Chapter 1

Story Summary: A myriad of personal and financial issues lead to Kurt transferring back to McKinley, joined by Blaine who has his own reasons. Together they deal with the challenges that come with being the only outed couple at a public school.

Chapter 1 Summary: After a week of extended rehearsal for the Warbler's soloists, Blaine finally gets an evening with Kurt. But Kurt's behavior has him worried. Finn makes an unexpected visit to Dalton.

Chapter 1 Rating: PG-13

Chapter 1 Spoilers: Up to AVGC, to be safe.

Chapter 1 Word Count: 2,209

Chapter 1 Characters: Kurt/Blaine, Finn

Author's Note: I have every intention of continuing this story if you're interested! Klaine has been on my mind a lot lately and I just had to get this down.

Disclaimer: Living in Ohio and understanding Glee's Ohio-isms doesn't grant me any rights, I'm afraid.

As the lead for two of the Warbler's latest numbers, Blaine's individual rehearsals often went on into the evenings. They were working on a rather energetic but censored version of Pink's "Raise Your Glass" while also drifting out of their comfort zone by attempting "Lily's Eyes" – a duet from The Secret Garden Blaine and Nick had been asked to perform. While Blaine felt lucky to be one of the more talented Warblers, he was working way too hard.

And "Lily's Eyes," seriously? He was all for a little diversity in their set list for regionals, but this was a terrible idea.

The worst thing about his rehearsal schedule, though, was his complete isolation from Kurt. By the time he got out of practice, all he had time for was a quick dinner before pouncing on his pile of homework. He had attempted to work on his French with Kurt all last week, but instead he spent his time translating various suggestive phrases just so he could lean over and purr them into his boyfriend's ear every now and then. This, of course, led to desperate make-out sessions which resulted in a failed French exam at the end of the week.

"How'd you do in French? Did you check your grade online?" Kurt had asked him innocently last Saturday as they roamed Dalton's library in search of sources for Kurt's essay on the history of Greek tragedies.

"Oh, you know …" Blaine began with a shrug. "I got a B." That was reasonable. Believable.

"Wrong!" Kurt accused, pointing a copy of Oedipus at Blaine haphazardly once he pulled it from the shelf. "I found your French book under my bed this morning. Under my bed, Blaine. I'm willing to bet it's been there all week."

At that moment, Blaine had found himself flushing under Kurt's disappointed stare. Blaine's situation at his old school had taken a toll on his grades, but here at Dalton his final grades always consisted of straight As and he never received anything lower than a C+ on any exam or assignment. But he had failed his French exam.

They got into a tiny scuffle right in the middle of the library. Blaine had called Kurt an enabler ("You didn't exactly stop me") and Kurt had to remind him it was definitely not his job to force him to study. Blaine couldn't exactly argue with that.

So, he had spent this week Kurt-less.

Sure, they saw each other at the regular Warbler rehearsals and every now and then between classes. But all this week, Blaine had made it a point to go straight to his room after evening practices and focus on schoolwork.

But not tonight.

It was Friday. Rehearsal for "Lily's Eyes" was canceled when Nick left to go home immediately after classes upon finding out his older sister had gone into labor that morning. Excited about surprising Kurt, Blaine left campus and quickly returned with a half-pint of standard chocolate ice cream for himself and a frozen soy yogurt for Kurt.

Hoping that Kurt was holed up in his room like usual, he only knocked once before throwing open the wooden door.

"Surprise!" he called, holding up their frozen treats triumphantly.

Kurt, who was sitting on his bed with his laptop propped in front of him, shrieked and jumped slightly before finally registering Blaine's presence.

"Nick's sister is having her baby, so our rehearsal was canceled," Blaine supplied sheepishly, hands up and palms out in an I-come-in-peace gesture.

"You scared me," Kurt commented shakily, wiping his eyes with the back of his hand. It was only then that Blaine noticed Kurt's eyes were red and blurred with tears.


Kurt suddenly smiled brilliantly and all but slammed his laptop shut. "I was just, uh, watching YouTube clips of RENT." Kurt waved his hand dismissively. "We saw it live – you know I turn into a blubbering mess."

