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The roar that split the night frightened her awake. She rubbed her eyes and slipped from her bed and ran to her window. The little girl rubbed her eyes and looked up at the night sky and watched as a winged shadow crossed the full moon. The girl brushed at a piece of raven hair from her face, but it kept falling back into place. She turned to the door as wood banged against the stone wall of the palace.

"Rukia! Get away from there," the woman yelled and quickly walked over to her, her hands holding her dress up away from her feet.

"But Hisana," Rukia whined as her older sister grabbed her by the hand and lead her back to the large four poster canopy bed with silk sheets and fuzzy blankets. Hisana's dress was a light blue color that really set off her violet colored eyes. The neckline was cut low and was tight; her breasts were pushed up and were nearly spilling from her dress, the dress just barely high enough to cover her nipples.

"No buts Rukia. You are the Princess; you must stay away from the windows at night. Do you want those nasty tickle monsters to get you?" she asked and tickled Rukia. Rukia rolled around in the bed laughing as her sister tickled her ribs.

"Hisana! Stop it!" she screamed and tickled her sister back. Hisana screamed in surprise as a pair of arms wrapped around her and lifted her clear of the bed.

"I believe your sister said stop it," a low voice said from behind her and she turned in the man's arms so she could throw her arms around his neck.

"I believe I don't care, my dear Byakuya," she tickled him and he roared with laughter as he fell onto the bed. Rukia pounced on her brother-in-law and tickled him too.

"Oh no! I'm being attacked by tickle monsters," Byakuya laughed and tickled his wife and sister. They soon fell back to the bed as they tried to catch their breaths. Byakuya had his right arm wrapped around Hisana's shoulders while Rukia lay on his chest. Hisana pulled Rukia off Byakuya and he watched them both.

"Okay, time to go back to bed," Hisana said and kissed Rukia's forehead as Byakuya stood up and straightened his cloths with a small smile on his face.

"Can you tell me a story?" Rukia asked and Hisana sighed as she pulled the covers up to Rukia's chin and tucked her in.

"What do you want to hear?" Hisana asked as Byakuya laid down on top the covers next to Rukia.

"Romance," Rukia said and Byakuya stuck his tongue out.

"Action," he said and Rukia shook her head.

"No, romance," she insisted and Hisana grinned.

"Sorry Bya, but I think Rukia wins this one," she winked at him and he smiled softly getting the 'I'll take care of you later' look that she gave him.

"Okay then let's see. 'Many years ago there was a princess-"

"A beautiful princess," Byakuya said knowing where this was going and Hisana glared at him and he shut his mouth and scooted closer to Rukia. "I think your sister is going to kill me," Rukia and Byakuya looked at Hisana with equally frightened gazes and Hisana's eye ticked.

"Many years ago there was a beautiful princess that lived in a faraway land filled with magic and fantastic creatures. This princess was sad because she was locked in her palace room by her father because she tried to run away. You see, the princess was supposed to be married to a prince from a neighboring kingdom, but she didn't love him so she tried to run away."

"Well one day a knight showed up to the palace and asked for the princess' hand in marriage. Her father, the King, refused at first, but the young knight was persistent and soon her father agreed to test him to see if he was worthy enough to marry his daughter. The knight had four tests that he had to pass in order to marry the beautiful princess," Hisana's eyes connected with Byakuya's and she smiled.

"What were the tests?" Rukia asked, wide eyed as she hugged the covers closer to her neck.

"The first test was that the knight had to go hunting with the king and personally kill a wild boar. The knight agreed and went to bed happy. Well the next morning, before the knight joined them, the king told his men that the knight was joining them and they couldn't let him kill a boar. The princess heard this and rushed to the prince's room and told him of the plan. He gave her a small smile and kissed her cheek as he walked away."

"The knight was kept from killing a boar for most of the morning, but about mid day he was all alone except for the king and one of the guards. A huge boar the size of a donkey charged them from the brush and killed the king's guard. The king tried to kill the boar but was knocked down. The knight raised his sword and defended the king, killing the boar in the process; thus the first test was passed."

