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Alex's fingers closed around the slightly worn edges of the folder that contained everything in the universe she needed to know. The Ghost. The man who took her life away from her, took her job, her home, her friends, her shot at love...

She glanced up from the file to Olivia's face, her eyes lit up with fierce determination and gratitude. Olivia smiled firmly at her.

"Do you want help going through this? Since I'm going to be here anyway..." Olivia shifted her weight onto the other foot, looking... was that uncertainty Alex noticed? Hesitation? She smiled warmly, reassuringly, at the detective.

"I would love that. Thank you." Olivia relaxed her stance a little, approaching Alex and seating herself in a chair next to the former ADA. She reached over to open the file for her friend. The night waned on as the pair intently studied the assassin's past, his former crimes, his potential weaknesses. With every new bit of information Alex felt her cheeks flush in righteous anger, her urge to fight rising. At the end of the night, the end of the file folder, she felt like a tigress ready to pounce on her prey. It was Olivia's voice that broke her adrenaline and caffeine spurred mania.

"I've missed you." Alex deflated a little. Not what she was expecting to hear after all that. Her face, still flushed, lowered, her eyes meeting the depths of Olivia's gaze. There were tears brimming in those dark pools, tears that the detective was frantically trying to blink away. She couldn't. A couple spilled down her cheeks; she laughed them off. "It's been a long night..."

Alex handed her a couple hastily plucked tissues, smiling understandingly.

"I've missed you too, Liv." She reached a hand out to grab Olivia's shoulder, lingering there for what seemed like ages. Olivia's hand snaked up to lightly rest on top of it, fingertips trembling a little. Alex pulled her into a hug, the lithe frame of her friend a welcome, nostalgic comfort. Olivia sniffled; Alex nuzzled her cheek softly. She felt the wet warmth of the detective's tears against her neck, her hot breath, her firm lips pressed against tender flesh... An electric shock ran through Alex's body, every hair on her tall form standing up on end like a frightened cat's. "Liv, I..."

Immediately Olivia pulled out of the embrace, looking down at the ground.

"I'm sorry, Alex, I didn't mean to cross that boundary, I guess I misread what you..." A hand cupping her cheek stopped her apologies; her gaze immediately snapped to the ADA's. They held this position for quite some time, neither sure how to proceed. It was Alex who acted, fingers tracing over the detective's strong jawline, lifting her chin while at the same time leaning forward, eyelids lowering as her face approached the other woman's.

Their lips met gently in a lingering kiss, and when they parted they continued to hover millimeters from the other's face.

"Alex..." Liv's voice was husky, her breath falling across the other woman's lips.

They kissed again, and again. Breathing became labored, hands a little more adventurous...




Alex's eyes snapped open to find themselves staring at the same woman they'd been envisioning. Olivia stood in the doorway, arms crossed, hip cocked. Defensive mode. Alex smirked a little; she couldn't help it, Liv was a little cute when she was pissy. "Olivia. Yes?" The detective glared, and then sighed heavily.

"Kragen wants me to apologize to you."

"You sound like you don't want to apologize."

"I don't." Olivia's face was stern, her eyes piercing.

"Liv, there's nothing more I could have done. You... screwed up." The detective threw her arms up frustratedly and sighed again, her breath catching a little towards the end.

"...I know. I know this is my fault. I have to live with the guilt when he kills again - because he will, Alex. You just could have tried harder to make the jury see that." Alex stared with a hint of compassion at Olivia, but soon sighed and removed her glasses. She knew she could never get through to the woman, not now.

"He's not going to kill again, Liv. He'd be stupid to. We've got cops tailing him everywhere he goes - he won't be able to. We'll get him on something, I promise you." Olivia looked down, biting her lip. She nodded. Shrugged.

"Later, Alex."

The ADA watched her storm purposefully down the hall. She could almost smell the resentment left in her wake. Alex felt a twinge of guilt in the pit of her stomach.

Of course she's resentful. She resents you. You were out of the program for years and never called her, never reconnected with her until now, and after that night...

Alex looked down at her paperwork and found she could no longer make heads nor tails of it. Time for lunch...