This is a sequel to the first one called Danny Phantom meets the Angry Beavers. Story takes place four months after Phantom Planet and aftermy first story. P.S.: I don't own either of them. Both are owned by Nick.

Full Plot Summary: Four months has pass since Daggett and Norbert along with Cujo who is now Daggett's pet dog has got back to their universe with the help of their friends Danny and the others who helped them get back home. Daggett and Norbert, and Cujo begins to miss Danny and the others so much that the two Beaver brothers decide they want to see them again. So the two beaver brothers decides to build a machine that can bring them to any universe. After finishing it they head back to Danny's universe to visit him and the others. When they get there. Danny and the others are surprised. Dag and Norb tells they build a machine so they could visit him. Also Dag and Norb hears that the whole world now knows Danny's secret as well as Dani is now living with the Fentons. Things and humor happens as this story goes.

I also promise to start working on my other story called Old Past, Old Times, and the Old Days this month or next month.

Danny Phantom meets the Angry Beavers 2

In the forest at the Beavers Dam which was on a lake. Daggett, Norbert, and Cujo the Ghost Dog were all asleep in their bedroom. Norbert who was on the bottom bunk bed and Daggett and Cujo on the top bunk bed. While Norbert was sleeping peacefully. Daggett was dreaming about something. He was dreaming about his idol none other than Danny Phantom. Which him and his friends helped Daggett and Norbert back home about four months ago. Daggett was smiling as he slept holding his Teddy Bear very tightly, While Cujo the Ghost Dog was sleeping beside the Brown Beaver. In Daggett's dream, he was riding on Danny Phantom who was flying in the air. "This is nuts! Go faster Danny! Go faster!" Daggett said.

"Okay, okay. Hold on tight, Daggett!" Danny said.

Daggett nodded as he held on tight and Danny then flew faster. "Danny no other superhero is better than you. You'll always be the best one." Daggett said.

"I'm really happy to hear that Daggett. And you'll always be my number one fan. No one will ever take your place. No matter what. Even if you are a Beaver." Danny said.

"You know sometimes Danny. I actually wish you were my brother just like Norbert." Daggett said.

"I too sometimes wish you were my little brother Daggett. It would be fun having a little brother like you. You're so full of energy. Aren't you?" Danny said.

"Yep." Daggett said.

As Daggett kept flying on Danny. Daggett's dream was suddenly interrupted. Daggett opened his eyes as he woke up only to see it was his pet Cujo the Ghost Dog licking him. Daggett began to laugh. "Hey, hey! Come on cut it out Cujo! Stop it tickles!" Daggett said.

Cujo the Ghost Dog stopped licking him. Daggett looked around and realize the whole thing with him and Danny spending time together was a dream. "Aw, spoot! It was just a dream again...*sign* I don't know about you Cujo. But I really really just miss Danny so must. He's just so amazing. I would do anything to see him and the others again." Daggett said.

Cujo the Dog nodded and wanted to do to make Daggett feel better. With that Daggett placed his Teddy Bear down and he and Cujo the Ghost Dog got down from their bed. The Brown Beaver suddenly heard his brother getting up and heard him speak. Daggett and Cujo the Ghost Dog turned around looking at Norbert. "Hey, little brother. Morning, did you sleep well." Norbert said.

Daggett suddenly shot a beam of ice from his hand that passed Norbert, which startled him. "Whoa! Dag what was that all about? I know we both have ice powers since Frostbite gave it to us. Doesn't mean you have to use them for no reason like right now." Norbert said.

"Meh, I just wanted to see if my ice powers got stronger." Daggett said.

"Oh, so as I was saying. Did you sleep well?" Norbert said.

"Yes I did, only I've been dreaming about Danny again." Daggett said.

"Again? That's like the two hundredth time since we got back to our universe. You must really miss Danny and the others so much." Norbert said.

"Yes, I do...*sign*" Daggett said.

"I do too, Daggett. But there's nothing we can do about it. So be least happy that at least we have a picture of all of us together so we will never forget each other and they never forget about us. I even miss Jazz and everyone else as well. She was a really great friend just like Danny. But as I said at least we'll always remember each other" Norbert said.

