Dear God, why am I here? Have I strayed from the path of all that is good too far this time? A lean limbed young man sat back uncomfortably in his chair as he watched the couple on the floor writhe in ecstasy; a moaning, sweaty mass of limbs. He looked away and noticed that the director was watching closely but didn't seem to be turned on by the sight. The young man sighed and scowled, supposing that if he had seen as many people have sex as this guy did it would probably take more than what was happening to get to him. He sighed again. He hoped that never happened.

"Hey, you Kurosaki?" a whispered voice asked and Ichigo nearly leapt from his seat, craning his neck back to see a bored looking face framed in black.

"Y-yeah." he answered in kind.

"Come with me."

Ichigo stood and followed the man to a room away from the set and asked him quietly to sit in a fold up chair set in front of a tall man with his face in a pile of food. Ichigo swallowed and sat, waiting for the man in front of him to finish chewing so they could talk. As he waited, as often happens, he began to reflect on how he had gotten to this place in his life. How he, the good son of a decent doctor, who grew up in a quiet suburb, who got good grades in school and cared about his sisters like every good brother should, got mixed up in a business such as this.


Even the word sounded dirty to him but however dirty it sounded, he was there and ready to do what he had to, to get by. A year ago he had moved to America with his friend Renji and the two had started working almost immediately to pay for the decent sized apartment they had found to share. Unfortunately shortly after they arrived the American economy crashed and burned and both of them were without a job, in a foreign country, and with no idea what the hell to do. They had bills to pay and without jobs they were doomed to a life out on the streets.

Renji had gotten lucky of course, finding a part time position at a local Dairy Queen. The two of them had lived off of what most would consider garbage for weeks while Ichigo struggled to find himself work. Odd jobs weren't going to cut it though and he knew he needed something better. And then, just last week, Renji had gotten caught taking food from the pantry and that was the end of that. No more soft serve and hamburgers for dinner. That was when their neighbor, a man with long flowing blond hair and an affection for ruffles named Rose, beckoned the both of them over with food and beer and told them about the wide and fantastic world of pornography.

One week later and here Ichigo sat, on the verge of signing himself up for a one year contract with Las Noches Incorporated. Renji had been ecstatic about it all of course, repeating over and over again to Ichigo that this was the greatest thing that could have happened to them in America besides winning the lottery. Ichigo didn't really get how this was so awesome, but he wanted a car too. He wanted to be able to buy his sisters American merchandise and send it to them without having to decide if he was going to miss out on lunch or dinner that night. And when Rose had told them what kind of money they could expect, even realistically, it was too tempting an offer to pass up.

The man in front of Ichigo slurped his food and reached for a can of Coke, guzzling it down before clearing his throat and finally acknowledging Ichigo. His face was pleasant enough, a soft looking beard that framed mischievous lips and long wavy brown hair pulled back at his nape. The man was dressed in what Ichigo could only described as tacky tourist chic and Ichigo suddenly had a hard time picturing himself doing business with the man. Soft grey eyes looked into his and for a moment neither one of them spoke. Ichigo was nervous enough as it was without having this guy staring at him and after a moment he blushed and looked away to stare at the horrible carpet. The man laughed.

"I'd say you had better get over that shyness if you want to be in this business, kid." A deep and rich voice poured out of the man and Ichigo found himself more at ease. He looked up again and the man smiled.

"Sorry, you caught me at lunch and if the wife sees I have any leftovers… well bad things." he chuckled.

The man stuck out his hand and Ichigo took it. "Name's Shunsui Kyoraku."

Ichigo nodded once and introduced himself and the man pushed on ahead with a slow question. "Are you a virgin?" he asked and Ichigo's scowl was back.

"No. What kind of question is that?"

"A good one actually. Especially with males in this industry. I need to be assured that you can keep it hard and use it for as long as we need you to. Virgin's usually have trouble with that."

"Well, I'm not, okay. I've had lots of sex before." Ichigo wondered if anyone with any sense of decency would be able to say something like that out loud without blushing.

"You know, porn my not be the right track for you…." Shunsui started and Ichigo sighed.

"I know this isn't something I'd normally pick but…." Ichigo started, getting irritated and not really sure why.

"So why did you?" Shunsui asked with a half-cocked head.

With a sigh Ichigo answered honestly. "Money."

Shunsui smiled. "Surely you can find something more… low key than this."

"Yeah, but this will work for now. It has to."

Shunsui stood and crossed the room to look out at the couple that was being taped, beckoning Ichigo over to him. The director, a normal looking business man with thick russet locks and horn rimmed glasses, was telling the woman that she needed to be more vocal this time and reach orgasm within three minutes so they could wrap things up. A thin man with a permanent grin attached to his face was standing off to the side with the man who had been fucking the woman earlier apparently helping him hold his erection by stroking it for him. The naked woman on the floor sighed and looked at her partner.

