The First

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Word of the former Lord Marshal's demise had spread through the large Necromonger army like wildfire. Fleets from every corner of the universe had heard that the one to kill Lord Marshal Zhylaw had been a Furyian named Riddick and that he was now their new leader and with that news came every Lord and Dame ready to suck up to him as well. Many came bringing jewels and weapons, while some came bearing ships and other technology, but one came bearing a captive from a small planet located on the outskirts of the Trinity system.

An old withered woman sat by a roaring fire in a small shack as she prepared her tattooing set singing an old wordless song that had been passed down from generation to generation. She paid careful attention to the way she prepared the ink and made sure that her needles were sharp enough to go through a night of use but most of all she thought carefully about the design she was going to use. After some careful decision making she smiled and called her grand daughter out from the fields.

"Takkari," The old woman yelled. "Come now."

The young woman stopped hoeing and went into the shack.

"Yes Grand Mother," Takkari replied respectfully. "What is it that you need?"

"It is time that you are marked as a woman," The old woman replied as she motioned for Takkari to sit. "So that you may find a suitable match."

Takkari nodded and sat infront of her grand mother. She knew better than to tell her that finding a suitable match was impossible so she simply sat down and allowed her grandmother to tattoo her skin.

"We don't have much time," Her grand mother told her as she began to prepare Takkari's skin. "So I am going to have to do this all night so that you will be properly and carefully marked."

"Yes Grand Mother." Takkari said as she took off her shirt and bra.

The tattoo would go up the sides of her entire body from her ankles to her head and they would tell her match that she was now considered a woman and that she was ready to start a family. The problem with that though is that there was no one out there who would be a suitable match.

"You think too much Takkari," Her grand mother stated as she started tattooing the young woman. "I think that you think more than an Elemental."

"Forgive me Grand Mother," Takkari said as she looked into the fire. "But how are you so sure that there is still a male out there, I thought that you said that they were all killed, some with their own birth cords."

"Because my little bird," She said as she pricked her granddaughter's skin. "I was a seer once, and I fortold of the Souless Warriors arrival, and I'm the one that hid your mother and father, and I have seen your match."

Takkari nodded and kept her eyes on the fire.

"I understand that Grand Mother," Takkari said as she felt the needle penetrate her skin. "But I've never seen a male of our kind before, and I don't know what to do or say if I see him."

"Simply be yourself," Her grand mother said with a smile. "And all will be well, that's how I got your grand father."

Takkari smiled and looked at her grandmother.

"If you tell me that there is another Furyian out there then I believe you," Takkari said confidently. "As you tell me so will I do."

"Good," Her grand mother replied with a sad smile. "Because tomorrow you start your journey."

Takkari nodded and sighed as her grand mother continued her work.

A Necromonger ship, called the Hades, was orbiting a small farming planet in the Trinity systems when the Commander of the ship received the news of Zhylaw's death.

"A new Lord Marshal," The Commander said with a thoughtful look. "Perhaps we should get him a gift."

"What do you wish me to get you Lord Syltow?" The young messenger asked dutifully.

"The others will obviously give him jewels and other riches," Syltow said as he looked at an image of the planet below him. "Why not give him a gift so that he may start his new harem."

"Of course sir," The young man as he looked at the screen. "Did you anyone in mind?"

"Yes," Syltow said smiling. "That one who was working the fields, she's beautiful and would make a lovely addition to the Legion Vast, don't you agree boy?"

"Yes Sir," The young man said bowing. "I will gather a team immediately."

Takkari's grand mother had finished her work and smiled.

"You are beautiful Takkari," Her grand mother said smiling. "Come, there is some thing I want to give you."

Her grandmother handed her a set of traditional Furian female clothing.

"Grand Mother," Takkari said in awe as she put the blue sleeveless blouse on. "They are beautiful!"

"I have a green on in your bag for when you find your match." Her grand mother replied as she sat down. "I love you Takkari."

"I love you too Grand Mother." Takkari replied as she hugged the old woman.

Suddenly a thunderous rumbling broke their embrace.

"Your journey of life begins and my journey into death begins." Her grand mother said with a deep sigh.

