The last thing he could remember, he was struggling hard to breath & a pair of tearful, beautiful green eyes was watching him. Then the endless darkness engulfed him.

Eugene Flynn Rider discovered himself standing by a dark river alone. The pain was gone & he felt a little lighter. He tried to feel his body but he couldn't. He knew he was standing by the river of death.

Suddenly a boat stopped near him rowed by a hooded boatman. 'Eugene' he spoke in a chilling voice 'I know you must die this time but I prefer to give you a second chance for that innocent girl.' Eugene felt a strange joy running though his spine although he had no real body now. He remembered Rapunzel's beautiful innocent face. He hated to see her crying. She sacrificed her magical blonde hair for him although it didn't work this time. May be he could find his happy ending with her at last- a life of an honest man.

'Can I go back to my Rapunzel?' he tried to hide his joy.

'Yes,' The voice spoke again 'But you must pay for that. Give me your hand.'

The mysterious boatman took his hand & removed his hood. 'Look into my eyes.' He said. Eugene looked into the boatman's eyes & found nothing but a strange hollow. He wanted to scream with fear. He felt an unbearable pain in his body & felt a part of his soul was lost into that hollow.

He felt a drop of warm liquid on his cheek. He opened his eyes. He was lying on the ground in a strange tower & a beautiful girl with big green eyes & neck long chocolate brown hair was watching him. He felt his body. The wound was gone. He sat up slowly.

'I was afraid that I'd lost you.' The girl threw her arms around him. 'My Eugene' she began to sob in his shoulder. Eugene had no clue about who this strange girl was. He tried to remember everything. His memory stopped after stealing the crown & hiding in this strange tower.

He felt very embarrassed having this strange girl hugging him. He pulled her away gently.

'Who are you?' he gave her a puzzled look.

Rapunzel was much surprised with his strange behaviour. She felt her eyes were watering again.

But she didn't know that what her precious Eugene had to pay to come back to her from death- all his memories about Rapunzel & their wonderful times together.

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