tighter. "Hell yes..." His hand moved up to her chin, lifting it. He kissed her slow and deep. He was rock hard as he rolled her onto her back and settled between her legs. He entwined their fingers then, pushing her hands above her head as he started to nudge his way into her heat.

"Condom," she rasped. She untangled one hand from his and reached for the almost empty box. She pulled one out, ripping it with her teeth and letting the foil wrapper fall to the floor. She kissed him as she untangled her other hand and reached between them to roll it onto his erection.

He thrust into her small hands and sucked at her tongue. He loved the feel of her hands on him. He whispered, "Some wake up, huh?"

She shifted, bringing the crux of her thighs even with his erection. "Yeah..." She ached to have him inside her, pleasuring her. "Mike..." she pleaded softly, nipping at his lower lip.

He pushed inside her with little guidance from her. He kissed her deeply, tongues dancing. He slowly began to move inside her. He moaned as she flexed around his thick erection. He pushed deeper as he kept his pace slow and steady. He moved his lips along her jaw to her ear. "I love you, Alex..."

Her hands moved up his back. She arched up as a ripple of pleasure surged through her, waking each and everyone of her nerve endings. Her toes tingled. "I love you, Mike..." Her nails scored his skin, leaving red marks in their wake.

The rest of the morning was a blur to her as they made love. At one point, he had reached over and smacked her alarm clock to stop its shrieking. "We're up already," he groused playfully before returning his attention to pleasuring her body.

She arched up, pressing her body more firmly to his. "Don't stop," she rasped. She was so close. Her eyes rolled back as a ripple of the most intense pleasure ripped down her spine. She felt her juices coating him, making it easier him to slip and slid inside her. "Oh fuck..." she breathed.

He tangled their hands together, pushing them above her head. He was close. He kissed her chastely over and over. "Alex, baby..."

Her heels dug into his ass. "Come on, Mike. That's it... Right there..."

His eyes closed tight as he pushed into her with several short thrusts and came with a groan. He half collapsed on top of her, catching himself at the last minute. "Alex..." His voice was gruff from their love making.

She untangled their fingers and took his face in her hands, kissing him deeply. She sucked at his tongue and whimpered, "Good morning..."

He smiled down at her. "Oh, it's a helluva good morning." He rolled onto his back, breathing hard. He glanced at her and smirked. "You're so going to be late."

She shot out of bed. "Fuck!"

He chuckled and ran a hand up his sweat slicked stomach. "Please forgive me if I stay here for a few more hours. I don't go in until later."

She bent, clutching the dress pants and blouse she'd just pulled out of the closet to her chest, to kiss him softly. "Stay as long as you'd like." She hurried to shower.

The day was already off to a wonderful start. She knew she should be exhausted after barely getting any sleep, but making love to him all night was more exhilarating than ten cups of coffee. She could get used to this.

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