Other Songs 5 : Chapter and Universes


Knowing what it would cost him in the eyes of Chief Kakuzawa, Kurama called off the sniper.

"Damn you, girl."

Over the side of the cliff they went, the oddest pair in Human history or beyond it.

"Why are you helping me?"

Showing a competence that would have stunned all including herself mere hours ago, her companion spoke at last.

"Ever since I first came here, I saw what they do to you girls. It had me shaking apart. I'd rather die than be a part of it anymore."

So began the strange journey of Lucy and her companion-Kisaragi.


Yuka was blunt in her question.

"Will he have to spend another year in the hospital?"

The doctor shook her head.

"Not at all. In fact, we believe his current pain comes from the breakthrough the doctors at the mental clinic always hoped for-the final restoration of Kouta's memories from childhood."

Yuka realized something.

"Yes! Before we left the beach in the ambulance, as I held him, he said through his tears he recalled playing there as children."

"Yuka-San? What happened out there?"

"Well, Doctor, it all started when we found that poor horned girl drowned in the surf..."


Satou and Hanabishi approached their CO in the company of three young people.

"Isn't that-"

Satou waved a hand.

"Suggest not getting her upset, Chief. Yeah, that is Lucy. But it seems like head trauma has made her into-"

The girl looked at the CO with a baby's eyes.


The CO immediately called Director Kurama to try and reason this one out. The presence of the young man and woman kept Lucy docile, and short of dead, that was ideal.

"And send MP's for Taoku. Though I think he deserves a medal for shooting that asshole Bando."


The younger of the masked men tried to urge restraint; the elder wore an arrogant grin through his mask.

"Put it down, boy. Put it down NOW!"

Satou pulled out his automatic.

"He said put it-"

Trembling but unwilling to see Kouta die, Yuka blasted a hole through Satou. When Bando screamed, Kouta used his stolen gun to do the same.

"Kouta, we just-"

"I know. What I don't know is what we do now."

"You're killers like me-you go on the run-I can show you how."

Having no choice, the pair followed the changed Nyu.


Bando dodged each thrown item, but it was becoming a close thing.

"How are you doing this?"

The taunting rejoinder came back.

"What does it matter to you? You're going to die."

Bando's rage at hearing this was subsumed by something else.

"It matters because I'd love to have that power myself."

"Really? Well, only your children-should you have any-could have it. And they would use it to kill every last one of the corrupt, smug, lazy lumps you call Humanity."

Bando threw down his weapons, and shocked Lucy by grinning.

"That so? Well, girlie-sign me up."


"Having fun yet?"

Before she could fire or react, Bando punched Lucy in the face.


Confused, he punched her again.

"You're going to suffer for that-"

Worried, he punched her again.


Moving to knock her out, he went again.

"How long do you want your death to take?"




"All right, soldier-boy, this is it..."



On and on and on it went, till both punched and puncher looked punchy. Bando saw a homeless girl approach them, and thought fast.

"Hey, kid? Am I on odd or even punches right now?"

Mayu ran far.


Yuka had walked in on Kouta's attempt to put Nyu into some clothes.

"Yuka, please! I was just trying to-"

"I know what you were trying to do, pervert!"

Nyu shed even the modest clothing Kouta put on her, and was dancing wildly.

"Why don't you join your girlfriend, molester?"

"Why don't you try and under-"

"Excuse me?"

A man in a suit stood in the doorway.

"I have a cease and desist order against this scene."

Yuka shrugged.

"From who?"

Kouta read it.

"From-the residents of the Hinata-Sou?"

Nyu looked at the papers.

"That's just silly."



Yuka cried long and hard over the boy who simply didn't remember her at all.

"Kouta, you're such an idiot!"

She stared at the results of the carving games, the ones she had gotten so good at in order to impress the braggart Kouta could become.

"I did this for you-and you can't do me the courtesy of remembering me?"

As she threw the carvings out, Yuka's mother questioned her.

"If Kouta has no use for my memory-then I have none for his games!"

Her mother puzzled.

"Yuka, you played those games with Cousin Ichiro."

Yuka puzzled.



Bando took in the information Kurama gave him.

"So they're our replacements? Heh. If I were the man upstairs, I might decide to start over too."

"Now do you understand the need for the operation, Bando-San?"

"Hell, No, Doc! I just don't see the need to chop my balls off."

"You are infected. The children you produce after this will be horned girls like Lucy and turn on you."