"The second test was that the knight had to survive for three days in the wild without any supplies other than a tinder box, his sword, and his small wood axe. After three days the knight came back, tired and sore, but alive and well. Thus the second test was passed with his return."

"The third test was the hardest in terms of strength. The knight had to kill a dragon. Well the knight had killed plenty of dragons in his day and found that this puny little thing was no challenge at all. According to the king and his retainers the knight killed the dragon in less than a bell. Thus the third test was passed with his survival."

"The fourth test was the weirdest test that had been set forth. The knight had to go find a chamber maid and sleep with her,"

"But if he did that then wouldn't that mean that he couldn't marry the princess?"

"That was the king's plan. The whole night chambermaids threw themselves at the poor knight at every turn and he grew tired of them. He locked himself in his rooms and barred the door. Around midnight there was a soft knock on the door. He went to see who it was and saw the princess standing there. She asked for entrance and he allowed her to come in. She sat in his room all night with a candle and chased away anyone who tried to come into the bedchamber. The next morning the King came in and found his daughter sitting in a chair. As soon as the king came in his daughter stood and declared that the knight had passed the test with his purity."

"The king knew his daughter would never lie to him and he declared that the knight would marry his daughter the following day. The next day they were married and went home to his land. It turned out that the knight was actually a lord who loved to ride around and go on adventures. But the lord settled down and they lived happily till the end of their days," Hisana smiled at Rukia who yawned and rolled over with her eyes closed to face Byakuya.

"Time to go Bya," she said and took his hand as he played with Rukia's hair. "Let her sleep," Byakuya kissed her forehead and stood up so Hisana could kiss Rukia goodnight.

"I have some good news Bya," she said and he wrapped his arms around her and looked deep into her eyes.

"And what would that be my wonderful and very beautiful wife?" he asked and she grinned at him.

"I'm pregnant" she said in his ear and she felt his arms tighten around her as he kissed her cheek.

"That is good news indeed," he said and kissed her passionately. The door banged open and they broke apart and looked up at the guard who entered. Rukia woke up and watched as Byakuya and Hisana separated. The guard was out of breath and he leaned over, hands on his knees, as he tried to breathe.

"My Lord Kuchiki, we are under attack. The dragon is attacking," Byakuya's eyes widened and he quickly scooped up Rukia from the bed and took Hisana by the hand. "Let's go. We must get the girls to safety," he said and they all ran down the hallway. There was a loud bang and they stumbled as the castle shook.

"Byakuya," Rukia cried in his arms and he hugged her closer. He let go of Hisana's hand and hugged Rukia tighter to his body as they sprinted down the hall, he covered her head with his hand and ducked as dirt fell on them.

"Prince Abarai!" Byakuya shouted and the son of his old friend looked up from where he was bent over a wounded soldier. The red haired prince had two swords on his hip, one in a black scabbard and the other in a red one. "Give me my sword and take the girls to a safe place!" Renji nodded and another explosion rocked the palace.

"Byakuya, please don't leave," Hisana hugged him as he handed a whimpering Rukia to Renji.

"I will come back to you my love," he said and kissed her passionately as Renji took the black clad sword off his hip and held it out. Byakuya slowly pushed Hisana away and grabbed the katana. He ran outside and watched as the guards ran for cover. "Fight!" he shouted and ran to the nearest ballista which sat on the stone wall.

The sky was glowing an angry orange from the fire and smoke rolled from buildings. Byakuya cut the rope on the ballista and the two arms swung forward, propelling the large spear through the air. The spear caught the dragon on the back left leg as it flew over head and it turned towards Byakuya. It fired two fireballs, one from each nostril, and Byakuya turned and jumped as the fireballs hit the ballista blowing it into little burning pieces which flew everywhere.

