I just love the pairing LokixLucy, so I decided to write another story on them. This time it'll be a multi-chaptered fic. I know I have another Pokemon fic going, but I really felt like writing a LokixLucy chaptered fic, so bear with me. ^_^

The main pairing is, of course, Loki and Lucy, but there are hints of side pairings as well. Some of them are NatsuxLisanna, GrayxJuvia, possible ErzaxGerard, but I need to think more about their interaction. LevyxGajeel may be one of the hinted pairings too. Well, just wait and see. The side pairings will show up in later chapters in small doses. ^_^

I sort of got the base for this fic while watching "CLANNAD" and "Full Moon wo Sagashite". The main girl, Nagisa, was trying to re-establish the Theater Club. I drew the club re-creating idea from CLANNAD. The rest I came up on my own. =) I hope you all will enjoy reading!

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~*A Spirit's Guidance*~
Prologue (Lucy Heartphilia's POV)

As a third year student in junior high school, it was required that I start going to school festivals arranged by high schools so that I could choose the school I wanted to attend. After a couple of days of school searching, I spotted one school that particularly caught my eye: Fairy Tail Guild. Yes, they didn't call themselves "Fair Tail High School" like most schools. They called themselves a guild.

"Hi there! Welcome to the Fairy Tail Festival. My name's Mirajane, a second year student at the Fairy Tail Guild." When I entered the school grounds, I was immediately greeted by one of the most cheerful and beautiful people I've ever met. She had wavy silver hair that flowed down her back. Combine her hair with her bright smile and wide blue eyes, and she'll have boys falling at her feet within seconds.

"I'm Lucy Heartphilia, a third year student at the Heartphilia's Private Institute. It's a junior high school," I replied. Yes, I attended a private school that my dad owns. He never lets me do what I want. I always needed to be ladylike and polite. Well, when I go on to high school, all that ladylike behavior's going to change.

"It's nice to meet you, Lucy. Let me show you around our school," offered Mirajane. I followed her into the building and observed my surroundings. It looked like a lot of people are having fun. The students from Fairy Tail were also bonding with younger students from other schools.

"Hey, Mirajane!" Mirajane stopped walking and waved at someone. The girl who just called Miranaje runs toward us. "The cosplay café needs you, pronto. You're their best waitress after all," she said.

"Then Erza, will you show Miss Lucy Heartphilia around the school?" Mirajane plead. The girl named Erza glanced at me and nodded her head. "Thank you!" With that, Mirajane ran off to help her café.

Erza and I stared at each other. Long, scarlet hair flowed down her back, with the tips touching the small of her back. For some reason, I could feel an intimidating aura around her. She extended her hand and introduced herself. "I'm Erza Scarlet, a first year student at Fairy Tail."

I took her hand and shook it. "I'm Lucy Heartphilia, a third year student at the Heartphilia's Private Institute."

"So what brings you here?" asked Erza.

"Well, the name of the school's definitely interesting. Plus, I kind of like the carefree atmosphere that I feel here," I answered.

"I see. Come with me. I'll introduce you a couple of old friends of mine," offered Erza. She pushed her way through the throng of people in the hallway and stopped in front of a classroom. She slid the door open and shouted, "Natsu! Gray! Are you two still fighting?"

Two boys who seemed to be having an intense glaring competition didn't even flinch when Erza shouted. Erza sighed and walked over to them. She grabbed their heads and knocked them together. The two boys finally saw Erza and immediately slung their arms around each other's shoulder.

"E-Erza, what's up?" asked one of the boys. One trait that really stood out about him was his hair. It was spiked well, but it was pink! A guy having pink hair is something you do not see every day.

"Natsu and I were just hanging out. Y-Y' know, just the two of us having a great time together," backed up the second guy. He seemed like a typical guy: dark and messy hair with equally dark eyes. I'm pretty sure they're about the same age as me.

"Anyway, this is Lucy Heartphilia," introduced Erza, getting straight to the point. She turned to me next, and continued, "Lucy, meet Natsu Dragneel and Gray Fullbuster. They're third year junior high students too."