"Yeah-but what about a simple vasectomy? Just tie up those rascals."

Kurama's face turned ashen. He made a call.

"D'Oh! Chief Kakuzawa? Perhaps we should change the standard anti-infection procedure..."


She was so scared.

There was a man in there, she was sure of it.

Maybe that man was nothing like her stepfather, but again, she was so afraid.

"Suppose he grabs Wanta-Chan as a hostage, and then he makes me..."

The pain shot back like she had walked on a nail, or fallen on broken glass. The pain of memories that it seemed would never go away. On the other side of the door was a man who understood such horrid memories.

In a decision all would regret, Mayu left the umbrella by the doorway and ran off forever.


Kouta was excited.

"So there were soldiers?"

Mayu nodded.

"Yes. They were looking for someone."

Yuka felt odd about this.

"Was there anyone else on the beach?"

Mayu looked nervous.

"The man in the red suit."

Kouta could not recall such a soldier.

"Red suit?"

"Yes. There's also the bunny."

Yuka shook her head.

"Bunny? A pet like your dog?"

"No, silly! The man in the red suit is for Christmas, and the Bunny is for Easter. Everyone knows that."

Kouta and Yuka made sure Mayu got the very best of care. Her parents were arrested and sent to prison.


"I didn't mean to touch her breast. My crime is showing weakness in not pulling away."

"I can't leave you two alone for even a moment!"

She sniffed.

"Well? Do you want to feel mine or not?"

Kouta considered his answer long and deeply. and came up with an answer.

"No! But not because you're not a pretty girl."

"Then why?"

"I'll show you!"

With that, he called her bluff and squeezed where she had all but dared him to. And then Yuka saw why he would not want to do this as Nyu walked in the door, looking furious.


From her hidden remove, Nana waited.

"I can feel you out there."

The waiting was tense.

"You want to talk, fine. I've never harmed a real..."

They were the last words she ever said. The sniper's bullet struck true before Lucy could react. Unseen by the approaching soldiers, a panicked Mayu ran back to Maple House, Wanta at her heels, this time for good, to tell the soon-grieving Kouta and Yuka.

Nana saw Kurama.

"Papa, we did it!"

Kurama seized Nana and ran while the soldiers were away.

"Yes, we did. And now, Nana-chan-we must survive the Chief's wrath."


The nice bakery lady shook her head at Mayu.

"Nothing for you today, honey. Someone stole all my pies, and I have to close to restock."

Mayu seemed stunned.

"Your pies always smell so good-but who would steal all of them?"

Having no other choice, Mayu headed for the people at Maple House and hoped they wouldn't ask so many questions this time.

At the nearby cemetery, Lucy was growing ever more furious.

"Stop It!"

She wiped the filling from her face.

"Stop It!"

Again, the assault kept on.


Nana was having the time of her life.


Nana had disabled Lucy's nerves. This was not to prove the victory she planned for.

"You're an idiot!"

"Nana's no fool. I beat you, and now Papa will take you back home."

Lucy grinned.

"That place is not my home, any more than its yours."

Nana's silence was Lucy's opening.

"You've probably never hurt anyone. But they still shake around you, right?"


"But he keeps you locked up, right? Do you have a place where you really belong?"

Nana raised Lucy up. She was curious.

"Do you-have that kind of place?"

The two were gone when Kurama arrived.


One of the guards overcame his fearful immobility and fired at Lucy. Part of each of her horns was taken off. Kurama saw the result of this.


"A childlike state. Probably originating in the head wound she sustained during the escape. She's docile...able to be studied safely."

Whoever Lucy was now, she was chained up and held firmly at gunpoint, though a couple of the guards and nurses found their privates squeezed.

"Should I turn an innocent over to the Chief?"

One year later, Kurama wept as Nyu painfully gave birth to Cain Kakuzawa, future ruler of the Earth.


Kurama heard the madman's plan.

Next, he heard the gunshot. No cameras in the soundproofed office meant that Kurama had time to plan. The Kamakura police would receive evidence that Professor Kakuzawa was responsible for several sexual wrongs with his students. But it was not enough.


"Papa sent Nana away with the second pod, and then...Nana heard the island exploding."

Kouta saw Nana again adjust her artificial limbs. She'd barely had any practice time with them.

"But Nana? Who is the boy?"

Nana looked at the boy playing patty-cake with Nyu.

"Nana thinks-he is my little brother."