Byakuya hit the ground and slowly pushed himself to his hands and knees as guards came to help. The ground shook and Byakuya fell back down. He rolled over and looked up at the black dragon that stood above him. An arrow hit the dragon in the nose and it breathed fire at the men who tried to help Byakuya. The men screamed as they were cooked alive inside their armor. One soldier got too close as he stabbed a spear at the dragon's eye and the dragon reared back, grabbing the man in his jaws and flinging him into the air.

The dragon snapped another man clean in half and swallowed his torso in one gulp. It then turned and shot a fireball from each nostril, one fireball hitting a second ballista destroying it and killing the two men operating it and the second one landed in the middle of a mass of men, tearing some of them apart, sending arms, legs, heads, and chunks of men flying.

The dragon swung its tail and cut a man in half as he ran to save his lord, the man beside him ducked under the swipe and kept running, broad sword raised over his head. The tail swung around and caught that man; his armless body took a few more steps and then pitched forward and landed flat as the head rolled across the ground, the two arms were on the ground, still holding the sword.

Byakuya scooted back on the bloody ground and the dragon pinned him down with a foot and stared at him. The dragon opened its mouth and Byakuya saw the glow of fire in the throat. The dragon suddenly screamed and snapped at the soldier who had sliced the leg. Byakuya saw his katana on the ground and grabbed for it, but it was just out of his reach. The dragon looked back at him and roared in his face.

"You had my mate killed!" the dragon shouted in his face, the voice rough.

"You killed my people and their livestock!" Byakuya shouted back and the dragon snorted a small flame and Byakuya jerked as the flame touched his face. He shook his head and the flame disappeared.

"So just because I am a dragon I am not supposed to eat?" the dragon asked and glared down at Byakuya. "I'm hungry at the moment; I think I'll have myself a small snack," the dragon said and opened its mouth to eat him.

"Let him go!" Byakuya turned his head in fear and saw Hisana walking towards them, a large spear in her hands.

"Hisana! Run!" Byakuya screamed and reached for her. The dragon looked over at Hisana and seemed to grin.

"Your mate I presume," the dragon said and shot a fireball at Hisana who threw herself back, but was thrown through the air as the fireball exploded on the ground in front of her, sending her flying into a wooden building that sat at the base of the wall. The dragon laughed loudly and fired a fireball at the building.

"HISANA!" Byakuya screamed as the fireball slammed into the front of the building which exploded in a ball of fire, smoke, and wood chunks. Byakuya's head snapped back to the sword and took a long reach and the fingers of his right hand grasped the hilt. He clung to the sword and swung it as hard as he could. There was a roar that sent the soldiers to their knees as they grabbed their ears in pain. Byakuya dropped the sword as he clutched his hands to his ears.

The dragon lifted off and Byakuya looked up and saw a long deep slash across the left side of the jaw. A line of scales had been completely cut in half and black blood ran from the wound. Byakuya crawled to his feet and ran towards the burning wreckage of the building, the sword dropping to stick point first in the ground.

"My Lord!" Renji grabbed him and threw him to the ground, jumping on top of him to hold him down.

"Hisana!" Byakuya screamed as he laid face first in the dust. He struggled until he was face up, and he landed a punch on Renji's jaw. As Renji fell back Byakuya shakily scrambled to his feet. Renji tackled him again and Byakuya reached for the building as he started to cry. "Hisana!"

"She's dead sir, she's dead!" Renji yelled in his ear and Byakuya went limp as he stared at the flames. There were men running around the palace grounds as they tried to put out the flames that licked at the walls and various buildings. There were massive holes in the palace walls and some of the towers had been destroyed by the dragon. There was blood everywhere from the men the dragon had killed, but Byakuya was ignorant to all of it.

"Byakuya!" Rukia ran up to him and knelt by his side as Renji slowly stood up. Byakuya slowly moved to sit cross-legged and Rukia crawled into his lap. Byakuya hugged her and held her close as he cried into her shoulder. Rukia cried too, knowing that her sister was dead. She had been taught at a young age about life and death, but that didn't make death any easier to bear.

Rukia looked up into the sky and glared at the dragon that flew over head, tears in her eyes.

