Eames sighed; those two were just so damn frustrating. He was slowly going mad from the sly glances and smiles directed at each other. The way his face would light up when she entered the room. She would always run to him and show him her work, before anyone else. It was like being trapped with a pair of teenagers. If they didn't get together soon Eames was going to lock them in a room until they admitted they liked each other.

Across the room, Eames heard him laugh as she said something funny. This was the last straw; laughter was a rare thing for him. Not able to take it anymore Eames jumped up, muttered something about bloody oblivious love-sick school kids, and fled from the room. He'd said it loud enough that they could hear him, and they both looked at each other with a smile, once Eames had left.

"Do you think we should put him out of his misery and tell him were already together?" Ariadne asked

"Nah" Arthur answered "this is much more fun."