"I know." Daggett said.

"Now come on. Let's go downstairs and have some breakfast." Norbert said.

"Alright...Come on Cujo." Daggett said.

Cujo the Ghost Dog heard Daggett as he followed him and Norbert downstairs going into the kitchen to have breakfast. When they got to the kitchen. Daggett saw Cujo's sqeaky toy on the ground and gave it to Cujo who took it and began playing with it. The two beaver brothers got their breakfast ready and went to the table to eat. Norbert was eating, but he notice his brother wasn't eating his at all. Daggett was still feeling depressed. "Daggett aren't you going to eat your breakfast?" Norbert said.

Daggett looked at his brother. "Suddenly, Norbie. I'm just not hungry...*sign* I don't even know why made for myself if I'm not going to eat it." Daggett said.

"It's still about Danny and the others isn't it?" Norbert said.

"No...Actually yes." Daggett said.

"Guess I know how you must feel. I actually too want to see him and the others again, but how can we. When we live in a different universe, while they live in a another one. That's the thing Daggie Waggie." Norbert said.

"I don't know, as I said though. I just want to see them again especially Danny. I'd do anything to visit my idol once again." Daggett said.

Cujo the Ghost Dog notice how Daggett was feeling dropped his sqeaky toy onto the ground and ran up to Daggett trying to cheer him up. "Thanks, Cujo. You're always there for me when I'm still depressed." Daggett said.

Norbert smiled at the sight of seeing Cujo the Ghost Dog comforting his brother Daggett. "See, Dag. Cujo here knows how you feel. He doesn't like seeing you sad. Neither do I little brother." Norbert said.

"I know. The only thing that can make me feel better though it to visit Danny again...If you need me. I'll be in the living room watching TV." Daggett said.

Daggett hopped off his chair and went into the living room. Cujo the Ghost Dog followed him there. Norbert just stood there realizing how much his little brother was missing his biggest idol. "*Sign* Daggett I wish I could do something to make you feel better." Norbert said.

Norbert knew that he didn't like seeing his brother sad and wanted to do what he could to make him feel better. He knew there was no chance of visiting Danny and the others again, but was there. Norbert decided he wanted to see Danny and the others again and also do it for his brother since it would be the only thing that would make Daggett happy. "You know what. I too want to visit Danny, Jazz and everyone else again. If my brother wants to see his idol again. I'll make it happen. Only thing is...How? Think Norbert think! Do this for your little brother, Daggett." Norbert said.

As Norbert began to think. After a few seconds of thinking. An idea suddenly hit Norbert. "I got it. Wow, why didn't I think of this sooner or later. Daggett is going to be so happy, when I finally finish it. But should I tell Daggett about it now...Nah I'll keep it as a surprise and will show it to him after I'm done finishing it. Don't worry Dag we'll be visiting Danny and the others very soon." Norbert said to himself.

With that Norbert went into one of his secret rooms. Once he got there. He began to work on what he was doing so that he, Daggett, and Cujo the Ghost Dog can see their friends from the other universe very soon. In the living room. Daggett was watching TV. Cujo the Ghost Dog was on the floor laying down. Dag looked at his Ghostly Dog. "Cujo?" Daggett said.

Cujo looked at Daggett nodding. "I don't know why I'm telling you this, but ever since we got back to mine and Norbie's universe. I...I probably said this before, but I really want to go back already. Though I don't think it is possible. Oh why did Norbie and I have to come back here. Danny is just so awesome. He's been in my head for four months and he's all I can think about. He's just so awesome and just amazing. I just really really want to see him again...but maybe Norbert's right. There are just times where we meet others and then never see them again. It's part of life." Daggett said.

The Ghost Dog got up and walked up to the couch climbing up and walked up to Daggett. Daggett stroked Cujo on the head and then he saw the picture of him, Norbert, Danny, Sam, Tucker, Jazz, Dani, Wulf, and Cujo on the table and grabbed it looking at the picture. "If only we can see them again...but I guess it won't happen. At least just like Norbie said. We have a picture of us all together. Is that right Cujo." Daggett said.

