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Rukia stretched and sat up, the sheets falling down her torso to pool at her hips. She smiled at the bright sunlight that shone through the window of her room. It was early morning and she sat there for a few minutes, staring out the semi open curtains. Rukia heard a slight snore and smiled down at the orange hair that poked out from under the covers. She patted Ichigo's head softly and then pulled the sheets back and stood up, pulling her pink chappy robe over her naked body and tied it off.

Rukia looked behind her as she opened the bedroom door and gave one last smile to a sleeping Ichigo before she closed the door and walked down the hall to the kitchen. When she got there she started a pot of coffee before she went into the fridge and grabbed a peach. She rinsed the skin before taking a bite, chewing slowly as she savored the sweet taste. The coffee machine beeped a few minutes later as the pot finished up. Rukia walked over to the machine and poured herself a cup before sitting down at the table, sipping it carefully so as to not burn herself.

"Morning Rukia," Yoruichi walked into the kitchen and grabbed a box of frosted flakes a pair of bowls and a cup of coffee before sitting at the table.

"Morning Yoruichi," Rukia replied as she poured herself a bowl of cereal. "Sleep well?" Rukia asked and Yoruichi nodded.

"Kisuke got me to cum at least five times last night. I passed the fuck out." She said and Rukia smiled and shook her head.

"Ever since his father died we haven't had sex, and I'm starting to miss his cock," she said and Yoruichi nodded.

"It will take some time for him to heal up. Until then try to take it easy. Remember that he was pretty much broken."

"You two talking about me in here?" Ichigo said as he walked through the door slowly. His eye were still glazed with sleep and he rubbed at his face as he made his way over to Rukia's chair.

"Oh, sorry sweetheart, I didn't mean to wake you," Rukia said and Ichigo shook his head.

"I woke myself up," he leaned down and kissed the back of her head, giving her a small hug before making his way over to the coffee. "This is much better than that shitty hospital coffee," he said after taking a sip.

"How did you sleep?" Yoruichi asked and Ichigo shrugged.

"Still having some pain in my legs, but it was okay. Had the weirdest fucking dream though," he said as he put a bagel in the toaster and grabbed the block of cream cheese from the fridge.

"What was it about?" Rukia asked.

"It was about us, well partly about us," Ichigo said, leaning against the counter as he waited for his breakfast. "And Yoruichi and Kisuke were in it as well."

"Oh do tell. I love a good dream about me! Was I a hit with all the ladies?" Kisuke asked as he walked through the door. Yoruichi glared over her shoulder at him and he shrugged.

"It's just a dream, no need to get mad at me," he said but stood by the counter just out of her reach.

"Well, let's see. I was a human that could turn into a dragon, and Kisuke and Yoruichi were as well, we were called Dragon Warriors. It was like, back in the old days of swords and castles. Rukia you were a Dragon Hunter because a dragon who was Aizen, big surprise right, killed your sister. Byakuya was a human lord and you were the heir to his throne."

"That I am not surprised of," Byakuya said as he walked through the door. Ichigo grabbed his bagel and placed it on his plate before sitting down to eat.

"Of course you aren't surprised by that," Ichigo said and Byakuya raised an eyebrow. "You act like a damn king already. Anyway Renji and Rukia were to be married but then they stayed in an inn where I was staying. Rukia didn't want to marry him and then they met me. I kept Rukia away from him and me and her fell in love-"

"I thought I was in this," Kisuke whined and then yelped when Byakuya smacked him on the back of the head Gibbs style.

"Shut up, I'm trying to listen," he said and Ichigo nodded.

"Thank you Byakuya. Now after a few adventures all three of us traveled together and met up with my second in command Grimmjow, who was a Dragon Warrior as well, and his mate Nel who was a mage. We all traveled for a while and then we met up with Kenpachi and Yachiru. Apparently I was making an army to kill all Dragon Warriors, according to Aizen and Gin. Meanwhile a human lord names Tosen was raising that army with the help of Aizen and Gin. They trapped us in Toshiro's ice palace after killing a lot of Dragon Warriors."

"We all kept fighting and Rukia was taken captive by Tosen who wanted to marry her to make himself king and control the world. Well the dragon warriors ended up fighting against large odds and most were killed. I think by the end only Ulquiorra, Rukia, and I were alive as well as a few soldiers. Well I fought against Tosen and killed him. He was apparently the Dragon of Spirit that the Four Dragon Lords of Fire, Earth, Air, and Water had trapped in a statue. For killing him I was able to make one of three choices."

"What would those be?" Rukia asked after Ichigo took a pause to drink some milk.

"I could either save myself, but the world would stay as it was at the point. I could bring all those dead back to life, but Tosen and I would both be dead. Or I could turn back the clock to before it all started but Rukia and I would not remember each other. My death would seal whatever I chose and start the chain reaction."

"So what did you choose?" Grimmjow asked and Ichigo blinked. While he was telling the short story of what he had dreamed the kitchen had filled up with everyone there.

"I chose to bring back all those who had been loyal to me during the war, so people like Aizen and Gin would be dead, but you all would survive," Ichigo said. "I remember I hit the ground and Zangetsu went through me and killed me, then I woke up," he said.

"That would make a great story. You should write it out and sell it, I'm sure with a little more detail and some plot twists it would be a best seller," Nel said and Ichigo nodded.

"Only bad thing, I can't write for shit," everyone laughed and then joined in on making a large breakfast for the family. Ichigo sat in his chair, thinking about his dream, and smiled to himself. If he could dream up something that crazy, then maybe he could write it out. He sat there and started to scribble on a piece of paper while breakfast was being prepared.

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Ichigo dreamed the whole thing

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