The First

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Takkari looked around and sighed. The ship was small and so was the room, but she knew she had to clear the mess out and rearrange it. She tried to fight the urge, but fighting the urge was like trying to tell a dog to moo, it wasn't going to happen. Riddick found amusement in her pouting lips and furrowed brow.

"The babies won't be here for another five and a half months," He said gently wrapping his arms around her waist. " There is time to redecorate."

"You tell that to my nesting instinct." She replied leaning against him. " I keep wanting to rearrange things."

He nuzzled into her neck and rubbed his face against her head.

"Scenting me again?" She asked looking around the small room. "That's the third time today..."

"Mine." Riddick replied in a growling purr as he held her closer rubbing her small pooch.

Vaako walked in and saw them.

"Ahem!" Vaako announced with amusement. "I hate to barge in on such a tender moment, but it's time to eat, and the old man will not stop bothering anyone on this ship until she eats."

"But the room,"Takkari protested. "It's still messy!"

Riddick buried his head into her neck and grinned. He knew this routine, she's five minutes late for lunch, old man sends Vaako, Vaako pokes fun, Takkari protests, and an argument ensues.

"You could eat off of this floor it's so clean." Vaako aruged. " You have been cleaning everyday for the past four weeks!"

"I don't live like a pig thank you pretty warrior!" She said huffing.

"You with your insults!" Vaako said keeping his cool. "My hair does not make me look effeminate!"

"You spend more time in the mirror than Vesarga!" Takkari said as she felt Riddick shake with laughter. "What in the name of everything holy is so damned funny?"

Riddick turned her chin to face him.

" You are," He said keeping a straight face. "Everyday for the past month you have been five minutes late for lunch. Everyday the old man sends Vaako down to fetch us. Everyday you protest. Everyday you get into an argument. It's a fucking cycle that is just to funny to stop!"

"It is not funny Richard Benjamin Riddick!" She said whacking him in his side. "I don't want my children being born in a pig sty!"

"If this is a pig sty," Vaako replied annoyed. "Then the pigs of Furya must be the cleanest animals in all the 'Verse!"

Takkari tried to wriggle out of Riddick's grasp.

"Let me go I'm going to," She said wriggling. "I'm going to hit him! Let me go!"

Riddick smiled and scooped her up.

"Nope time for lunch." He carried her bridal style to the mess area.

The old man smiled as he watched Riddick carry Takkari in to the kitchen and sit her down.

"Funny system you all got worked out," He said putting a plate of food in front of Takkari. "I don't see how you keep letting her act this crazy-"

"Letting me act crazy?" Takkari said grabbing a knife. "I'm not crazy!"

She began cutting the meat on her plate and eating it.

"I'll show you crazy, one day Vaako will wake up looking like Haturki!" She said looking around. "Then that will be crazy, who do you think you are? I'm not the crazy one on this ship!"

Riddick looked at his mate and bit into his sandwich. It's not the most normal life in 'verse but it's his life. He suddenly grabbed a knife from her hand and put back on the table.

"No." He said coolly.

She grabbed a fork and as quickly as she grabbed it Riddick calmly removed it from her hand.

"No." He said with a mouthful of sandwich.

Takkari growled and Riddick swallowed the bit of food in his mouth and bit her.

"Eat." He said pointing to her plate.

She looked at him and huffed before returning her attention to her food. Vaako watched her hands as she ate being careful to monitor any sudden movements.

"Eat your food and stop watching me Pretty Soldier." She said in a near growl.

"Vaako," Riddick said stuffing his mouth. "Don't look at her while she's eating, don't even let your head wander in her general direction while she's eating, in fact don't even think about letting your attention think about wandering in her general direction, got it?"

Vaako rolled his eyes and sighed.

"This is ridiculous!" Vaako said under his breath while he ate his food.

Vesarga walked in a sat down.

"Again?" She asked as she put food on her plate.

"Yep," Dr. Benson replied with a humored sigh. "Again. I don't think any of us will live through this."

Vesarga looked at Takkari thoughtfully.

"Maybe," Vesarga suggested in a calm voice. "I should stay and help her decorate, that way we can avoid this hassle the next time meal time rolls around, and no one has to loose a sexy set of braids."

Vaako looked at Vesarga for a moment and tilted his head.

"See she doesn't think they're effeminate!" He said a little louder than he intended.

"They are and I will shave your bloody head while you sleep!" Takkari said with a mouth full of food.

Vesarga looks at Takkari and smiles.

"I was thinking green for the room, " Vesarga said soothingly. "That way there will be no need for the children to assume gender biased rules at an early age."

Takkari looked at Vesarga for a moment.

"I agree, most people believe that leadership is solely a male role," Takkari said rubbing her belly. "I think green is a beautiful idea."

Vesarga looked at Takkari and smiled.

"Good," Vesarga said smiling. "After we eat we can decorate."

Riddick frowned.

"Damn," He thought to himself. "No more arguments, oh well, she's hormonal, I'm sure there will still be hell."

Benson smiled and looked at Riddick.

"Don't worry Riddick," Dr. Benson slapping Riddick on the back. "She'll be giving him hell soon enough."