He hated darkness. But he for about five months he stayed in a dark coffin. He could hear his mother & wife grieving over his body thinking him dead. He wanted to shout out that he wasn't dead but his whole body was strangely paralyzed even his heart stopped beating.

Suddenly his eyes fluttered opened. It was very suffocating in that small coffin & he just wished to go out of it. As his thoughts came into his mind his whole body began to glow radiant crimson & he suddenly found himself standing in the royal graveyard. He smiled as the cold wind of late evening blew on his face. He felt very hungry. He walked near an apple tree to pick some fruits. After finishing his eating he walked near the royal lake separating the graveyard from the castle. He looked at his own reflection on the water.

His hazel yes was now showing a few sparkle of diamond around the pupil & his fair skin was glittering in the setting sun. He gasped at his appearance. He drank the water & began to walk along the graveyard. He sat beside his own grave & now he was really worried. If he wasn't dead then how he spent about five months in a coffin without any food or air? Surely he wasn't a human anymore but what he was –vampire or a ghost? He picked up a sharp rock & pressed it on his palm. A deep gash appeared & bright red blood began oozing from that. But when the blood touched the ground it turned into tiny crystals. Suddenly his body glow bright crimson again & the wound was healed.

He gasped at the whole event. Suddenly he noticed a bird heaving on the ground with an arrow pricing its wing. He picked the bird in his arms & pulled out the arrow. He tried to stop its bleeding by pressing his hands on the wound. 'You'll be ok.' He whispered. Suddenly the brilliant light from his body covered the bird & it became as healthy as before.

Suddenly realization washed over him. When the power of the diamond entered into his body during the sacrifice it infiltrated into the each & every cell of his body. He passed into a death like state for the transformation & now he was the diamond as the diamond never died.

He never died either but transformed.

Rapunzel slowly walked near the window watching the starry night sky. She felt absence of Eugene every moment. It was very tiring for her to do all the duties especially when she was continuing the fifth months of pregnancy. If he were beside her to share her happiness. 'Oh Eugene!' she let a sigh to escape 'Your death has changed everything.'

'Nothing has changed, Blondie.' A familiar voice spoke from behind. She turned to find a mysterious man standing behind her covered by a black hood. The man slowly removed the hood to reveal the ever handsome face of Eugene Fitzherbert.

'I know you'll come back.' Rapunzel ran into his arms. She still couldn't believe that he was really there. 'Tell me you're not a dream' she buried her face in the safe nest of his chest. But suddenly she felt there was something unusual with him. His embrace was so freezing that made her body numb.

'You're cold as ice.' Rapunzel gave him a confused look 'Are you only a ghost?'

'No Blondie.' Eugene smiled sadly 'I'm not a ghost as I never died. I transformed. My death was just my period of transformation.'

Rapunzel still looked confused. Eugene kissed her hairs gently 'The power of the diamond transferred into my body turning my body magical. I'm the diamond now.'

'I don't care what you are.' She wrapped her arms around his neck 'I'm happy to have you back.'

Eugene cupped her beautiful face gently & pulled her closer. Then their lips met in a passionate kiss. Suddenly she felt her lips burnt. She winced in pain & broke the kiss. She traced her lips to find them blistered. Eugene looked terrified. 'Ah what have I done!. I forgot the destructive side of my power will hurt you.' Then he touched her lips again & another crimson glow arpeared from his body & her lips healed. Then he sank on the ground 'I hurt you Blondie!' his glittering tears began to run along his cheek. A part of his face illuminated in the faint moon light was shining like a diamond. Rapunzel felt sad for him. He wasn't in full control of his new powers. Suddenly she felt for him as she experienced the same problem of being gifted. She slowly sat on his freezing lap to wipe his tears away 'I'm not hurt. I love you what ever you are.' Then she wrapped her arms around his neck & buried her face in the crook of his neck. Eugene encircled his arms around her & they sat like that silently for a long time. Eugene looked at her sleeping form in his arms. Oh how much he missed her. His icy fingers traced her smooth skin. He kissed the gentle swelling of her stomach. His icy touch sent chills through her spine. His freezing breath tricked her skin. Slowly Rapunzel placed her palms on his cheek to pull him closer. But suddenly she felt something warm around her & she winced in pain again. She woke up. Her hands were burnt. Eugene gave her a sad look healing her hands again 'See, I'm hurting you.'

Then he walked near the window about to disappear in the air. Suddenly Rapunzel ran to hold his hand 'Please don't go. I need you & I love you whatever you're.'

'No' Eugene shook his head impatiently 'I must hide myself in a secluded place as I can't control my powers. I can't control when to use its destructive or healing side. I think I must hide myself like Gothel did to you. She was right at that point.'

Rapunzel looked into his hazel eyes now with few sparkles of diamond 'I know the problem to be gifted. But you're no good than Gothel now.'

Eugene sighed lowering his head. Really he felt helpless now. 'But I can help.'

Rapunzel traced his lips with her fingers 'I'll help you how to control your power.'

Eugene looked into her emerald eyes for a moment & then pulled her in a tight embrace 'Then , I'll stay.' Rapunzel smiled hiding her face in his chest. Eugene buried his face in the mess of her brown hair.

Rapunzel didn't care how freezing his touch or how weird his powers now. But she wanted him to stay to lead a normal life. She felt his distress of being gifted but she could help knowing it's very difficult.

'Eugene' she smiled breaking the hug 'Let's start your lesion with kissing me without burning my lips.' Eugene gave her a surprised look & then smiled 'Let's start.'

'Now concentrate your mind on the healing side of your power..' Rapunzel began.

Their giggle filled the bedroom.

The sun was rising outside spreading his red glow over the long suffered couple one of them was glowing bright crimson now. The midnight was gone with the horrible memories & the diamond shined at last.

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