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Carlisle, Bella and the Cullen clan

Chapter 4

The next morning I wake up and Carlisle is sitting in the chair next to my bed watching me sleep. I guess that would creep some girls out but I was happy to know he was there.

"Good morning sleepyhead," he said with a smile "did you know you talk in your sleep?"

"My mother tells me that all the time. Did I say anything embarrassing?"

"Well, that depends on what you consider embarrassing."

"Oh my God what did I say?"

"Not much you said my name a lot, and I liked that. You smile when you say my name that makes me happy. You also said you wanted me as you have never wanted any other man and that made me a little crazy." As he said these things he was brushing my face with butter fly kisses and finally he stopped at my mouth and kissed me. I mean really kissed me deep and longing and making me want to just tear his clothes off. I had been worried about morning breath but his kiss took all thought of that away all I could think of was Carlisle and how much I wanted him. He slipped his tongue past my lips and explored my mouth as I explored his with my tongue. When he broke away we were both breathing heavy.

"My darling, we have to stop if I don't I'll tear your clothes off and climb into that bed with you and show you just how much fun staying in bed all day can be."

"I don't have anything else scheduled so tear away." I said with a laugh.

"Don't tempt me you know I want to talk to Charlie first. You are about to be discharged and I called Charlie and told him I will bring you home. Edward, Alice, and Jasper will be with us, Alice sees everything going smoothly, Edward will be able to warn us of Charlie's thoughts and Jasper has a very special talent."

"What is Jasper's talent?"

"Jasper can sense your mood and influence it, if you are mad he can calm you down, if you are sad he can make you happy, if you are scared he can take the fear away."

"Wow that is a talent, are all vampires gifted like that?"

"No, I have no special talent."

"I can think of a lot of talent that you have and I'm sure I will learn of more after you talk to Charlie."

"Kissing isn't considered to be a talent such as my children have."

"Well it should be you are very good at it."

"Thank you my love, now get dressed and let's get ready to face Charlie."

"I can face anything as long as you are by my side."

I got dressed in the outfit that Alice had brought for me, as I was dressing I could feel myself blush I never dress this sexy I usually wear t-shirts and jeans but maybe Carlisle would like me dressed this way. I looked in the mirror and thought wow I look pretty good. I have curves that I just never thought about showing off and the green sweater clung to those curves, the color was good on me too. Now the boots I don't wear heels much and I'm just not comfortable on them but them made my legs look pretty good even covered with boots so maybe they weren't so bad after all. Alice came barging into the room singing out time to do your hair and makeup.

"Alice I'll just pull my hair back in a scrunchie and mascara and lip gloss is all I ever wear for makeup."

"Not today, today you are going to knock Carlisle's socks off."

About a half hour later she pronounced me perfect, when I looked in the mirror I was surprises. She had done a great job; I didn't know that my eyes were so big and brown. Actually I had really good eyes they were probably my best feature and she made them get noticed. I looked good and sexy but not slutty like that girl Lauren at school, she ran around with Jessica the girl that had pretended to be my friend when I first moved back to Forks. I found out pretty fast that they were not the best kind of friends to have and I had made friends with a girl named Angela Webber, she was a real friend and now I have Alice so I'm happy.

Carlisle came in and he just stared at me. "Well, are you going to say something?" Alice asked.

"I'm speechless, I didn't think it was possible for Bella to be more beautiful but here she is. I knew you were beautiful but Alice has enhanced it."

"It's hard for me to believe it is me."

"Well it isn't hard to do when you have everything here to work with. All I did was take Bella and enhanced her. Like I said it was all there I just had to bring out the hidden Bella." Alice said looking very proud of herself.

"Are you ready to go see Charlie and have our little chat with him?" Carlisle asked.

"As ready as I'll ever be but what if he says no. Carlisle I don't want to be without you."

"Y will be 18 soon and he can't stop us then but I think he will be alright with us, Charlie and I have been friends since we met he is a reasonable man."

"You've never told him you want his teenage daughter either."

"Well, I plan to be more subtle than that."

The ride home was excruciating but Carlisle held my hand and whispered sweet things in my ear the whole way. Edward was driving and Jasper was riding shotgun so that left Alice, Carlisle and I in the back seat. I was so nervous I couldn't think straight.

We walked in just as Charlie was finishing up eating his breakfast, I could smell the in of scorched bacon and eggs in the kitchen ad there were several pieces of burnt toast in the trash I smiled to myself. Charlie never could cook; he had trouble making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

"Hey I didn't expect you quite so early Bells." Charlie said.