Just like I could sense Erza's daunting aura, I could feel a warm glow radiating from Natsu's soul. He must be a kind person. However, when I first saw him and Gray glaring at each other, his aura radiated a lot of heat. That usually meant that he was an energetic and competitive person. From Gray, I could sense a cool, collective, and laid-back wave. The only time his aura seemed to waver and heat up was when he was glaring competitively at Natsu. Don't ask me how I can sense these, because I have no explanation.

Natsu, the energetic one with spiky pink hair sprang up from his seat and paced towards me. The dark haired boy, Gray, soon followed suit. Both of them extended their hands for a handshake. I shook Natsu's hand, then Gray's. "It's nice to meet you two," I said politely.

"Same here," answered Natsu flashing a toothy grin at me. "So are you planning on attending high school here?"

I shrugged and replied, "I'm not really sure yet, but the possibilities are high."

Natsu then asked, "So what do you like to do? Are you interested in joining any clubs if you do decide to come to Fairy Tail?"

It didn't even take me a second to think about what club I wanted to join. "I'm definitely joining the Astronomy Club, if there is one. What about you two?"

Natsu just shrugged. "I'm not sure yet. I do like to perform tricks with fire. It's one of the things I do best," he boasted.

Gray scoffed, and then taunted, "It's probably the only thing you're good at."

"Oh yeah? What about you and your sissy ice sculptures?" retorted Natsu.

"Hey, those sculptures take time and effort to make! At least I get money from selling them!" argued Gray.

"Ice sculptures don't even last that long! Why don't you find something else you can do you good for nothing stripper!" shouted Natsu.

"Oh that's rich, coming from someone who only knows how to play with fire," retorted Gray.

Just like their respective talents and auras, these two clash like fire and ice. I could feel Erza's murderous atmosphere suffocating me. I could also tell that this was not going to end well for the two boys. Erza strutted over to the bickering boys and loomed over them, glaring and intimidating them. Gray and Natsu immediately ceased fighting and put each others' arms around their shoulders again.

After Erza set the boys back in their place, she walked back over to me and asked, "Lucy, you said you were interested in the Astronomy Club, right?" I merely nodded in answer to her question. "Okay, the problem is, there is not Astronomy Club here. Well, I've heard that there used to be one a long time ago, but not anymore. If you want, you could restart the club," explained Erza.

"May I see what the former clubroom looks like?" I asked.

"Sure, follow me. Natsu and Gray, don't wait up for me. You two can go and explore the school, but do not break anything or cause any trouble. If you do, you'll be answering to me!" threatened Erza. Gray and Natsu immediately stiffened and nodded dutifully. Erza and I then walked out the classroom and pushed our way through the crowd of people once more.

I found out that the clubroom for the Astronomy Club was on the top floor, which was also the third floor of the school building. Erza told me that there were rumors of spirits lurking in the clubroom. She said the rumors started twenty years ago and had been passed down ever since. Now the whole student body of Fairy Tail knows. Some chose to believe it while others did not.

"Erza, may I look around the room? I would really like to restart the Astronomy Club," I spoke.

"You're welcome to raid the clubroom for all I care. So does that mean you've made up your mind? You're going to attend Fairy Tail?" inquired Erza.

I nodded my head. "Yes, and I will make the Astronomy Club come alive again," I vowed. I slid the door open and was immediately greeted by a blast of cold and ominous energy. However, in a weird way, it felt friendly. No, not really friendly. It's a mixture of confusion and friendliness.

I'm not really the type of girl who believes strongly in ghosts and spirits, but this wave of energy is just too hard to ignore. Maybe it was just the wind. After all, the windows were open. Even though I don't want to ignore the aura, I'll stick to the safe and scientific side of life for now.

I stepped into the clubroom and raided the cardboard boxes stored there. Even though I'm trying to distract myself, I still can't shake off the feeling that someone is staring at me. I'm also sure that that someone is not Erza. I just can't concentrate now. It feels like a pair of eyes is boring holes through my back.

They feel like stares from a predator.

No, not just a predator.

They are like stares from a lion.

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