The Incredible life

Author: RichardTerminator Co-author: Horsechick27

Chapter 1: Introduction and Time travel


Name: Mikayla Fox

Age: 13

Sex: Female

Looks: Black hair, brown eyes, tan skin

Personality: Confident, sarcastic, short tempered, has a mouth of a sailor, cares about her friends or family, sympathetic, good listener, and gives good advice.

Author's and Co author's notes: Mikayla has a robotic right arm in this story, When Mikayla was younger someone shot her multiple times in the arm, scene it could not be healed the doctors made her a robotic arm and the arm is painted with a special spray paint that covers the robotic part of her and make it look more like a real arm.

Family: Mikayla lives with her older sister Lauren, their father, Nicholas, walked out on their mother, Leslie, when Lauren was born and their mother is an alcoholic and a drug addict.

Voice Actress and Song Actress: Miranda Cosgrove

Name: Adam Richard Carlton

Age: 13

Sex: Male

Looks: Light brown hair, brown eyes, normal build

Personality: kind, fearless, can be shy, and is chivalrous

Author's and Co author's notes: he has a crush on Mikayla in the beginning, but she only things of him as her best friend and a brother.

Voice actor: Ryan Merriman

Name: Leeanne Hilary Robinson

Age: 13

Sex: Female

Looks: Dark strawberry blonde hair, blue eyes

Personality: fearless, has a bit of a temper, does not take crap from anyone, independent, always ready for an adventure, and bold

Voice actress: Haylie Duff

Name: Tammie ( Tammy) Collen Withers

Age: 13

Sex: Female

Looks: Black hair, green eyes

Personality: quiet, keeps to herself, has a temper of a tornado when she's mad, cares about her friends, and can be kind when once you get to know her

Author's and Co author's notes: When she was younger something happened to her that made her deaf, she only communicates by using sign language, but she can grunt, groan, and moan, she communicates speaks sign language with her friend James

Voice Actress: Tammin Sursok

Name: Maggie Lee Michaels

Age: 13

Sex: Female

Looks: curly blonde hair, blue eyes

Personality: kind, friendly, hardly loses her temper, acts like a mother to her friends, a good listener, like to have fun and is ready for adventure

Voice actress: Mimi Michaels

Name: Diego Rodd Stewart

Age: 13

Sex: Male

Looks: dark curly hair, brown eyes

Personality: pretty much the Howard Stern of the group, funny, a bit of a loud mouth, like to make fun of the girls ( in a joking way), caring, bold, and can be a gentleman

Voice actor: Jaden Smith

Name: James Byron Adams

Age: 13

Sex: Male

Looks: Brown straight hair, Blue eyes

Personality: quiet, happy, funny, and hyper

Voice actor: Asa Butterfield

The rest of the cast: Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, Petrie, Spike, Chomper, and Ruby, and many others.

The alarm clock went off, as Mikayla, Leeanne, Tammy, and Maggie woke up in their room, as the alarm clock woke off and woke up Adam, Diego, and James in their room, they all had a sleepover at Mikayla and her older sister Lauren's house, they went downstairs from their bedrooms and into the kitchen to find Lauren making breakfast, everybody went in the kitchen to see pancakes on the table.

Lauren: "Good morning everybody, sleep well?"

Mikayla: "Fine, but from what I heard, Diego kept getting smacked in the face last night when he was sleeping." chuckles.

Diego: "Hey, watch it now or I'll..."

Leeanne: " Ease off Diego, we don't need to hear it, today"

Lauren: " Leeanne is right, after we eat we are suppose to Dr. Tatopoulos."

Maggie: " Dr. Nick Tatopoulos, I like him he his nice."

Lauren: " Yes he is nice, do you guys have your things ready to go?"

Tammy: does her sign language.

James: he turns to Lauren " She says ' I am very excited about today.'"

Adam: " We got everything packed for our trip, Lauren."

Today, Mikayla, Adam, Leeanne, Tammy, Maggie, Diego, and James are going to test the new Time machine that Dr. Nick Tatopoulos just got done inventing a few days ago, they were all excited, after they ate, they got they're suit cases ready and got into a van that Dr. Nick Tatopoulos just sent to them, than after about in hour of riding in the van, they arrived that laboratory, when they were about to enter a man came out.

Dr. Nick Tatopoulos: " I'm glad your here kids."

Leeanne: " Glad to be here, Nick."

Adam: " How is Godzilla Jr. doing?"

Dr. Nick Tatopoulos: " He is fine, I just build a translator for him and now me and him can talk to each other."

James: " I would like to see this."

Maggie: " Yeah, me to."

Dr. Nick Tatopoulos: " Follow me kids."

Everybody went inside the laboratory, when they walked into a room, they saw Godzilla Jr., he is the same size as a human, then he came to the gang.

Godzilla Jr. : " Hey guys, good to that your back."

Diego: " How are you doing, buddy?"

Godzilla Jr. : " Very fine."

Diego: " You look good, you been working out."

Godzilla Jr. : " Push ups."

Diego: " You do look good."

Godzilla Jr. : " Nick, your going to show them the time machine."

Dr. Nick Tatopoulos: " Yes I am, shall we?"

Dr. Nick Tatopoulos went into the lab where the time machine is and showed the kids.

Dr. Nick Tatopoulos: " You kids are not going in the machine alone, I am going with you."

Diego: " But what will happen to Godzilla Jr.?"

Mikayla: " My sister, Lauren, will be watching him until Nick gets back."

Lauren: " Don't worry, me and him will be fine."

Leeanne: " Lets go, everybody."

Dr. Nick Tatopoulos started up the time machine and Leeanne, Diego, James, Mikayla, Tammy, Maggie, Adam, and Dr. Nick Tatopoulos went inside the time machine, they were spinning around like in a vertex

Diego: " I gonna puke."

As they were heading for their time destination.