Blaine smiled fondly at the memory and, after setting their desserts on the bedside stand, plopped down on the mattress next to Kurt.

"Clips from the movie or the Broadway cast?" he asked, reaching for the laptop.

Kurt suddenly looked slightly panicked. "Um, the one Neil Patrick Harris directed. With Vanessa Hudgens as Mimi? It gave me a whole new reason to cry, Blaine, you don't want to watch it …"

But Blaine was already opening up the laptop. "I have watched it, and I want to know why on Earth you're subjecting yourself to that kind of torture – "

He stopped short once he had the laptop open and the webpage Kurt was previously visiting was displayed on the screen. Gazing back at him was Matthew Shepard, Blaine realized, after glancing at the headline.

"I like to keep up with issues in gay culture and, you know, old news pops up sometimes," Kurt explained softly, staring at the screen.

Blaine quickly closed out of the window and turned to Kurt, his own hand flitting into his. "Why didn't you want me to know you were reading about Matthew Shepard?"

"Because, I – " Kurt's voice cracked violently and Blaine wrapped an arm around his shoulders, pulling him against his chest.

"Because then you'd know just how guilty I feel about running away to a safe place like this when people like him never had that option," Kurt confessed, voice still quivering.

"…I don't think I would have ever made that connection."

Kurt laughed brokenly and wiped his cheek on the shoulder of Blaine's uniform, sniffling. "Right. You're not a chronic over-analyzer."

Blaine began to rub small circles onto the small of Kurt's back. "Want to talk about it?"

"Nothing to talk about," Kurt dismissed, all but jumping out of his bed and crossing over to the floor-length mirror fastened to the back of his door. He fixed his hair and wiped off his face before walking over to the bedside stand and picking up his frozen yogurt.


"Yep." Blaine smiled. If Kurt didn't want to talk about something, he sure as hell wasn't going to talk about it. Blaine didn't have much of an option here.

"Mango with no artificial flavoring?"

"Your favorite," Blaine assured him.

Kurt grinned and swallowed a spoonful of the yogurt. "Delicious. Aren't you going to eat your empty calories before they all melt?"

Blaine rolled his eyes and grabbed his half-pint. "Don't you ever just wake up and crave, I don't know, french fries?"

Kurt looked positively horrified. "Why would I eat french fries for breakfast, Blaine?"

Blaine laughed outright, but Kurt was still shooting daggers at him.

"Stop that and come here," Blaine demanded, yanking the yogurt from Kurt's hands and pulling him back onto the bed. Kurt put up a half-hearted fight as Blaine threw a leg over Kurt's hips and pinned him against the mattress.

Kurt, however, quickly succumbed to the soft kisses Blaine began to place on his jaw line and down his neck, along his collarbone.

Blaine suddenly nipped at his earlobe and Kurt let out a startled but what Blaine assumed was an aroused cry before involuntarily raising his hips to grind against Blaine's. Blaine's hands seized Kurt's hips and held him there, pressing their clothed erections together.

"OK – ugh…" Kurt's breath hitched and he placed his palms flat on Blaine's chest, stilling him for a moment. "I don't want these pants to suffer the same fate as the last pair."

Blaine laughed affectionately and let go of Kurt, allowing his hips to fall back onto the bed. "Only you…"

Blaine was working on stripping him down to his boxers – nothing beyond that. They were taking it as slow as repressed hormones would allow them – and Kurt was watching eagerly when his phone started vibrating. Blaine cocked an eyebrow and Kurt sighed, grabbing it from the stand. He groaned when he read the caller ID.

"It's Finn. I should take this."

Blaine face planted into the mattress just as Kurt sat up and swung his legs over the edge of the bed. He quickly accepted the call and pressed the phone against his ear.

"Finn! Everything OK? … No, I'm – do you really want to know why I'm out of breath? … That's what I thought … Is there a reason why you're calling and interrupting the only evening I've spent with my boyfriend all week? … Oh. Um, sure. I'll be right down."

Kurt ended the call and Blaine sat up, eyebrows furrowed. "What's up?"