Cujo the Ghost Dog shook his head and went onto Daggett's lap before laying down. The Brown Beaver smiled at his Ghost Dog and began to pet him more on the head. "I love you too Cujo." Daggett said.

Cujo smiled. Daggett then decided to try and get his mind off of it. "How about we just keep watching some TV." Daggett said.

Cujo the Ghost Dog nodded agreeing and both began to watch TV. Many hours later pasted and in the secret room. Norbert was in. He was almost done finishing what he was buidling. "There just a few more adjustments and it is then finally finished." Norbert said.

After putting the few more things on. Norbert looked at it and what he build was a kind of machine that can bring anyone to a another universe. "Finally all done. Wow that was really hard work, but I pulled through it. Now before I get Daggett. I should test it out first." Norbert said.

Norbert pulled a remote like device and pressed a button turning the machine on. It created a portal leading to Danny's universe. Seeing that it worked. Norbert turned the portal off. He also tested the other button which can open a portal in whatever spot. After testing that. Norbert knew it was now complete. "Now to go get Dag. Oh my little brother is going to be so happy. We'll be visit our friends again." Norbert said.

Norbert left his secret room to go get Daggett and Cujo the Ghost Dog. Back at the living room. Daggett and Cujo were still watching TV until they suddenly heard Norbert. "Hey Daggett! Cujo!" Norbert said.

Daggett and Cujo the Ghost Dog turned their heads and saw Norbert. "What Norbie? Is it something you discovered in space. If so not interested." Daggett said.

"Nope, much better. It's a surprise. For you, me, and Cujo." Norbert said.

Daggett mood went to depression to excitement. "A Surprise! Oh what is Norbie! What is it! Tell me! Tell me! Tell me!" Daggett said.

Cujo began to bark agreeing with Daggett. "If you want to see it. You both have to follow me. I promise you'll like it." Norbert said.

"What are we waiting for then. Let's go." Daggett said.

With that Daggett and Cujo followed Norbert to the secret room he was in. When they got there. Norbert showed the machine to them. "That's it...It's just some spooty machine...Some surprise this was Norbie...*Sign*" Norbert said.

Daggett was about to leave until Norbert spoke. "Daggett wait. I didn't even show what it does yet." Norbert said.

Daggett stopped and turned to look at him again. "Fine show me." Daggett said.

Norbert pressed a button starting the machine which opened a portal. Daggett was feeling curious what Norbert made and began to realize what he just made. "Norbie...I'm not thinking what you just did...Do I?" Daggett said.

"Yep that's right Daggett. We're off to see and visit Danny and the others again." Norbert said.

Daggett gasped with excitement. "R-rr-really! Really Norbie!" Daggett said.

Norbert shook his head. Daggett felt this was the most nicest thing his brother ever done to him. Walking up to Norbert. Daggett hugged his brother. "Oh, Norbie. This is the best thing you've ever done for me. I love you so much. You're the best brother I could ever have" Daggett said.

"I love you too, Daggett. Now how about stop we grab a few things and then head there." Norbert said.

"Sure." Daggett said.

Daggett let go of his brother and then looked at his Ghost Dog. "Wait right here Cujo. Norbie and I will be right back. I can't believe it were seeing our friends again especially Danny." Daggett said.

Cujo barked as he waited. The two Beaver Brothers went to get some stuff and then came back. Daggett, Norbert, and Cujo the Ghost Dog stood at the portal. Norbert realize he forgot to show Daggett one last thing. "Oh yes Daggett." Norbert said.

"Yeah Norbie?" Daggett said.

"See this device. Pressing second button can open a portal to any spot. Just wanted to let you know." Norbert said.

"Oh alright." Daggett said.

"Good then let's go. Can't believe we're going to see them again." Norbert said.

"Me too." Daggett said.

Cujo barked agreeing. With that the three of them went into the portal leading to Danny's universe. When they got out they were finally in his universe and also in front of Danny's house the three of them feeling excited and now happy they are going to see their friend again.

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