A/N: This literally just came to me yesterday afternoon and I wrote it in one evening in the midst of sleep depravation, so I really have no idea whether it's any good or not. It's a bit of an introspection... :o

Has three parts.

Takes place in Journey's End after they put the Earth back in its rightful place.

Part One

The Doctor groaned, and opened his eyes.

The TARDIS was dark. Too dark. He could barely see three feet in front of him. She was in a very bad way. His head was agonising – he'd smashed it against something, that much was obvious. Wincing at the pain he rolled onto his side, pushing himself up to look around the darkened interior. He could see vague outlines of bodies lying on the floor, but heard no movement. What had they been doing? They'd just put the Earth back in place... then the TARDIS had gone haywire, he hadn't been able to get her under control and they'd... crashed. Very, very badly, by the looks of things.

He reached out for the nearest foot, giving it a shove. It was Rose's shoe. "Rose?" he asked through the darkness.

"Ow," she moaned, and the Doctor breathed a sigh of relief.

"Are you okay?" he asked, pushing himself to his feet with the aid of the console before stooping to her side.

"Yeah," she replied, sitting up with his help before pausing and staring at him, frowning. "Your head..."

He reached up to the side of his head where pain was emanating from, and was a bit surprised to find blood on his palm. No matter. "Don't worry, superficial," he said quickly to her. "Check everyone's okay."

She nodded as he moved off, scrambling to find Sarah Jane lying closest to where he was. "Sarah, wake up," he said, giving her a shake. With a moan she blinked open her eyes, looking at him in puzzlement. "What happened?" she asked.

"Massive crash, I don't know what caused it," he explained, helping her to sit up. "Are you all right? Nothing broken?"

She quickly checked herself over before nodding. "I'm fine."

"Good, check everyone's okay," he said, pulling her onto her feet.

"Doctor," Rose suddenly called from the other side of the console and he moved as quickly as he could to the other side, holding his head and using the console for support. He came upon Rose knelt next to his metacrisis lying on the floor unconscious, but it quickly became apparent his arm was broken. The Doctor winced just as Martha appeared next to him, having come around.

"Human bones," he muttered. "No integrity." He took the medical kit from the console and gave it to Martha. "Make it temporary until we can get him to the infirmary."

She nodded, and began to work as the Doctor pulled himself up again. Jack was up now, and Jackie. Mickey was awake, but crying out in pain and holding his leg. The Doctor quickly moved over to him and checked the damage. Another broken bone, open by the the looks of it, there was blood slicking down his trousers. "Medical on Mickey, please!" he yelled, and turned to regard the crowd of faces looking at him. All that remained was Donna, still lying on the floor with Sarah Jane knelt next to her. He moved over, the others clearing a space as he dropped to his knees beside her.

"Donna?" he asked, shaking her slightly. She wasn't going to come around. He checked her head and was horrified to find a building patch of blood on the back on her head, dripping down into the TARDIS conduits. "Medical on Donna!"

Suddenly the TARDIS lights came up, albeit a bit dim. He turned to the console to check the monitor – it was crackling and fizzing. "Emergency power," he explained to the waiting crowd.

"What made us crash?" Rose asked, moving forward to stand beside him.

"No idea," he admitted. "But we're in low power. The oxygen's been rerouted to the console room with no recyc and everything else is locked off. Even with that we have about twenty minutes of breathing, as long as we keep calm. That means no infirmary."

"Doctor," Martha said, and looked over to find her still tending to his metacrisis. "He's broken two ribs and they've punctured thoracic membrane. High risk that one or both could puncture his lung. There's already fluid building up around his lungs. It could be blood. He needs proper medical care now."

The Doctor nodded, moving over to kneel beside her. "Check Mickey and Donna," he said to Martha. She nodded and quickly scuttled off as Jack dropped to the other side of the metacrisis. The Doctor was checking his breathing and heart rate, feeling his chest. "Oh this isn't good," he said, bringing out his stethoscope and holding it to his duplicate's chest. "Jack, door side is a compartment in the wall, there's a button next to the door. Some stretchers should be in there. We need to get him off this floor."

Jack nodded and leapt to his feet. Just as the metacrisis opened his eyes, and gasped in pain, making to sit up...

"No!" the Doctor yelled quickly, pressing down on his shoulder. "Don't move. Not an inch."

"It hurts," the metacrisis gasped, suddenly tears running down the sides of his face. "Oh God, this is horrible."

"I know," the Doctor said quickly. "Just stay still. We're sorting it."

"Got it," Jack suddenly said, placing a stretcher down next to the metacrisis. The Doctor looked up at the crowd standing around, beckoning them over.

"Everyone that's got a hand to lend, get over here," he said, and very quickly became crowded. "We need to lift him on but keep his entire body aligned..." He showed all the helpers where to support the metacrisis' body during the transfer. They took position, and braced themselves. "Right, 3, 2, 1... lift."

Everyone lifted the duplicate's body at the same time, but it didn't stop him crying out in pain. Jack slipped the stretcher underneath and they placed him down as carefully as they could, the Doctor checking his breathing again.

"Okay, we made it," the Doctor breathed. "Don't move," he told the metacrisis as he got to his feet, still swaying slightly with the side of his head covered in his own blood.

"Doctor," Martha said again, and he stumbled over to her kneeling next to Donna. "She's hit her head very badly. This is beyond concussion."

The Doctor winced, pulling off his jacket and folding it up, placing it under Donna's bandaged head. "How's Mickey?"

"Open double fracture," Martha replied as the Doctor moved over to Mickey to check on him. "It's bleeding badly, doesn't seem to want to stop."

The Doctor sighed, helping Mickey to elevate his leg and press on artery with an absorbent pad.

"We need to find a hospital," he said, punching up a view of the exterior. Nothing but black showed on the monitor. Rose was already running to the door to check outside...

She pulled it open.

It was nothing.

"Oh no," the Doctor breathed.

"What is it?" Sarah asked. "Where are we?"

"The void..." the Doctor muttered. "We're stuck in the void..." Suddenly everything came crashing home, not only to him, but to Jackie, Rose, Jack, and a half-conscious Mickey as well. This was only bad news. Because with now fifteen minutes of oxygen, a lack of heating, no power and no breathable planet or any form of civilisation outside suddenly the TARDIS had turned from their haven into their soon-to-be airless and freezing cold tomb...

They all turned to look at the Doctor expectantly. If anyone could find a way out, it was him.

But he was completely white.