"Tell him to keep it up then." She sneered and the man flipped her off.

"Fuck you cunt. Maybe if yer pussy wasn't so loose I could."

"Now, now you two. Let's get this done and over with so we can all go home, alright?" the director said in a soothing voice and the two took their places again.

"This is what it is, kid. Sure there's pleasure to be had. A nice fat paycheck after each taping. But it's work. Hard work, no pun intended. It's not pretty all the time and certainly nothing like the finished product." Shunsui looked down at Ichigo and smiled. "Think you can handle having countless people watch you try and have relations with a woman? Direct you on your technique?" Shunsui pointed at the smiling man across the room. "Have someone help you when the time comes?"

A defiant light brightened Ichigo's eyes and he smirked up at the man. "I won't need help, trust me. And I already said I was up for it. I never go back on what I say." Shunsui smiled. "Now where're those papers I have to sign?"

"Shit, I fucked this bitch today with huge tits. Like, they had to be fake but she kept telling me they were real." Renji said to Ichigo around a mouthful of food.

"Fascinating." Ichigo deadpanned. He was so sick of talking about work while they ate.

It had been almost three months since the both of them had started doing films and the money the both of them were making was enough to get them into and staying in a very decent two bedroom apartment. They always had food in the cupboards and gas in their vehicles. And their cars…. Not the best around, both used, but it was the first time for either Renji or Ichigo to own something so expensive. And no one else was allowed to drive them. In all Ichigo had been able to get over the shyness rather quickly and just enjoy what he was doing. He still didn't like being interrupted during something so intimate, didn't care for being told to lean this way or that so the camera man could get a better shot of his cock entering whoever it was he was filming with that day. It was strange, but not as bad as he had figured it would be. For him, it was just a job. Sure, one that left him a lighter than he was before work, but a job nonetheless.

"Oh, and Shunsui wanted to talk to us both later. Something about the possibility of making better cash on our films." Renji added after he managed to swallow his gigantic mouthful of food.

"We get paid enough now." Ichigo said offhandedly as he picked the onions out of his burrito.

"Yeah but what if one of the cars breaks down or we get sick and have to go to the doctor or hospital or something?"

Ichigo frowned. Renji had a point there. While they were making enough now to get by and a little more, they didn't have too much to spare for things like that.

"Whatever." he answered and wiped his hand off on his napkin. "We'll figure it out. We always do."

Shunsui had them come down to his office in a seedy part of town and meet him, showing up fifteen minutes late and offering up a smiling apology and something about traffic issues. He led the two inside his office and shut the door behind them, cutting off the lobby and their conversation from a nosy secretary.

"Thanks for coming down on such short notice, you two."

"No prob. What's up?" Renji spoke up and Ichigo let him. He didn't really want to make more money but he was pretty sure he'd seen a black spot on one of his molars last night and dentists weren't exactly free….

"Well, I know the both of you were interested in making a bit more money and I wanted to purpose an idea…."

A knock on the office door cut him off and he told the person brightly to enter. When the door pushed open Ichigo had to scoot his chair closer to Renji's because it was too close to the door and he grit his teeth in frustration at it. He hated being interrupted. Shunsui smiled up at the newcomer and Ichigo couldn't hold back his curiosity long enough, surreptitiously looking up and seeing fabulously light blue hair sitting haphazardly atop a handsome head. He really didn't think twice about the features of the man, instead his eyes locked on the most entrancing shade of blue eyes he had ever seen in his life. The edges of those eyes crinkled a bit as a deep voice apologized for interrupting.

"I wanted to drop off those papers before I took off." The blue haired man said, handing over a few sheets of folded paper. "Clean as usual."

"Good Grimmjow. Thanks. Where are you taking off to again this time?"

Ichigo couldn't stop staring at those eyes and before he knew it they shifted and locked with his. They swept once over his seated body before one of them closed briefly in a wink and the man returned his attention back on Shunsui.

"New Zealand. I'll be back fuckin' in a week though. You'd be broke without me."

Shunsui laughed and nodded, shaking his head as he turned his attention to Renji and Ichigo.

"Before you rush out let me introduce you. This is Renji Abarai and Ichigo Kurosaki. I was just about to discuss with them about getting into your line of work."

The blue haired man stuck his hand out for Renji first, pumping it once before turning his attention to Ichigo. A hand that felt as if it were silk covered steel gripped Ichigo's and a wide, almost devilish grin tilted the man's lips.

