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Emmett's POV

Man, talk about not being able to relax! My ass was fish bait, and it was entirely my fault! My dad was going to bust me wide open for lying to him. Sneakin' out to that club might have given me a small victory over him, but the guilt was killin' me, especially after he had worried himself to near death last night about me going hunting alone.

Aw man! Pops is so gentle and all that, and I'm just a big spoof…a screw up! I wouldn't blame him if he finally decided to kick me outta here.

My relationship with Carlisle was similar to that I'd shared with my human father. I was actually closer to Carlisle than I was my real dad. I guess it was because I'd spent more time with him. In spite of this, I would always have nothing but love for my first Pops. The day I was attacked by that bear in the woods, my dad and I were on a camping trip. I had ventured out a little only after promising him that I would stay on the trail and yell if I needed him. Man, I was always so easily distracted. I strayed too far from him, and well…we know the rest of that story.

Carlisle had always taken excellent care of me. He was supportive and just a good man. After my transformation, I was immediately drawn to him. I couldn't help it. It was like being saved by an angel that brought me to God. Since I had no issue with being changed into a vampire, we bonded almost instantly, and he soon taught me just about everything.

That's not to say I totally accepted his rules about only feeding off animals. I'll admit it. I slipped a couple of times and regretfully killed people. My Pops forgave me though, and reassured me that I was not a monster, and that I had only given in to my new nature. He encouraged me to be the man he knew I was inside. He believed I was worthy of life and always saw me at my highest potential. He was more than just a coven leader…vampire in hiding. He was much more than that. He was my Dad.

It was hard in the beginning being away from my natural family. I missed them a lot. Carlisle knew that I missed my father more than anything, so he made himself available for me whenever I needed him. It was easy to love him as my father. Everything about him was intriguing and I found myself drawn to his unfailing love. He would come into my room and sit with me for what seemed like hours at a time, talking or sometimes just sitting with me. I learned to trust him and I started telling him stuff about my life as a human. He'd laugh and yeah…cry with me. I would never tell anyone this, especially Jazz and Eddie, but he'd hold me sometimes…like a baby and comfort me. I was sure I some point he'd done the same thing for them. Like I said… it wasn't long before Carlisle became my Pops in every way that mattered.

My love for Carlisle grew over the years as well as my respect for him. He was so intelligent and patient and easy to talk to. I could ask him just about anything and amazingly he knew it all…or at least I thought he did! He spent a lot of time with me and Eddie and he always encouraged us to do the brother-bonding thing. Life with my little brother was a hoot and I never passed up an opportunity to bug the crap outta him. Most of the time Pops thought it was funny…and that really got under Eddie's skin. He used to whine to Pops like a little girl, but Carlisle would basically tell him to man up and get me back…as long as we kept it playful.

Eddie eventually learned to do that, and once he did we really started acting like brothers. I guess we musta took it too far. Dad grew tired of us fighting and nagging each other as did Esme and even Rosie. He was constantly on our case about this or that, and soon lost patience with it all. We ignored him and after much talking, Pops finally laid down the law. He basically told us to 'play nicely' or else.

Eddie had told me that we didn't want Carlisle to have to get rough with us because we would be feeling the burn for a while. I'd laughed at him, and couldn't believe that Carlisle Cullen was even capable of harming someone that was threatening him, let alone spanking us. Since I didn't think he was serious, I ignored Pops warning.

One day when Pops was at work, I accidentally spilled something on some of Eddie's precious sheet music and he went bonkers on my ass. He started yellin' at me and all, and Mom jumped right in and tried to calm us down. Rosie, of course, started barking up Eddie's tree in my defense and he got all up in her face and that ticked me off.

Okay forget the whole brother-bonding-love-each-other-forever mantra Carlisle preached to us on the regular. Eddie's ass was mine. He could do whatever he wanted to do to me, but he was not gonna be stompin' all over my girl…no way! To make a long story short, he and I started to rumble. Esme was screaming for us to stop and tried to break us up, but we were both determined to show the other who was the alpha-brother.

Now I have to say I was mad and all, but I was very aware that Esme was in the middle of us. I was trying not to hit her, but Eddie moved out of the way and I accidentally knocked her down causing her to fall right about the time my father walked through the door. Of course he would come in on that part…when I was knocking his wife and mate around! Pops was furious. He raced over to Mom to make sure she was alright. She insisted she was fine and by that time Eddie and I had stopped fighting. Pops sent us both to our rooms and let's just say that later that night, my father made good on his promise to deal with our squabbling.

Eddie got his first. Even though Pops went easy on him, he still cried like a baby…he always cried…geez! He got it light since I started the fight, but Pops told him that he didn't like us fighting and all and that Eddie could have handled the situation better. I wasn't so lucky though. Dad came into my room and our 'discussion' was a little bit different. I will just say this, that was my first, not my worst, butt whipping from Dr. Carlisle Cullen, my Pops by choice, and I will never forget it…and yes, I cried like a little girl.

"I just don't know what I'm going to do with that son of mine, Sweetheart. Sometimes I think he is purposefully trying to drive me insane." I groaned as I listened to my Pops talking to my mother. She laughed and reassured him that I was just being my typical self. It was true that I did get on my Dad's nerves, as patient as he always tried to be. I could rock his boat like no one else could. Sometimes it was hilarious, but in cases like this it was anything but comical.

"Well, I'm going to shower now. You want to join me?" Gross! I was so glad I could not read minds like Eddie. I did hear him groaning so he must have intercepted Dad's thoughts. I laughed to myself. That served him right for always snooping around in other people's heads.

