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Chapter 8

Mitchie POV

Giving concerts was the best thing ever to do. We still have one concert to do. It is in my home town. I finally get to see my mom and dad again. I missed them so much. I was lying on the bed when Nate walked in. He still didn't tell me what happened that night with Shane. The bruises disappeared a while ago.

'Hey babe'. I looked up to see him walking towards me.


'What are you doing?'

'Thinking, about how fast this tour went, how much I love it.'

'There's more, I can see everything in your eyes, come on you can tell me'. He went to sit down next to me. He sat against straight up and pulled me between his legs. He wrapped his arms around my waist.

'I was thinking about why you didn't tell me about what happened with you and Shane that night'.

'You really want to know?'

'Yeah, I want to know why I had my boyfriend unconscious in my arms'

'After you went to bed, I went to go talk to Shane. I didn't want you to leave again, so he needed to know that he should stay away from you. I told him to stay away from you, and keep those comments for himself and Tess. I guess didn't accept that and he begone beating me. He hit me in my stomach and my face. I hit back, but tripped over some magazines from Tess and bumped my head against the bed. That's why I was bleeding.'

'He's really a jerk. How can you beat up your own brother like that?'

'I don't know. I wish I did, then maybe I had an explanation for his whole attitude.' We just sat like this a few minutes.



'What are we going to do when tour finishes?'

'I am going to buy an apartment in L.A. And I was kinda hoping you would come live with me?' I looked shocked at him. He laughed at my face.

'Mitchie, I love you.' He suddenly said. Now my eyes were even wider then they were before. I looked in his eyes. He really meant it. There was only love in his eyes. I kissed him.

'I love you too'. I mumbled against his lips. He smiled and grabbed my face to kiss me again. Are thongs dancing together. After one moment he was on top of me, taking his shirt off. I stopped him.

'Nate, as much as I love to see you shirtless, you have your purity ring'. He looked up and smiled.

'You are a great girlfriend, remembering that'. He said and kissed me again. After our make-out session, I crawled into him and went to sleep.

The next day we were in Seattle. Finally home. I walked out of the bus and hugged my mom.

'I missed you so much mom'.

'I missed you too honey'. Nate gave my father a hand and my mother a hug. My father held me for a while.

'I missed by baby girl'

'I missed you too daddy'. Now I know that no matter what, things turn out fine. I have a great boyfriend, a career that's going to start off in a few months, the best friends ever and parents who love me. I couldn't wish for something better. My life is great.

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