"Carlisle sprung me early because he knows I hate hospitals."

"Carlisle I can't thank you and your family here enough for all you have done for Bella. Alice, Edward and Jasper for being her friends and you for taking such good care of her last night. Edward you saved her life and I'll always be grateful for that. If there is ever anything I can do for you just let me know. Bella is very precious to me."

"There is one thing Charlie I would like to talk to you about." Carlisle said after getting subtle nods from Edward and Jasper.

"Okay let's talk would you like a cup of coffee, Carlisle."

"Sure, sounds great." Carlisle said.

I knew that vampires did not eat or drink so I knew Carlisle did this just to set the atmosphere with Charlie and that he would pretend to drink it. That is the one thing Charlie did right in the kitchen he made really good coffee. We all went into the living room to sit and talk.

"What can I do for you Carlisle?"

"Well Charlie you know that I think of you as a close friend probably about the best I have here in Forks, and I would never do anything to jeopardize that friendship but I have to ask something of you that you may find difficult."

"Whatever it is ask me."

"Okay here goes, I have fallen in love with Bella and I would like you permission to ask her out and to court her. Now I know that that is an old fashioned concept but I'm an old fashioned type of man. I believe in formally asking for you blessings. I know I'm older than Bella but not as much as you might think. I lie about my age; I'm actually younger than I pretend because the hospital would have hesitated to hire me if then knew my true age. I graduated from medical school in my teens; I'm not actually 35 as I pretend." Carlisle had been changed when he was 23 and had not aged a day since then.

"How do feel about this Bella?" Charlie asks looking me in the eyes.

I reach over and take Carlisle's hand, take a deep breath and say, "I love him too Dad. Last night we spent most of the night talking and getting to know one another and I really like and respect Carlisle and I think we should see where this leads."

"Bella I like and respect Carlisle too. And Carlisle I realize that you could have snuck around behind my back and seen Bella. You could have had Alice invite her over and taken advantage that way but you came to me man to man and I respect that. I have no problem with you and Bella seeing each other but I do have conditions,"

"What are the conditions?" Carlisle and I both ask at the same time.

"Bella will have a curfew especially on school nights, I expect her to be home by 11:00 on school nights and 1:00 on weekends. I know you are a grown man and you have needs but being a doctor you know how to prevent unwanted pregnancies. Now don't get upset or blush Bella it is a fact of life I see everyday in my job. I love you and I only want the best for you and I can't think of a man I would rather have you be with than Carlisle Cullen but there are those in this town that will gossip and point fingers but you can't let them bother you. If you can agree to this then you have my blessings."

"I can accept the terms if Bella has no problem and Charlie I want you to know I don't just want Bella for a conquest. I plan to build a life with her."

"Okay but I do want her to finish high school before marrying. College too would be nice but that is negotiable."

Carlisle stood and shook Charlie's hand "I want only the best for Bella, too."

"That is all I ask."

I went over and hugged Charlie, "I love you Dad."

"I always knew someday I would lose you to another man and I always worried about who the man would be, but you have a good one there Bella. I'm happy for you."

We talked for a few more minutes about things in general as Carlisle actually did drink the coffee then Charlie had to leave for work. When he left Jasper, Alice and Edward decided to go hunting.

Carlisle put his arms around me and pulled me close kissing me, "That was easier than I expected."

"Yeah I know what you mean, Dad really must like you. He almost ripped Mike Newton's head off when he caught him trying to kiss me and me telling him no."

"I could go take care of that for Charlie right now, that snot nosed spoiled brat had better never touch you again or he will have to deal with me."

""Dad went into Chef Dad mode and scared him so bad I think he may have wet himself, anyway he hasn't even looked at me since. Charlie explained very clearly no means no." Carlisle started laughing at this.

"Are you going to tell me no?"

"What is the question?"

"Would you like to go to my house with me? Everyone should be gone by now and we can have the house to ourselves."

"I would love to go home with you, Dr. Cullen. I'll just leave Dad a note where I will be"

"I'll wait right here Miss Swan."

We drove to Carlisle's house; he drove outside of town a few miles and turned down a shady lane that was almost invisible from the highway unless you knew it was there. The driveway was about 2 miles long when we stopped at what looked like an old converted farm house. There were windows all across the front with a huge porch that wrapped around on both sides. It was beautiful.

"Welcome home Bella." Carlisle said as he picked me up and carried me bridal style through the front door. "Would you like a tour of the house?"

