It was a long morning for Catherine, John, and I. We were filming Doctor Who while Torchwood was filming just on the other side. The three of us were standing outside just taking a breather when one of the guys from production puled up. I chuckled,

"You're late Marcus."

"There was an accident a few blocks away." John winced a bit,

"What happened?"

"A lorry tried to make a sharp turn and rolled." Catherine gasped,

"Was anybody hurt?" He nodded,

"The driver's fine. But it slammed a little blue car into a building. When I pulled by I saw a woman in the car. She was a mess, the only thing I could really see was the tattoo on her arm. It was torn up but I could make out a griffin and a crest of some kind. Looked like an Evans crest." My heart stopped and I dropped my tea. John and Catherine stepped back,

"David what's-"

"Kyla!" I didn't even look at them as I took off down the street. I was in trainers and jeans so running wasn't a problem. I booked it around the corner and down the street before running around another corner. I saw Kyla just climb out of the window of her car. She was covered in blood and looked like she was going to fall over. "Kyla!" She wavered before falling to the ground. I ran faster and dropped to my knees. I wanted to be sick. She opened her mouth to try and say something but then her eyes rolled into the back of her head and she passed out. I felt hot tears run down my face. She had a massive cut on her head and a long cut running up her side. Her arm with the tattoo was torn up as well. "Wake up! Wake up!"

Catherine gasped when she saw David holding a bloody Kyla. John stopped as well. The sirens could be heard and help was pulling up now. Tears formed in Catherine's eyes and John swallowed a lump that had formed in his throat. John took Catherine's arm and pulled her to him. She sobbed into his chest. John had tears well in his eyes at the sight before him. The paramedics took Kyla away but wouldn't let David ride with them. When they drove away he was left standing there in the street covered in her blood with tears running down his face. John squeezed Catherine's arm before pulling away and heading toward David. He was shaking and when John put his hand on David's arm the man lost it. He fell to his knees and began sobbing. John sunk to the ground next to him and pulled him into a hug,

"She'll be alright."

"I… I don't…" John tried to force the tears away but was having a hard time at it,

"Kyla is a strong woman, and the will to fight. She'll make it." Catherine joined in the hug and held onto David tightly.

He couldn't stop sobbing. His heart was breaking. The thought of losing her killed him. He couldn't lose her. Eventually his sobs died down and the three were escorted back to the studio by police. The press was everywhere but they didn't care. They didn't smile, they couldn't. They were in too much pain to smile. The press was snapping photos of the distraught actors and the guards tried to force them back. When they got in Russell, Moffatt, and Barbra came running towards us,

"What happened?"

"Is she alright?" David couldn't say anything and Catherine couldn't speak clearly so John had to tell them. His voice cracked and tears started to spill over as he told them what happened. Russell and Moffatt canceled production for the day because there was no way his three lead actors would be able to focus. Barbra called Sara and George to let them know what happened and that she was going to the hospital. Barbra left with Moffatt and Russell who were also going to go to the hospital. John drove himself, Catherine, and David to the hospital. They sat outside in the waiting room for a long time and security was doubled to keep the press out. A few found ways in and they were all escorted from the premises. Catherine went to call Kyla's parents and John called Burn, Gareth, Naoko, and Eve. It was clear that David was in pain. Barbra sat with him because she understood why he was hurting. Moffatt and Russell shared a look. When Catherine got off the phone they pulled her aside to ask her about it,

"Catherine, love, is there something going on that we don't know about?" Moffatt nodded before adding,

"Some sort of relationship between David and Kyla?" Catherine sighed before shaking her head,

"Yeah, yeah. They've, um, they've been dating for almost a month." Russell and Moffatt both had horrified looks on their faces. Not because they were dating but because they finally understood why David was hurting so much. His girlfriend had just been hit by a lorry.

"Dear God…"

"He never told us." Catherine nodded a bit,

"They didn't want to make a big deal about it. They didn't want people to get upset or have the press down their throats." They nodded,

"We understand."

"We won't say anything. Though I think press will probably be able to figure it out on their own." She nodded before they all headed over toward David and Barbra. In half an hour all four of Torchwood's stars had made it to the hospital. They all hugged, cried, and prayed. Another two hours passed and there was still no news on how Kyla was doing. Nobody had left and a nurse had brought them all a pot of coffee. She said it was stronger than tea and that that was what they needed right now. Over the next three hours they went through almost seven pots of coffee before the doctor came out. David was the first on his feet eagerly waiting to hear how she was doing. Burn spoke up first,

"How is she?" The doctor offered them a tired smile,

"She's doing good. There was a lot of damage done but we've been able to repair most of it." There were sighs of relief but Naoko frowned,

"You said most of the damage was repaired. What wasn't fixed?" The doctor's smile faded a bit,

"She had a very serious head wound and there was some hemorrhaging." David paled and Catherine held his hand tightly. Gareth cleared his throat,

"Will she be alright?"

"It's hard to tell. She could wake up or…" John choked a bit,

"A comma?" The doctor nodded sadly,

"I'm very sorry. We'll know in a few days. If she doesn't wake up in a few days then we'll have our answer. She is breathing on her own though so that's a good sign. You can see her in a few minutes. A nurse will come and fetch you." The doctor left and everyone looked at David.

David couldn't breathe. His chest hurt so much. He didn't know what to do. He felt like someone had just taken his heart and ripped it to shreds. John took hold of his shoulder and made him look at him,

"Hey, she will make it out of this okay? Kyla's strong remember? She'll keep fighting." David nodded mutely and John pulled him into a hug. Catherine was balling in Eve's shoulder. Eve was trying to calm the poor woman down,

"It's alright, she'll wake up. It's Kyla we're talking about, you know Kyla. She won't stay down, not long." Catherine nodded in her shoulder and continued to sob. When the nurse arrived she said that they could see her. Everyone looked to David who took a deep breath and followed the nurse with the others trailing behind. When she stopped at the room David hesitated before he entered. When he pulled the curtain back his heart broke more if possible. She looked so fragile, covered in scratches, bruises, and bandages. Her head was wrapped in a bandage and he lightly ran his fingers through her hair before running his hand down her cheek. He felt fresh tears stream down his face,

"I'm here Kyla. I'm here, and I'm not leaving you." He leaned down and gently kissed her lips, "I love you."