"I'll kill you and all your kind one day, I swear I will," the 8 year old Rukia said and cried into her brother's shoulder.

10 years later

Rukia glared at the green dragon in front of her as she hefted the battle axe with a half moon blade and a large spike on the back. The blade had a dragon etched into it and it caught the light of the dying sun as the dragon swung its tail again. Rukia jumped over the tail and rolled across the ground, losing the axe as she did so.

Rukia came to her feet and grabbed the spear that was stuck in the ground, the dead body of one of her fellow dragon slayer knights beside it. She jabbed at the dragon who took hold of the spear in its mouth and pulled on it. Rukia pulled back and suddenly fell on her ass. She looked up at the dragon who still had the spear in its mouth. With a solid snap the shaft of the spear fell to the ground, the dragon dropped the other foot long piece, with the foot long blade still attached to it, to the ground and advanced on her slowly.

The dragon suddenly roared in pain and turned to see a red haired knight on a horse throw the spear. The spear hit the dragon in the face and it screamed. The dragon spit a fireball at Renji who jumped off the horse as the fireball reached him. The horse exploded with a scream and blood and guts went everywhere.

"Rukia!" Renji screamed at her and the dragon turned to her in time to catch a bolt in the eye. It screamed as Rukia loaded another bolt into the crossbow and took careful aim. The dragon faced her and let out a loud scream.

"There you are," she said and pulled the trigger. The bolt flew towards the dragon and stuck in the back of its throat. The dragon reared back and Renji tossed one of the two spears to Rukia and they placed both of them under the chest of the dragon as it came crashing down, the weight of the beast pushing it onto the spears. The dragon twitched and screamed as it struggled against the spears.

"Here," Renji held out the axe and she snatched it from his hands. Rukia lifted the axe over her head and the dragon stopped twitching and looked her in the eye. Without a word or even a battle cry Rukia brought the axe down, cleaving through the scales, flesh, bone, and muscle like a knife through butter.

The dragon's head, and the part of the neck attached to it, rolled across the ground as the nerves made it twitch. Rukia stepped back and Renji came to stand next to her. She watched in satisfaction as the head rolled across the ground, leaving a twisting trail of blood in its wake. Renji put an arm around her shoulders and hugged her closer.

"Hands off," she snapped and used to fingers to lift his hand off her shoulder and drop it away. Renji glared at her.

"I talked to Lord Byakuya before we left," Rukia shrugged and walked away to grab her pack that held all her supplies.

"What about?"

"You. He said that I could marry you. That maybe I could get you to settle down and be a proper lady," Renji said as he followed her.

"There are two things wrong with that. One; I'm not going to marry you. Two; I am not going to be a proper lady until I kill all dragons and marry someone," she picked up her pack and Renji followed her into the woods where their horses were tethered.

"We aren't going to give you a choice," Renji growled and he grabbed her arm just above the elbow.

"Whose we?" she asked as he turned her to face him.

"Me and Lord Kuchiki," Renji said and leaned closer. "You are mine Rukia Kuchiki," he said and pressed his lips against hers. Rukia pushed him off her and slapped him. Renji's head snapped to the side and he shot a glare at her back as she climbed onto one of the three horses left and pressed her heels into its flanks. The horse shot off, a second one right behind her, as she scrubbed her lips with the sleeve of her shirt.

"Wait up!" Renji shouted and climbed onto the last horse and galloped after her. When he caught up to her he slowed to a walk and let the two horses nip at each other. Rukia pulled her warhorse to the side to stop the two from playing.

"You need to keep your distance," she said quietly as she zoned out as she watched the road. Renji stayed quiet as they rode through the woods. They soon hit sunlight as they walked from the woods. About two miles up the road was a small town with a wooden wall around it. The town had paid them to get rid of the three dragons that had been terrorizing them. Rukia and Renji rode down the road between the fields of wheat, cotton, and tobacco and through the front gates. The two buildings that had been burned where being rebuilt and seven plots of ground had new dirt piles over them, the crosses at the ends had the names of the dead carved into them.