"Maybe later right now I just want to see your room."

"You wish is my command."

"Carlisle you don't have to worry I'm on the pill, have been for 2 years to regulate my periods."

"Bella, vampires can't have children, I need you to know this before we start a relationship. I can't give you children

"That's alright, it will just mean I don't have to share you and I can be rather selfish if I want to."

Carlisle chuckled as he ran up the stairs with me in his arms. Before I knew what was happening I was lying on a huge bed in the most beautiful bedroom I had ever seen with a gorgeous man kissing and touching me in all the right places. I could feel myself getting wet and I could feel the hunger for Carlisle building as I reached up to unbutton his shirt. He caught my hands, "Are you sure this is what you want, Love?"

"I have never been more sure in my entire life. I want you Carlisle; I want you to make me yours in every way. I want you to teach me how to please you, show me what turns you on. I want you buried in me as deep as possible and I want you to scream my name as you fill me with your cum."

"Bella you turn me on just touch me, anywhere, it will come naturally to you, as I promised last night you wont be getting much rest for a while."

Carlisle stripped my clothes off kissing every inch of skin as he exposed it. I stripped his clothes and admired how beautiful, muscular and sexy he was as I removed each piece of clothing, he was beautiful clothed he was even more beautiful unclothed. When I unzipped his fly and pulled his pants down there was a huge bulge in his boxers. I pulled his boxer down to free his cock, it was huge. I could not see how something that big was going to fit inside me.

Carlisle must have read the expression on my face. He smiled, "It will fit and you will enjoy it as you have never enjoyed anything before." He began kissing me and his kisses slid down my jaw to my neck, then to my breasts, where he suckled each one until I thought I would loose my mind. He sure knew how to make me want more, his kisses trailed down he swirled his tongue in my bellybutton and went farther down until he reached my center. He took a deep breath and said, "Bella your arousal smells like nothing I have ever spelt before. I want you so much now, more than I have ever wanted anyone before I want you. Can I have you, Love?"

I could only nod my head I didn't trust myself to say anything. I just wanted him with every fiber of my being. I finally whispered, "Take me Carlisle make me yours."

He then plunged his tongue inside me he was tongue fucking me and I was enjoying it. He sucked on my clit and then circled it with his tongue. I had never felt anything like I was feeling right then. He slid a finger inside me, then another, then a third, by now I was screaming in ecstasy. I moaned and begged for release, "Cum for me baby, now" That was all it took my climax shook me all over as I screamed his name. He lapped up every drop of my release and cleaned my pussy with his tongue. He smiled as he slid up my body, "Are you ready for me now my angel?"

"Yes" I felt his cock at my opening I still doubted that all of that would fit inside me. Let's face it I'm tiny, 5'3" 110 pounds. I have big boobs but that is it. I small, petite even. He started to push into me I could feel myself stretch to fit around him. He continued to push inside me until he reached my barrier, he paused, "Bella this is going to hurt you but it will go away and I'll make you feel so good it will make up for the pain." I nodded my head that I was ready. He pulled out and plunged into me, I felt a flash of pain like I had never felt before. He stopped to let me adjust to him being inside me. Then pain subsided and I nodded my head and he began to move in and out of me, pretty soon I realized that he was completely burying himself in me. He did fit and he felt wonderful.

"You feel so wonderful; you are so warm and tight. I don't want to stop I can't stop."

"Don't stop faster Carlisle, harder. Fuck me harder. Deeper go deeper." He slammed into me going deeper pulling out and slamming in again. "I don't want to hurt you."

"Keep going I'll tell you if it is too hard. Just go faster, harder." I could not believe how good it felt to have this big vampire driving himself deeper and deeper into me.

"I'm so close, Carlisle. I want you to cum fill me up."

"Cum with me Bella." He drove harder and faster. "Cum now! He screamed my name as I was screaming his as we came together.

He rolled over keeping us connected as I lay on top of him. "Rest a little because I'm not near done with you."

"Who wants to rest?" I asked as I began to move on him, I wanted to ride him, I wanted to control how deep he went and ho fast. I rode him hard and fast and I thoroughly enjoyed it when he screamed my name again as he filled my pussy with his cold cum. I screamed his name and rode out my climax driving myself down on his big cock. When we finished he pulled me down on his chest.

"That was amazing Bella, are you hurt?"

"No I have never felt better. Give me a few minutes and we will have round two."

He chuckled, "I believe it is round three but whose counting."

I dozed off Carlisle still buried inside me.