"Good-bye my little bird." She said before the soilders rushed in to the shack.

They cornered Takkari and her grand mother and her senses went into feral over drive and her eyes began to shine. She let out an inhuman growl and began to slice the soilders with a nearby sickle. She was almost finished when a near by explosion tossed her back. She got up and was about to slice up the soldier when she saw her grand mother impaled on a piece of wood. She rushed over to her grand mother.

"Grand Mother," Takkari said as she watched the heat from her grand mother begin to fade. "Please, stay with me."

"Find him my Little Bird," She said before taking her last breath. "My journey begins."

Takkari was about to go on a slaughtering rampage again when a large board hit her and knocked her out.

The lone soldier picked her up and carried her to the ship. Syltow quirked a brow when he saw only on soilder return.

"Where is the rest of your men Darkov?" He asked the young private.

"She killed them sir." Darkov replied as he dropped her "unconscious" body to Syltow's feet. "What do you wish me to do with her?"

"Keep her in my chambers," Syltow said smiling. "I'll have my wife dress her properly."

Darkov was about to pick her back up when she slammed her fist into his leg, thus breaking it. She grabbed Darkov's blade and sliced the young man's throat with it and then she turned her attention to Syltow and cut him straight across his eyes. The soilders rushed her and though she managed to kill many of them they still chained her up with the largest chains they could aquire.

"Keep that bitch under lock and key," Syltow said angrily as the blood rushed from his eyes. "We shall allow her to be the Lord Marshal's first formal execution!"

She laughed as they dragged her away. She knew one thing for certain. She wouldn't be a Necromonger whore.

Riddick was now in Necromonger armor as the nobles presented him with various gifts. He look a Vakko and whispered.

"I know I'm supposed to be the king and shit," Riddick said boredly. "But if I have to look at one more piece of shit I'm gonna kill them."

"I promise Lord Marshal," Vakko said calmly. "This last one isn't a gift, it an execution request."

"Finally fun time." Riddick said with a slight smile.

Syltow walked up wearing a pair of strange goggles.

"I bring to you Lord Marshal," Syltow said with venom. "Your first execution."

The soilders dragged Takkari into the thorne room and slammed her to the ground in front of Riddick.

Riddick glared at Syltow from beneath his goggles.

"What did she do?" Riddick asked in a gravelly tone.

"She refused to join our ranks and proceeded to kill some of our best soilders." Syltow responded as he tried to keep an even tone to his voice.

"You killed my Grand Mother you pig tit sucking son of a bitch!" She yelled hoarsely.

Syltow back handed her. She looked up at him with her shining silver eyes and laughed as blood poured out of her mouth.

"Is that the best you got pig-fucker?" She said laughing at him.

Syltow reared his hand back to hit her again when a blade went right through it. He turned and looked at Riddick who was walking toward him. Syltow didn't have time to respond when Riddick ripped the blade out of his hand and lodged it into the eye socket. Syltow dropped to the ground dead and Riddick approached the young woman carefully.

"Remove these chains!" Riddick barked loudly.

The soilders quickly obeyed and unlocked her chains. She fell to the ground and looked up at Riddick. Silver shining eyes met her gaze. He looked at her eyes and tilted his head.

"How long has she been locked up?" Riddick demanded.

"Seven days sir." A young private replied.

"When was the last time she was fed?" He asked in an even tone.

"Seven days sir." The private again replied.

"Vakko," Riddick ordered. "Get me a doctor now."

"We have no need of doctors Lord Marshal," Vakko replied nervously.

"Then find one." Riddick said as he carefully lifted her up and carried her to his room.

"Furyian," She said weakly as she looked up at him. "You are Furyian."

He glanced down at her and nodded. He was sure now that this was no trick of his mind, her eyes did infact have a shine.

"Don't talk," He said as he put her on a bed. "You can do that later, come on try to drink this."

She sipped the water and laid back onto the bed and smiled.

"Thank you Haturki." She said before passing out again.

Author's note,

In my own warped language Haturki is a word for angel. I know Riddick an angel. ROTFL! LMAO!