"Grimmjow Jaegerjaques. Welcome to the business."

"Oh we're not new…." Renji started and Grimmjow snorted.

"Yeah. Whatever." he said, eyes never leaving Ichigo's now confused and slightly uncomfortable ones.

Grimmjow turned his attention back to Shunsui as he slowly dropped Ichigo's hand, the feel of fingers on his palm causing him to shiver gently.

"Let me know if they bite. I'll be interested in helping you break them in."

Shunsui laughed and nodded and the blue haired man left with another wink for Ichigo. Ichigo didn't understand what was so fascinating about the man but he shoved it out of his head as he and Renji retook their seats and Renji asked, "So why are we here again?"

"Gay porn." Renji said for what had to be the hundredth time on their drive home. Ichigo was glad he was the one driving and not his friend. They'd both be dead right now.

"He's just thinking of ways to help us get more money. It's not like we have to do it or anything." Ichigo said, more talking to himself than anything. He really wasn't keen on the idea either.

"Gay porn." Renji said again and Ichigo gave up trying to talk to him.

Neither one of them had really realized it but the man, Grimmjow, had been welcoming them into the gay side of things, not just the industry itself. So that meant Grimmjow was gay? Not that it mattered, or that Ichigo cared really, but it would make sense with the way the man had been looking at him. Ichigo didn't mind people appreciating his physique but this guy….

"Red light." Renji said and Ichigo stomped on the brakes.

"Shit. Sorry." Ichigo breathed and Renji looked at him with wide eyes.

"Don't crash or you will have to do the gay stuff!"

Ichigo rolled his eyes. "Shut up."

Neither of them had to make a decision now, or even soon really, so Ichigo wasn't going to dwell on it. He suggested that he and Renji go pick up chicks that night and get laid properly to which Renji was more than enthusiastic. They would worry about their jobs later when they had partied it up a bit and had time to relax first.

I'm just watching, Ichigo told himself as he settled on the couch and a young man he had met through the business slipped a DVD into the player. A wide and almost creepy smile turned towards him and Ichigo heard the young man chuckle.

'You ready for your first gay porn?"

Ichigo rolled his eyes. "Just play the damn thing already."

The young man bounced to his feet and plopped on the couch next to Ichigo, flipping short blond hair behind his left ear.

"Okay, so I did this one the first year I was in porn but it was really good. The guy was super sweet after too, asking me if I was sore anywhere and stuff." Ichigo groaned.

"Shinji, please just play the damn thing so we can get this over with."

Shinji smiled and pressed the play button on the remote. Ichigo couldn't believe he was even thinking about this but that black spot had turned out to be real and not just a piece of food and his transmission was going out. Not to mention Renji's clutch was for shit and he hadn't been able to work for the last week because his face got bruised up playing football at the park with some guys he knew. They needed the money and Ichigo, it seemed, was the only one to even try this option. Or at least find out a bit more about it.

Shinji made himself comfortable and grinned at the screen like an idiot and finally Ichigo forced himself to watch, surprised when it didn't immediately gross him out. He'd never had a problem with gay people but he had certainly never thrust himself into their sexlife quite like this before. The kissing was normal, just like any other couple kissing. The groping was the same, only one of the bodies didn't have breasts. Even the sex itself wasn't all that different. It was sex. Dirty, sweaty, loud sex. He didn't realize he was getting hard until Shinji pressed a finger to the middle of his straining dick and giggled.

"I knew you'd like it." the blond purred and Ichigo smacked his hand away.

"Shut up."

"You know you can do it now, right? You watched this, got it up, that's all they really need in porn. Get it up and keep it up."

"I know…."

Shinji leaned closer to him a bit and grinned his too wide grin again. "You should let someone you trust do it to you the first couple times though. It's way lame to video real virgins."

Ichigo rolled his eyes and pushed Shinji away from him, standing and walking to the kitchen for some water. It was suddenly really hot in his apartment. Was he really tempted to do this? Tempted enough that he was getting a little excited?

"Fuck." he breathed and Shinji chuckled from behind him.

"It never ends in this business so if doing this much bothers you get out now. First it's regular sex for straights. Then anal. Then it gets a little rough. Bondage comes in, freaky S&M shit, roleplay and the next thing you know nothing but the really weird shit turns you on. With gays you're just one step ahead of the rest of them."

Ichigo sighed. He was really going to do this. "I'm in. Just…." he stopped, not really sure what else to say.

Shinji sidled up beside him and kissed his cheek. "Don't worry Ichi. I'll be gentle."

Ichigo groaned and dropped his chin o his chest. Fuck, he really was going to go through with this.

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