X-Men come together #4

Hi again every1 I know in my last story I put Daniel instead of Evan, thats because his last name is Daniel, Sorry!

"Let go of me now!"said Xavier. "You won't be able to breath, so I would take a deep breath!" said Mystique.

"Something's not right,"said Ororo. "What do you mean?" said Logan. "I feel like The Professor is not good, I mean with him not saying goodbye to Evan, and everything I jsut feel like he is trying to contact me."said Ororo. "Here you guys wait here I will drive the car back to the school to.................. hey wait my phones ringing," said Logan. "Hi it's bad to tell, Im getting pretty scared, some weird freaky guy burst into the school with that blue lady and they took The Professor!"said a kid. "Oh great now you tell us, we are on our way."said Logan. After Logan told Ororo and Evan about Xavier, Evan was going to wait for Cassie, and Ororo and Logan were going to check things out.

"Mystique would not kill a mutant,and her team is just trying to hurt Humans, Professor is not a human." You are right,we better look at the detector."said Logan.

"Evan thankyou for picking me up,I have been waitting to find a school like this."said Cassie. "Well like I said I hope it doesn't take them long too long!"said Evan."Well it doesn't matter, Ilike it here alone with you,"said Cassie.

"Okay, it shows Professor is in a pool?????????"said Ororo."He can't swim!!" said Logan. "Come on lets go!"shouted Ororo."Everyone to the emergency room!, you never know who is going to come next!"said Ororo."Professor what are you doing here?"asked Ororo. "Be careful, watch out for Myst....."said Xavier. "Ique"said Mystique as she jumped down. Ok which one am I going to hurt first?"said Mystique."Why hurt us we are Mutants?"said Wolverine. "Listen I have already killed Magneto!, now its you and that stupid school of yours!"said Mystique.

To Be Continued