"Mmm…did you have to ask?" Gross! I heard Eddie and the others make a mad dash out of the front door. They had heard that conversation too despite the fact that my parents were whispering and the house was sound proof. I guess they were able to hear because they were intentionally listening to see what was gonna happen to me.

Man this sucks! Everyone else is going outside and I have to be stuck in this love den! My God! This is worse than waiting for my ass to get busted! This is some old bull!

There was no way my folks didn't hear my sibs leaving, and they knew I was upstairs. So…technically that should have stopped them from doing the 'do' in the shower, but nooo…not my parents! Geez!

God please freeze my venom and let me die!

Without my IPOD, I was stuck listening to my parents making out in the shower. Oh gawd! This ain't right! I started singing loudly and I swear I heard my Dad laughing. He's probably payin' me back for all the times he had to listen to me and Rosie going at it.

A few minutes later, my father was a happy man. Well at least he's in a good mood now. Maybe he will go light on me when I tell him what I did.

I heard them finish dressing and my father tell my mother he was going to his study for a while. She kissed him…a little too long for my queasy stomach, and he left the room. He started towards his office, but I heard him turn to come upstairs.

Oh no! He's coming up here! I quickly jumped off the bed and started pacing back and forth. Oh man, what am I gonna say? Pops is gonna knock the hell outta me!

He finally reached my door and stopped. As always he knocked. I froze. I couldn't say anything. He waited and then knocked again. "Emmett may I come in please?"

I wiped my palms down my jeans…as if I could sweat. "Sure thing Pops."

He opened the door stepping into the room looking like he had just come back off vacation or something. His hair was still wet from his shower-date with Mom. He was wearing a pair of old sweats and a white T-shirt which meant he was good and comfortable and would be in great condition to bust my ass after he found out what I did.

"Hey Pops." I said gruffly, shifting my weight. I was barely able to look at him.

He read my actions and immediately knew something was up. Damn! Why does Carlisle always have to be in Dad-mode? He knows that something is up and it's not just because I'm grounded for talking back. He knows that I am acting funny! Get it together Emmett!

"Did you have a good day at work?" I asked weakly.

He crossed his arms over his chest. His just stood there staring at me, sizing me up I guess. His blonde hair was dark because of the shower, and he started chewing on his bottom lip like he always did when he knew we were up to something.

"It was work, son. How was your day?" Okay so um…yeah…he knows I'm guilty as a sweaty sinner in church!

"Boring." Until you got home and decided to have a romp with Mom! "You missed Mom?"

He stifled a laugh and ignored me. "Are you feeling better?"

Always the doctor…daddy…whatever! "Sure, Pops. I am okay."

"Hmm. I mean your hunt. Was it good for you?" He asked suspiciously.

I cleared my throat. "Um yeah…it was great." I shifted my eyes to the window and watched the moon. "I'm dyin' in this room. It's stuffy in here."

"Well your grounding ends soon enough. Maybe next time you will learn not to be so disrespectful." He was standing in front of me now. I could feel his breath on my face and smell his shampoo. I could even smell traces of Mom on him. "Is there something you need to tell me, son?"

Dammit! This dude is a freakin' empath! Forget Jazz…we got it all wrong! Pops is the one that senses everything!

"Um…what do you mean Dad?" I asked nervously. It was a known fact that I could not get away with anything.

"Emmett Dale Cullen," he said softly, hardly above a whisper. His topaz eyes seemed to bounce with that 'I-got-your-dumb-ass-again' look. "I know you." He left his arm crossed over chest, but poked me gently on my chest with his finger. "Better than you know yourself." He pulled his arm back to join the other one over his chest. "Spill it."

Lie. Lie. Lie. "Dad I have no idea what you're talkin' about." I was scared!

He stood there again, just watching me and waiting for me to come clean. Carlisle was nobody's dummy. He called my bluff instantly. "Emmett, did you break your grounding?"

There is no way Carlisle Cullen is from Earth, and the fact that he knows so much about me is just plain eerie. I can just keep lying to him and make this worse, or I can fess up and be through with this once and for all. Maybe that would earn me some points with him. Besides I really feel badly for what I did.

I sighed and decided to just tell him the truth. "Yes, sir." I was too ashamed to look him in the eyes. He sighed but did not speak nor did he take his eyes off me. He didn't seem surprised at all. The silence was killing me so I decided to continue. "Last night."

He scratched his head, no doubt replaying our phone conversation last night in our mind. He kept his arms crossed but it was his turn to watch the floor. He didn't say a word, but was in deep thought for what seemed like forever. I was so embarrassed by what I had done. I kept disappointing him and it seemed like I just couldn't get it right where he was concern. Finally he looked up at me.

His face was blank. Nothing. He stared at me as I squirmed under his intense stare. His face didn't change one bit. I forced myself to keep my eyes locked with his. I couldn't tell what he was feeling or thinking because he just had that vacant look on his face. Now I was wishing for Eddie's mind reading ability.

I may not be able to surprise my Pops anymore, but he always surprised me. Without one word, without one breath, without a twitch of his face, he turned on his heels, arms still crossed, and walked out of the room. Mad? Disgusted? Disappointed? I didn't know as I watched him disappear. I stood there not sure as to what I should do. Surely I was looking every bit the buffoon right then. I dropped my arms to my sides and let my chin fall to my chest. Carlisle left the door open but somehow I knew I should probably stay put. It was not long until the house became completely still.

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