The sun crept into the room through my red curtains as my alarm went off. I groaned and hit the snooze. Groggily I got up and went into the bathroom. I looked at myself in the mirror and washed my face. I went into the kitchen only to be greeted by a cheery Catherine,

"Morning there sunshine." I groaned and sat down at the table.

"Ugh, Catherine why are you so cheery." She beamed at me and put a bowl of cereal in front of me.

"Oh, I just am. You still comin' to work with me?" I nodded.

"Good. Who knows, maybe I can get you a job." I hadn't had a job offer in four weeks. My last filming industry went under due to the loss of funds.

"Oh Catherine you will be my saving grace if you can pull that one off."

"I thought I was already your savin' grace seeing how you live with me now." She put me up with her since I lost my apartment with my job.

"This is true."

"Now go on and get dressed. Wear somethin' smart."

"Yes mum." She glared at me. I smirked and went into my room. I went through my wardrobe and pulled my black cami out along with my blue jeans with holes in the knees and frayed edges. I took a quick shower and then got dressed. I decided to put my curly reddish brown hair in a pony tail with a few strands hanging down and wear a simple red scarf around my neck. I came out of room to see Catherine ready and waiting,

"About time! Come on lets go!" She pulled my arm and we were off. When we arrived at the studio Catherine was swept away by a group of people and I was left to wander the studio. Most people just walked past me and ignored me. That is until someone came bustling around the corner and knocked me down.

"Blimey!" It was Russell T. Davis. He had spilled his water all down the front of my shirt and dropped all his papers.

"I am so sorry miss…"

"Evans. Kyla Evans." I helped him pick of the papers as he kept apologizing,

"Please Miss Evans, if you will, would you allow me to give you a behind the scenes tour of Doctor Who as an apology for spilling my drink all over you?"

"Really it isn't necessary."

"Please I insist. It would make me fell better." I sighed,


"Fantastic," he looked at his watch then looked back at me then past me, "Ah, David!" I turned around to see a tall man with brown spiky hair walking towards me. "David, are you busy?"

"No, sir not at all." His accent was Scottish and his smile was warm,

"Could you possibly give Miss Evans here a tour? I am extremely late and need to hurry."

"No not a problem. I can do it."

"Thank you." He took my hand and apologized again, "I am sorry Miss Evans and hope that you will enjoy your tour."

"It's quite alright Mr. Davis. Now go on before you're late." He hurried off leaving me and David. I turned to him and he smiled at me and stuck his hand out,

"David Tennant." I took it and smiled,

"Kyla Evans." I noticed his shirt and laughed a little. He gave me a confused look, "Nice shirt." He looked down and looked back to me and grinned,

"Ya like it?" It was baby blue and said, "Trust me I'm a Doctor."

"It suites you." He grinned and took my hand,

"On with the tour!" We spent three hours going through the whole building and all the time David was explaining things and making me laugh, "Are you hungry? We could go get lunch?" I shrugged,

"Sure. Why not." He grinned again. We hopped in his car and went down the street to a little restaurant that was tucked away. We walked in and there were only a few people there,

"We all come here for lunch. It's out of the way and the people don't make a big fuss." I nodded and sat down at a table across from David. We ordered drinks and then our food,

"So I noticed your tattoo on you arm." I had the Griffin off of the Wales flag on my arm and my family crest.

"Yes well, I'm a proud Welshman. Like you Scotsman." He laughed and leaned back in his chair.

"So what brought you to the set today? I haven't seen you 'round her before."

"Catherine Tate." He chuckled a bit knowing exactly what she's like, "She drug me here in hopes of finding me a job."

"Really, what do you do?"

"I do makeup and prosthetics."

"Ever done any acting?"

"Yeah I've done some, but when I broke my leg two years ago I switched to makeup and prosthetics for a break." He nodded his head and leaned forward,

"Maybe you'll get lucky and there'll be a job opening here at our studio."

"That would be lovely. Especially since I'm rooming with Catherine. I could jut hitch a ride with her every morning." Our food was brought out and we continued our conversation. When we were done we headed back to the studio and ran into Catherine who let out a sigh when she saw us,

"There you are! I thought you'd gotten lost or something."

"No, David was just showing me around then we popped out for lunch." She raised an eyebrow at me,

"Well then you must have gotten lost if this one was your guide."

"Oi! I take offense to that! I'm a very good guide." I laughed,

"You did a fine job David." He held his head up and smiled at her. She rolled her eyes,

"So I think I may have found you a job." I brightened at this,


"Mhm, you see one of the girls in makeup quit the other day and I told them you also did prosthetics and they said they'd love to meet you." I jumped for joy and hugged her,

"Oh thank you Catherine!" I pulled back and turned to David who smiled and gave me a hug,

"See I told you you'd get lucky." I grinned from ear to ear. Catherine led us to a back room where I was to meet the person who was offering me a job. Inside there I met Neil Gorton and Steven Smith who were the head of makeup and prosthetics. David and Catherine left while my interview went on. When I emerged from the room I found David waiting for me,

"Where's Catherine?"

"Russell wanted to talk to her. So, how'd it go?" A grin spread across my face,

"I got the job!" He laughed and gave me a big hug before pulling back. I was still grinning. I was so happy to finally get a job. "I start tomorrow. I can't wait to tell Catherine. I owe her big." He grinned and held his am out,

"Shall we." I linked arms with him,

"We shall." And with that we were off. Laughing like no other. We found Catherine and told her the good news which resulted in hugs and thanks. It was about five in the afternoon and it was time to go home.

"Well then I shall see you tomorrow. It was a pleasure to meet you Kyla."

"And you David." When Catherine and I were in the car and on our way home she started on me,

"So what's with you and David?"

"What do you mean?"

"Oh come on. David giving you a tour and taking you to lunch."

"He was being nice, Russell asked him to give me a tour."

"Alright but what about the hugging and the arm linking, you can't tell me Russell asked him to do that as well."

"He was just being nice." She scoffed,

"Whatever, I think he might like you."


"I think David Tennant likes you." I rolled my eyes,

"Think whatever you like Catherine but I don't believe you." But little did I know that that thought would stick in my mind and manifest itself.