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They opened the doors and walked back into the ballroom. It was around 12, and everyone was either starting to wear down, or just catching their breaths by the refreshment tables. The music was perfect for grinding, and Lucy was very much looking forward to dancing with Natsu. They walked to the dance floor, almost directly in the middle. There were still many people, but not enough that Natsu or Lucy was rubbing against people they didn't want to rub against.

Grinning at Natsu, Lucy started to dance, feeling the music flow through her. Natsu chuckled and grinned back, grabbing her waist and pulling her closer to him. Lucy squeaked, but allowed herself to be moved, and even moved closer to where they were almost touching. Natsu left his hands on her hips, and they rocked to the beat together.

Finally, the song changed to a more seductive one and Lucy could do something with this. She pulled Natsu closer by his hips and their middles hit. She heard him exhale sharply and suddenly his face was by her ear, his hands tightened on her waist. They continued rocking together, when Lucy decided she wanted to spice it up. She turned around so that her back was to his front. She wrapped her arms around his neck and felt his arms wrap around her waist once again.

She could feel his breath on her neck, and shivered a little, unintentionally rubbing her backside on him. One of his hands got lower on her waist and she felt her body turn to fire. Oh she was enjoying herself, and she knew he was as well.

They danced for maybe 20 minutes more, when Lucy decided that she was thirsty. One of Natsu's legs were between hers and they were still rocking together. She pulled his head down and whispered in his ear, "Let's take a break." She grabbed his hand and pulled him towards a table that clearly had water on it. She didn't want to be drunk while with this man. She wanted to enjoy herself while completely sober.

She let go of his hand and made herself a cup of water, and Natsu did the same. "Hey Lucy!" She heard a voice call her name. She looked up to find Erza walking towards her, Gerard in tow. Lucy smiled and walked towards her, Natsu following along. She stopped, and to her confusion Erza stopped a ways away from her, a surprised look on her face, until it dissolved into a mischievous grin. Lucy raised her eyebrow.

Erza walked up to her and stopped, that devilish grin still present on her face. "What?" Lucy asked, clearly confused. Erza looked up, and so did Lucy. Her eyes widened.

Natsu, who was only paying attention vaguely, noticed this and followed their line of vision. Above their heads was a little vine hanging from who knows where, with little white berries hanging from it.


Natsu gulped. He had definitely been thinking about those lips of hers ever since they had started dancing. He glanced at Lucy whose cheeks were now a very nice shade of pink.

"You know the drill." Erza said. Natsu and Lucy whipped their heads to look at her, finding a mischievous smile on her face. They looked back at each other, noting the flushed faces.

Lucy was biting her lip. Sure, she'd love to kiss Natsu, but it was a bit unnerving, doing it in front of a bunch of people. She didn't know whether or not she could control herself, and seeing his muscles ripple as he nervously ran his fingers through his hair wasn't helping her situation.

"C'mon now Natsu, Lucy. Get going now." Erza's smile was just so devilishly satisfied that Lucy was sure there was something fishy going on. "Go on now." She heard Gerard say. People were now gathering around them, some wolf whistling. She heard some guys shouting for Natsu, "Yeah Natsu!" "Go for it!" "Woo! You got it Natsu!" and she even heard some girls 'whooping' for her.

Natsu looked at her, a sheepish grin on his face. "Well I guess we have to." He said as he rubbed the back of his neck. Lucy's face was very red now, but she just nodded, a shy smile gracing her face.

Slowly, they inched towards each other, eyes never leaving the others. Natsu leaned down as Lucy looked up, tippy-toeing just a little because of the great difference in height. Finally, after what seemed like years, their lips met.

Home. That was all Lucy could think about as fireworks seemed to explode from their lips. The electric shock going down both their spines seemed to wake up her body, and she wrapped her arms around his neck as he wrapped his arms around her waist. She nipped his top lip, and he sucked on her bottom lip. They rubbed their lips together sensually then opened their mouths to each other, and breathed in.

She felt Natsu's hands tighten on her waist and she pulled him down harder to her lips. She could vaguely make out the sounds of people cheering loudly, wolf whistles, and 'whooping' but she didn't care. Natsu was an excellent kisser, and she wanted to do so much more.

She trailed her tongue across his top lip and she heard Natsu groan, but opened his mouth nonetheless. She felt his tongue with the tip of hers and it woke up and twirled with hers, before she was suddenly pushed back.

Startled, she stared confusedly up at Natsu who was breathing hard, pupils dilated and cheeks pink. "Um, I don't think that'll help just a mistletoe kiss." He said with a breathless laugh.

Lucy giggled; he was right, they probably would've done so much more if he hadn't pulled back. Suddenly someone cleared their throat and they whipped their heads to look at whoever it was.

Erza. Who was grinning. Evilly. "Now that's what I like to see." She said, then walked away, pulling Gerard along who had a goofy grin on his face. "See ya later lovebirds, don't do anything I wouldn't do!" He said with a wink.

Lucy's jaw dropped and she shoved her face into Natsu's chest, giggling with embarrassment. She felt Natsu's chest shake with laughter, but he just stroked her hair, a smile clear on his face.

Lucy pulled back, smiling impishly up at him, before tugging on his hand, pulling him out the ballroom doors, across the lobby, and into the elevator. No one was in there so she shoved him against the elevator walls and pulled his face down to hers.

He gasped, but pulled her closer, already groaning from the close contact. She ran her fingers through his hair, surprised at how soft it was despite it's spiky appearance. She moaned when his hands cupped her bottom and she forced open his mouth so his tongue could dance with hers, not that he was struggling.

They pulled back abruptly when the elevator dinged and she noticed that it was her floor. They were both breathing hard, hair and clothes just a little messed up. She pulled his hand, her impish smile back in place.

"How 'bout we do that 'a little bit more' you mentioned earlier?" She asked as she glanced back at him while they walked through the empty hallway.

Natsu just grinned.

The End