Kurt tossed his phone onto the bed and rolled his eyes. "Finn's here to visit."

Kurt took about ten minutes to clean himself up while Blaine made the bed and freshened up the room with a few sprays of Febreeze. By the time Kurt made it down to the lobby of the junior's wing, Finn had distracted himself by tugging at the leaves of a potted plant.

"Finn," Kurt snapped as he approached, swatting his hand away.

Finn looked completely baffled. "You guys are allowed to have real plants here?"

Kurt grabbed his arm and steered him back towards the door that led to the dorm rooms.

"You scared me when you called. I thought something had happened to my dad."

"Nope. I come bearing early Christmas gifts from New Directions … which will hopefully earn your forgiveness."

Kurt glared at him warily as they approached his hall. "You couldn't just wait until I came home for break? And my forgiveness for what?"

"You know … cock blocking."

Kurt stopped dead in his tracks, his face turning bright red. Finn stopped too, and Kurt looked anywhere but up at him.

"Oh my God, Finn. No. We're, like, at second base which is really none of your business and I really don't want to talk to you about this."

Kurt continued walking down the hall, nearly stomping, and Finn trailed behind him quietly after taking a moment to register his words. "…OK. Sorry," he muttered. "I'm just talking to you like I would with Puck or Mike. I thought you would appreciate that instead of, you know, acting different because Blaine's a dude."

Kurt stopped at his door and his expression softened. He had learned just to accept Finn – he meant well, most of the time. "Thanks for being supportive, but I'm not Puck or Mike and definitely not as comfortable talking about that kind of stuff with you."

Finn nodded and muttered something about how much second base sucked just as Kurt opened the door and waved Finn inside.

Blaine wasn't exactly a secret. Everyone at Dalton knew they were exclusive and Kurt had disclosed that information to Mercedes, too. Burt, Carole and Finn knew that Kurt had been seeing someone but they didn't know to what extent. Based on everything he had exposed in a matter of minutes, Kurt was pretty sure even Finn had a firm grasp on the nature of their relationship.

"Kurt! I didn't know your boyfriend was the same guy from the photograph in your locker!" Finn exclaimed as he casually threw his backpack onto the bed, making Blaine flinch in surprise at the other boy's hyperactivity.

Kurt's first instinct was to go stand in the nearest corner and hide. Even though he and Blaine were officially together now, he still couldn't help but feel embarrassed. Even if Blaine was the one to give him the picture in the first place.

Blaine looked as though he was suppressing a laugh. "You must be Kurt's stepbrother."

"Finn," Finn announced, sticking out a long arm. Blaine shook his hand and smiled softly.

"Finn brought early gifts," Kurt explained, staring at the back of Finn's head impatiently. "He has yet to reveal them. Get on with it, Frankenteen."

Blaine cringed slightly for Finn's sake. But Kurt's annoyance didn't escape even him.

"Hey," Finn snapped, rounding on Kurt and taking a few steps toward him. Blaine stood quickly but Kurt set him at ease with a quick shake of his head. "I drove all the way from Lima. In the snow. On the highway. I'm probably going to be stuck in rush hour traffic on the way home. We even had a half-day because of the snow and I couldn't even spend those extra hours with Rachel before her dads got home from work. And I've been getting some side-boob action, Kurt! Side-boob."

Blaine was staring at Kurt in pure amazement. Kurt met his gaze and then closed his eyes as if searching for patience. He waited a beat before opening them again.

"Your side-boob triumphs aren't really swaying me in your favor, but I do thank you for driving all the way out here, Finn. Sorry." Kurt gave him a genuine smile. "I've actually missed you. A lot. You can stay until after rush hour, if you want. The snow might wind down by then. I'd feel better knowing that pedestrians – and you – might be a little safer. He hit a mailman once, Blaine," Kurt explained as an afterthought, grabbing Blaine's attention.

"I can picture that very vividly," Blaine admitted without a note of surprise.

Finn didn't seem to understand he had just been teased, so he smiled at Kurt and Blaine and shrugged. "That'd be awesome. I'll text my mom and let her know what's up."

To be continued.