Title: Secrets

Pairing: Becker/Jess, slight Becker/Sarah

Setting: Series 4, between 4.2 and 4.3

Disclaimer: I own nothing. If I did, Cutter would still be running around calling Jenny Claudia.

Matt Anderson looked up at the clock for the tenth time that hour. "He's late."

"Who's late?" Connor Temple looked up from his laptop. They were in the Ops room of the ARC with nothing urgent to do until an anomaly occurred.

"Becker." Matt answered shortly.

"You sure mate?" Connor asked, slightly confused. Captain Becker was a born and bred military man; punctuality was akin to breathing to him. "That's not like him. Maybe the traffic's bad."

"Maybe." Matt still wasn't convinced. Something was wrong.

"It takes ages to get across town at this time of the morning." Connor continued. "It's shocking."

"What's truly shocking Connor is how you haven't managed to blow up the building yet." James Lester ambled into the room in his customary suit. "You may want to focus on the job at hand instead of gossiping like a schoolgirl."

Connor dug his hands into his pockets. "Well, there ain't much to do at the moment, Lester. It's kind of boring."

"Pray it doesn't get exciting. You've already used up your overtime pay." Lester drawled. "Now who am I going to be yelling at for being late? No, let me guess – Daphne."

"Abby's in the menagerie." Connor supplied helpfully at Matt's blank look. "She came in with me and Jess."

"Ah. The flat share." Lester said, "Remind me to send commiseration flowers to Jess."

"Am I getting flowers?" Jess cheerfully asked as she walked into the room, one hand still typing on her I-phone.

"It was a turn of phrase." Lester told her. "Now who is late?"

"Becker." Matt spoke up. "Becker's the one who's late."

"That's my fault." Jess said then blushed crimson as three pairs of inquiring eyes turned on her. "I mean, It's not my fault that he's late, obviously." She spoke quickly, clearly flustered. He called in sick earlier. I just forgot to log it in. My bad sorry."

Lester glared at her. "Jess."

"I'm sorry. I've just been so busy that I forgot. It's just been one of those days."

"Just go make sure that it doesn't happen again." Lester told her in an exasperated tone. He ran a hand through his brown hair. "I'll be in my office is anyone else wants to announce their mistakes." No one spoke as he turned and walked to his office.

"Wow," Connor said as soon as their boss was out of earshot. "Wonder what's got his knickers in a twist."

"Connor." Jess chastised. "Be nice. It's just one of those days."

Matt's eyes narrowed. That was the second time she'd said that. "Care to share, Jess?"

Jess busied herself with straightening up her station. "Care to share what?"

Matt walked up to her, stopping just short of invading her space. "Why Lester's in a bad mood and why Becker's not here."

She didn't meet his eyes. "Becker's sick. I told you."

"Jess, you're a horrible liar."

"I'm not lying!" She said indignantly. "I've got to go." Jess tried to brush past him but Matt grabbed her arm.

"You'd tell me if there was something going on, wouldn't you Jess?" Matt asked softly.

Jess looked up at him, surprised by the gentler tone. She's been expecting him to be more aggressive. "I would tell you Matt but there's nothing going on. Honest." She pulled her arm out of his grasp. "I've got to go. Acquisition order's don't deliver themselves." She gave a cheerful smile that didn't reach her eyes. "You guys want me to pick anything up while I'm out?"

"Nope," Connor answered, popping the p. "All good here."

"I'm fine." Matt told her, watching her carefully. She was acting strange.

"Okay then. Laters." Jess walked out, her bright red high heels clacking on the floor.

"See ya." Connor looked up briefly from his laptop. "That was weird." He commented.

"I know, Jess never lies to me."

"Actually, I was talking about how she left her earpiece behind." Connor nodded to the silver earpiece that lay atop Jess' station. "You'd think with all the reminders she gives us about wearing whenever we leave the ARC, she would too." He paused. "Why do you say she was lying?"

"Aquistion orders are e-mailed through. Have been for years. They've never been hand delivered." Matt explained.

"Huh. Maybe it's a special order or something." Connor offered.

"Maybe." Matt agreed, unconvinced, gazing down the corridor Jess had disappeared down. "But I doubt it."

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