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"Erza, come on, please! You know how much I dislike parties! Especially with a bunch of drunk university freshman willing to jump at the opportunity to pull their pants off!" Lucy said. She ran her fingers through her hair, already frustrated with the conversation. Erza continued to search through her closet for something to wear to her annual Christmas party. Lucy never went to the Christmas party, and Erza knew this, so why insist on attending this year?

Erza threw a Christmas party every year, and practically the whole of Magnolia University was invited. She booked a large hotel with her large fortune, and even those who weren't invited, still managed to somehow get in. Erza was a science major, but she was actually famous for her sword fighting skills; a national champion, in fact. Lucy, the best friend of course, was the English major, the quiet one, and the one who made her living writing books. She had quite a few published, so she was well off with her fortune; especially since she barely spent any of it.

"Come on Lucy!" Erza snapped, "You've never been to one party this year! You need to seriously stop being a stick in the mud, and do something with your life! You're too boring, you live too far from the edge. Get closer to it, and feel something other than caution for once in your life!" she finished. The look of pure astonishment and shock crossed Lucy's face, and Erza finally realized that she had snapped at her, her best friend. That never happened before. "L-look Lucy. I'm sorry, okay? I just—I want you to live it up every once in a while. You are too careful, it makes me wonder if you're middle-aged or something." She sighed.

Lucy scowled. She was quite competitive, and when presented with a new challenge, the girl was more than eager to make Erza eat her words. "I'm not middle-aged! I'll show you crazy, fun-loving, funky, sexy, wild chick. Tonight!" she boldly declared.

Erza smiled, "Now that's the spirit!" She flew something at her face, and before it could actually hit her, she caught it. "What's this?" the blonde asked, confused.

"Your dress babe. Now put it on, come downstairs, and help me welcome the guests." Erza grinned mischievously as the English major skeptically eyed the dress.

Lucy sighed. She'd never get out of this, even if she did make another go at it. The blonde sighed again, then stood up with the material Erza had thrown at her in hand, and changed. It was a spaghetti strap dress that emphasized her boobs and hugged her torso but billowed out around her waist just a little. It looked like a casual prom dress with the strap of silver wrapped beneath her bust.

It was perfect. The dress was so perfectly fit to her curves, it should've been fake. But it wasn't. The black dress accentuated her beauty in all the right places, emphasizing her bust and hips. Even she had to admit that she looked good.

Sighing, she slipped on her black converse. She'd put up with the dress, but definitely not those uncomfortable looking black stilettos. Walking towards the door, Lucy stopped when she realized that she had no jewelry. She then stalked back to Erza's jewelry box that she brought with her whenever she went to hotel parties. Inside she found a long necklace with some silver stars randomly placed along the chain. It went just a little below her boobs, and she knew it would bounce against her flat tummy when she walked.

After slipping on the necklace, she went to search for some silver earrings. Not surprisingly, she found some star earrings that perfectly matched her necklace and dress. "Oh Erza…" She muttered.

Reluctantly, she stood up and headed for the door, down the hallway and to the elevator. Erza only paid for the best hotel rooms, and her suite was practically at the top floor below the penthouse, so it took a while before she finally began to hear the booming and reverberations of the music in the hotel ballroom when passing the third floor.

Finally, the elevator came to a stop, and she held her breath as the doors opened to the lobby. People were milling about, checking in at the front desk and such, but very much aware of the music that was pounding in the ballroom at the far right from the elevator.

Lucy exited the elevator hesitantly, and slowly made her way to the ballroom doors. She cringed when she heard someone shout her name. Please don't be Erza, please please please please—her thoughts were cut off when she turned around and came face to face with Juvia.

"Lucy!" The peppy girl giggled and hugged the blonde. She pulled back, "Guess what!" Lucy cringed. God this girl could be a real hyper kid. "What is it Juvia?" she asked in a bored tone.

"Gray is here!" She exclaimed excitedly, jumping up and down as she clasped onto Lucy's hand. Lucy tensed. Gray was that asshole stripper that worked at Chip n Dale's. His work always came to school with him unfortunately. But a lot of the girls seemed to enjoy his company, and not for any innocent reason.

"That's great Juvia." She forced a smile. Juvia smiled back, "Merry Christmas Lucy. I hope all your wishes come true." She winked and ran off, leaving the blonde just a little tired.

Lucy sighed again. Why am I sighing so much? Oh right, I don't want to be here. And so Lucy sighed yet again, then continued her walk to the ballroom doors. She quickened her pace just a little bit. Maybe there would be a nice deck she could hide on while everybody got gross and sweaty inside the ballroom. The thought made her smile just a bit.

Finally, she reached the doors and reached her hand out to the handle. Might as well get this over with. And with that thought, she pulled the doors open.