"You two finally made it back. Where are the others?" Renji shook his head as Rukia took the bag that the mayor of the town held up.

"Thank you. The beasts are dead, all three of them," Rukia opened the back and did a short count. 30 gold pieces sat in the little leather pouch; 15 for each of them. She closed the pouch and slid it into a bag sewn into the side of the saddle and turned the horse around.

"Pleasure doing business with you Mr. Mayor," Renji said and the mayor hurried up to their sides and walked with them.

"It's getting late. You could always stay in the inn for the night, food and rooms will be paid by the town," he said and Renji laid a hand on Rukia's shoulder and she shot him a glare. Renji quickly retracted his hand and shrugged.

"Fine. Where is this inn?" Rukia asked.

"Five of them go out and after three days only two come back. No trophies, no proof, but they claim that they killed three dragons. It smells a bit fishy to me," the bartender snorted and handed the man a mug of ale. The candle light made his spiked hair look orange.

"They be the best known dragon slayers in the land. When they say that they kill a dragon, they kill a dragon."

"I still don't believe it. It seems a little strange don't you think? Five of them go out; those two come back with no scrapes or scratches on them at all. Don't you think it's a bit strange?"

"Yeah, I guess you're right. But it's not my place to get into peoples' business and tell them what I think," the bartender turned to the next customer.

"I think that I should go call them out and see what they do," he drew a small dagger from his sleeve and set it on the bar. The bartender turned back to him and glared.

"Now you listen here boy. Those two have been helping us with everything from bandits to dragons. You leave them alone, and if you hurt any of them the town will hang you from the nearest building with open rafters, understand?" the man slid the knife back into his sleeve and smiled at the bartender. The bartender noticed something on the back of his left hand and the man pulled his sleeve back. The bartender took a quick step back and held up his hands when he saw the tattoo of a dragon breathing fire on the back of his forearm.

"I'm sorry sir. I didn't know that a Dragon Warrior was in the town," the man stood and leaned over the bar to talk to him.

"Not just a Dragon Warrior," he pulled a small gold medallion handing on a leather cord from the inside of his shirt. "A Captain," he said and the bartender nodded vigorously.

"Would you like to stay here for the night? All room and board will be free, as well as any meals that you eat, for as long as you want to stay," the man nodded after a moment and smiled.

"You listen here old man. I'm not someone who fears people, no matter who they are. Thanks for the brew, it was good," he set the mug on the table and stood up, sliding a bronze coin onto the table.

"Where are you going?" the bartender asked as he walked away.

"To my room, I need some rest," he smiled and walked away from the bar.

"Make sure you sign before you go to your room!" the bartender shouted and the man smiled in the dim light of the candle lit room and waved at the bartender, letting the sleeve slide down a bit so the bartender could see the dragon tattoo. The man walked up the stairs and down the hall to his room. He stood outside the door and heard arguing from the room next to his.

"I said two rooms Renji," he heard a woman say and he raised an eyebrow. Obviously not lovers or family.

"And your brother said that you are mine. I don't intend to leave you here alone with other men around," the man, apparently Renji, said and there was a slap.

"I guess that you're a bit jealous Renji. Get out of my room and go sleep downstairs or something," the man pulled his hood up as the door opened and a man stumbled out with a bloody nose. "And you stay out!" the black haired female dragon slayer poked her head out as the red haired one walked down the stairs. She turned and caught sight of him. "What are you looking at?"

"Are you okay ma'am?" he asked, trying to be polite.

"I'm fine," she started to close the door and the man spoke up as he opened his.

"If I hear anything out of the ordinary I'm coming to help," he said and closed the door behind him without waiting for a reply. He heard the door close and pulled off his riding boots and sat down on the bed.

The bed was hard and lumpy, but you got used to things like that when you were on the road. Now it all made sense, the red haired man was there to protect the girl while she fought monsters and bandits. They weren't together as he had thought, but he knew that it was only a matter of time before she would give in. He rolled over and fell asleep without even taking off his weapons or clothes.

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