Hinata Hyuuga was nervous. She was often nervous, but this wasn't her normal nervousness. In fact, nothing she was doing right now was normal. Normal for her right now would be nervous for her test the next day in her room, trying to fall asleep, if not already there. Instead, she had snuck in to her crush's home, writing out a very complicated seal. So many things that she would not normally be doing! Of course she would be nervous.

Hinata didn't know how many hours had already passed, after all, she had to make sure no one saw or heard her and what she was doing took time. In fact, she had already spent time sneaking away from her room, into her crush's home, cleaning and clearing the area she would first be working in, and was even now etching out the last of the seals she had figured into her research. She dreaded and yet looked forward to the next part very much.

She nervously glanced around as she stood, naked and surveyed her work. Her blush was still going strong, ever since she made sure her blonde crush was completely naked as she had to start drawing the seals over him, the seals on her body having been done first. The room itself was also covered in seals, but centered over where she would have to go, and where her crush, Naruto Uzumaki already was.

If only she wasn't driven to this… she could have let nature taken its course, and in time, perhaps they could have fallen in love naturally. Naruto would eventually win the villagers support, and she would eventually catch his attention and love. If only they could have free reign to do so! But she wouldn't delude herself any longer. Not after having read that book and having her eyes opened.

It was time. Slowly, and unknowingly sensually, Hinata walked over where to her Naruto-kun – at least in her mind – was and swallowed nervously.

C'mon, you made it this far already… now to finally make Naruto yours truly! Hinata firmly thought to herself. She reminded herself of the little book she found, and quickly, before she lost her nerve again, begin to lubricate herself and Naruto using an item she left on the nightstand nearby for this purpose.

Naruto moaned, almost scaring Hinata from her task if she hadn't remembered that this was suppose to happen. Desire was already beginning to burn through her, and she knew that Naruto would soon awaken to her ministrations. Almost too young to do this, but Hinata knew that unless she did something now, she wouldn't have the time later… too many others would see to that. They would try to interfere, her family most definitely.

Once she felt that she couldn't last much longer and that both she and Naruto were properly lubricated, she positioned herself directly over him, her body glistening with sweat. Gulping once more, she impaled herself upon his shaft, pain causing her to gasp loudly. She was really doing this! Slowly, she began to move up and down, the pain slowly receding as she did so, being replaced with pleasure.

The seals reacted.

Naruto awoke blearily. He had the strangest dream… it was as if some girl willingly got naked atop of him and did something… Naruto wasn't sure what she did in the dream, but it certainly felt very good.

The alarm buzzed incessantly, trying its best to rouse Naruto from his dreams. Turn it off please. Grumbling, Naruto groped for the clock, wondering why he got the vague feeling something was off – or rather, he felt different. More than felt, actually.

Mmm, Naruto-kun…

An internal alarm seemed to go off. Since when did he, Naruto, refer to himself as such? Much less in a suggestive way! His mind sluggishly tried to come to terms with how different and… wonderful (yes that was it – wonderful!) he felt. And where was that damn alarm clock?

Something (thing?) shifted against Naruto, and he froze. What if that dream, Naruto thought, wasn't actually a dream? His mind giggled. Slowly, as if disbelieving such a thing could even be thought of, Naruto reexamined what he considered his last few thoughts. And then, very slowly, he looked away from the wall he first opened his eyes and blinked.

Suddenly, for the first time since Naruto desperately sought for attention, he found himself speechless and gaping.

Two bowls of ramen sat untouched in front of Naruto, something that greatly worried Hinata. She was unaccustomed to the way he kept glancing at her, and then flick his eyes towards his bedroom. Doubts began to arise, but she squashed them before they even half-formed.

At long last, Naruto spoke. "So…" I guess it wasn't a dream…

"No, it wasn't, Naruto-kun," Hinata giggled. Wait…

"I hadn't said anything…" yet…

"But… didn't you say it wasn't a dream…?" mind-reading? Nothing was mentioned in the little black book about that…

Naruto got a horrified expression as Hinata's face took on a contemplative look.

"What book? Mind-reading? Hinata…" what did you do? Naruto voice trembled in fear with each word shaking a bit more.

Hinata instantly took on a contrite expression, hoping to calm Naruto down. Especially since she started realizing they were sharing thoughts and emotions. She wasn't sure if the book was a godsend or not anymore.

"I'm so sorry! I… just… I…" oh, Naruto, I just wanted you to notice me… to ask ME out. I wanted you… to be with you… and so much more…

Naruto gaped at Hinata when he realized someone HAD acknowledged him, and that he completely missed it. He was so shocked that he just sat there, frozen, unthinking. Hinata fidgeted.

The alarm chimed.

Hinata and Naruto both blinked before Naruto remembered why he had the alarm set.

"Oh crap."

They weren't sure who said it, as it was a mutual feeling as they rushed to the Academy. The time for introspection was up.