Made It Through

By Mike Douglas

Special thanks to nezabudka1 for help with editing the story.

Rating: R (Adult Language)

Warning: Do not read this story in public, at work or with makeup on.

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Summary: Noah meets the biggest challenge in his life that leads him to reexamine his own life while fighting for survival. Will this life threatening situation bring Luke and Noah back together?



Noah has been depressed since Luke told him that he was in love with Reid. Truth be told, he'd been depressed ever since he saw Luke kiss Dr. Oliver. He knew from that point on that their relationship would never be the same and it wasn't. It was mostly his fault but not entirely. Luke had lied to him again and again but that was over now. He might have been able to fix things with Luke a couple of months ago but it was unlikely that could happen now. The only thing in Noah's life that was positive was moving out to Los Angeles to make his movie.

Noah was on his way to The Lakeview to meet with Samuel George again. Sam worked for the grant committee that was going to fund Noah's film in Los Angeles. When he walked into the hotel dining room, he saw Sam sitting at a table reading a newspaper. He went over and they talked for a few minutes and ordered some coffee before their conversation turned to the requirements of the grant.

"Now, the grant is contingent on you receiving a medical checkup," Sam said honestly.

Noah was curious. "Really, why?"

"We've had some instances where the grantees had gotten sick and were unable to finish their film. So now, we make sure everyone has a checkup."

"No problem." He's been feeling fatigued lately but figured it was just depression from breaking up with Luke and seeing him with Reid.

"Just give your doctor this letter, explaining what tests we require and how to bill us."

Noah took the information from Sam and they finished their meeting.


Noah called and made an appointment with Dr. Bob for a checkup, right away. He thought the sooner he can get this over, the quicker he can start his new life in Los Angeles. Dr. Bob had an opening in his calendar and was able to schedule an appointment for Noah's checkup. Later that day, Noah walked in to Bob's office and handed him the letter that Sam had given him. Bob had Noah strip down to his boxer briefs and started the examination.

"So, you're going out to Los Angeles to make a movie?" Bob chatted with Noah as he was testing Noah's reflexes.

"Yes, I can't wait."

"What will the movie be about?" Bob checked out Noah's lymph nodes, while Noah explained the premise of the movie.

He examined the lymph nodes under each of Noah's arms. "You have some bruising here on your arms and shins and your lymph nodes are a little swollen."

"I've probably been a little clumsy packing," laughed Noah.

"Are you feeling tired?"

"Yes, a little but I've been working at Java while trying to pack and write my screenplay for the movie."

"You've dropped fifteen pounds, Noah, since your last visit," Bob began to get worried. "You look healthy but the drop in weight, the swollen lymph nodes and bruising concern me."

"Could it be from surgery?"

"It's possible that you've become anemic since your surgery but the swollen lymph nodes indicate some type of infection."

"Any night sweats or loss of balance or nausea?"

"I woke up last night with the sweats but it was warm in the apartment."

Bob took Noah's temperature and it was elevated a little. Bob cautiously reviewed his notes of Noah's symptoms. He didn't want to frighten Noah, so he kept his suspicions to himself and decided to run more tests. "I'm going to have some extra blood work done, just in case. I'll give you a call when we get the results back."

A nurse came in and took Noah's blood. From the many vials she laid down on the table, he was thinking she was going to take all his blood. She must be part vampire, he chuckled to himself. When she finished, she told Noah that someone would give him a call and he was free to leave. Noah went home to finish packing.

Early the next morning Noah received a call from Bob's secretary asking him to come in for his results, as soon as possible. The urgency in the secretary's voice didn't make Noah feel comfortable and the fact that she wouldn't release the results over the phone, when he tried to question her, didn't ease the thoughts running through his mind. When Noah arrived to the hospital, he was immediately ushered into Bob's office.

"Noah, we are seeing some things with your blood that we do not like. I've called in a specialist and he's confirmed that there may be an issue."

"What is it?" asked Noah with worry in his voice.

"Until we have more tests…"

"Please, what is it?" Noah demanded.

"It looks like leukemia, Noah. But until we can make a final diagnosis, we can't be sure. I'm sorry."

Noah sat there stunned, unable to think because his thoughts were coming too fast for him to latch on to any.

Seeing Noah's emotions and confusion, Bob asked Noah if there is anyone he could call from him.

"No. I don't have anyone…not anymore." Noah broke down crying.

"What about the Snyders?"

"No, after everything that happened with Luke, I can't tell them."

"Noah, I've known the Snyders for a lot of years and there is no way they would feel any differently about you if you're not seeing Luke."

Noah didn't respond. He just knew he couldn't tell them.

"Ali would be the only one, I guess, since we are roommates."

"I'll get her and come back in when Dr. Barnes is available." Bob exited his office.

A few minutes later Ali walked in and sat down next to Noah. "What's wrong, Noah?" She could tell he was upset.

"They think I might have leukemia," Noah was trying to sound calm.

Ali was in shock. She felt helpless as she pulled Noah into a hug. "I am so sorry, Noah."

"What am I going to do? I probably won't be able to work. How am I going to afford an apartment or gas or food?"

"I can pick up some stuff for you and I'm sure that Casey will help too." Ali tried to console Noah.

"But you're leaving in a few months. What am I supposed to do then?"

"I don't know."

"I can't believe this. I've lost Luke, my grant and I could lose my life. What am I supposed to do?"

"We will figure something out. We will not leave you in a pinch when you need us," Ali's hand was slowly caressing Noah's back to keep him calm and to ease the shock of what he had just been told.

"Thanks Ali. I appreciate it."


Noah and Ali's hug was interrupted by Bob walking into to the office. Ali excused herself as Bob took Noah to Dr. Barnes office.

"Noah, this is Dr. Joe Barnes, he's an oncologist," Bob introduced Joe to Noah.

Noah took a seat and Joe proceeded to explain to him the procedures and tests that Noah will be undergoing in the next few days.

"We think the leukemia is in its early stage. The blood work taken before your brain surgery didn't show any signs of the disease. We will need to run more tests to be sure, Noah," noted Joe, "We will need to take a sample of your bone marrow. If that's positive, then we will need to do spinal tap to see if the leukemia has spread into your spinal fluid."

Joe continued, "The bone marrow biopsy will consist of putting a needle into the hip bone and extracting a sample of your bone marrow. We should set that up as soon as possible. How does tomorrow morning at ten o'clock sound?"

"That's fine." Noah was still in a daze. "Can I drive after the test or will I need to find someone to drive me home?"

"You shouldn't drive. We can find someone. Have you changed your mind about telling the Snyders?" Bob inquired.


"I wish you would. You're going to need a lot of support for at least six months to maybe a year or more, if worst case happens."

"I'll just have to deal with it day by day."

Bob and Joe just looked at each other, knowing that Noah didn't understand the gravity of the situation.

"Okay, let's meet tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. here and we will do the bone marrow biopsy. Once we get the results we can discuss things further," said Joe.