Everyone was still sitting down talking. "Listen Mrs. Fenton. I'm really sorry for what happen. My brother here well can be quite bad tempered, but he isn't as much as he used to be. Only when things get in his way that is when he will act like that." Norbert said.

"It's very much alright Norbert. I should of warned your brother about Jack's fudge. My husband tends to get very angry if someone touches it." Maddie said.

"Well I don't want to be rude, but your husband has himself a big fudge problem then. Sheesh." Norbert said.

"I believe he does. But there's nothing I can do about it." Maddie said.

Daggett who was sitting beside Norbert just stared at Jack Fenton who in returned looked back at him. Both staring at each other very angrily. "I'm starting to hate him as much as Truckee." Daggett said.

"And I'm starting to hate you so much too." Jack said.

"Dad come on, Daggett didn't know that was your fudge. You both don't have to be hard on each other." Danny said.

"Yeah you're probably right. I'll go over and say sorry to your number one fan." Jack said.

"That's good dad." Danny said.

Jack stood up and walked over to Daggett who turned his head away from him. "Eh? What do you want Spoot Head." Daggett said.

"Hey there. Listen I want to say sorry for what happened between each other. You didn't know that was my fudge and someone should of told you like me. So what do you say. Are we alright now." Jack said.

Daggett thought for a few seconds before turning his head and looking at Jack. "Alright I forgive you. Sorry for you know trying to bite your arm and all that." Daggett said.

"None taken." Jack said.

"Good." Daggett said.

With that Jack went back to sit down. Danny then came up to Daggett. "Hey Daggett. Later I'm going to head off to see my friends. I even have a friend I like to introduce you too. That is only if you like." Danny said.

"Really. Of course Danny. After all Norbie, Cujo and I did come here after all just to see you. When will you be going out?" Daggett said.

"Probably in a half hour." Danny said.

"Oh alright. Let me know by then. But wait what if people sees me." Daggett said.

"I won't and don't worry I'll tell every person about you and Norbert. Believe me. They'll all get used to you. Right now though until I'm ready to go. How about you go and play with Danielle." Danny said.

"Alright and thanks, Danny." Daggett said.

"That's good and anything for my number one fan." Danny said.

With that Danny went upstairs into his room. Daggett got up and walked up to Dani. "Hey Dani." Daggett said.

Dani looked at Daggett. "Hey Daggett. What is it?" Dani said.

"I just wanted to ask if your in the mood of playing together." Daggett said.

"Of course I am, Dag. Maybe we can go play video games. Unless there's something else you want to play." Dani said.

"Are you kidding. I so want to play video games right now. Let's head upstairs then to play them in Danny's room." Daggett said.

"Alright then and actually Daggett. Ever since I've been finally living here. I got my own video game system, which Danny bought for me and my own room, which Danny's and Jazz's parents who are now also my parents made for me." Dani said.

"Oh." Daggett said.

"Come on then. Let's go to my room. I'll show you all the awesome games I got." Dani said.

"Sure thing." Daggett said.

Before Daggett and Dani both headed to her room. Daggett stopped and looked to see where his pet Ghost Dog Cujo was and then saw Cujo laying on the ground. "Hey Cujo. Dani and I are going to her room to play video games. Wanna come." Daggett said.

Cujo got up and barked before running up to Daggett. "Guess that's a yes." Daggett said.

With that they headed to her room. Maddie and Jack were already finished talking and stood up. "If you need us. We'll be back down in the basement." Maddie said.

"We still have some things to do." Jack said.

"Alright mom, and dad." Jazz said.

They both went back down into the basement. Norbert who was sitting beside Jazz spoke. "So Jazz. I just thought I ask you something." Norbert said.

Jazz looked at Norbert. "What would that be Norbert." Jazz said.

"Well since you said you're preparing to go to College in many months. Maybe you need some help getting ready. I would be greatful to help you get ready much faster. That's only if you like." Norbert said.

"Really Norbert? I would really appreciate that." Jazz said.

"Of course. I love to help a friend like you after all." Norbert said.

"Wow thanks Norbert. Believe me, but it's really stressing me. I just don't have time to do other things." Jazz said.

"I don't blame you. How about you tell me some things that you need to do to get ready for college?" Norbert said.

"Alright." Jazz said.

Jazz began to tell Norbert how he can help her get ready for college quicker. Daggett, Dani, and Cujo made it to Dani's room and went in. "Nice room you have Dani." Daggett said.

"Thanks. Let me show you what games I have now." Dani said.

"Sure thing." Daggett said.

Daggett, Dani, and Cujo walked up to the TV, which was in her room. It had her game system hooked up to it. "So what games do you have. I bet they're fun. Or should say NUTS!" Daggett said.

"*giggles* You're funny Daggett. Anyway I'll show you." Dani said.

Daggett nodded as Dani showed him the games she had. "Oh! Oh! Oh let's play this one. That one looks really fun!" Daggett said.

"Alright then." Dani said.

Dani put the video game disc into her video game system and the game started. Daggett and Dani both grabbed a controller and began playing it together, while Cujo the Ghost Dog just watched them play it.

"Already we just started playing this game and it's fun! It's probably the best game I ever played yet!" Daggett said.

"I know. Knew you would think it would be fun. In fact this is my favourite game out of all the games I have." Dani said.

"Really?" Daggett said.

"Yep." Dani said.

"...That's cool. Well let's keep playing then." Daggett said.

"Sure thing." Dani said.

Daggett and Dani continued to play, while Cujo just kept watching them. A half hour later. Danny left his room and went downstairs looking for Daggett. "I wonder where Daggett is?" Danny said.

Danny saw his sister Jazz and Norbert still talking together. He walked up to them. "Hey Jazz. Hey Norbert said.

Norbert and Jazz looked at Danny. "Yeah?" Norbert and Jazz said.

"Have you seen Daggett. A while ago I told him to play with Danielle. Where do you think he is? Of course he's with Danielle." Danny said.

"Well if my little brother is playing with Danielle. Of course their in the house." Norbert said.

"I'm assuming their in Dani's room playing video games. Go check there." Jazz said.

"Oh alright. Thanks then." Danny said.

"Anytime Danny." Norbert said.

"Yeah anytime little brother." Jazz said.

Danny turned and made his way to Danielle's room. Norbert and Jazz went back to talking to each other. When Danny got to Danielle's room. He opened the door to see Daggett and Danielle still playing video games, while as usual Cujo was watching them. "Hey Daggett. I'm ready to go." Danny said.

Daggett, Dani, and Cujo turned their heads to see Danny. "Oh alright Danny. It was fun playing with you. However I'm going with Danny to somewhere now." Daggett said.

Dani felt lonely from what she head. "Oh alright then. Have fun." Dani said.

"I will." Daggett said.

"Come on Cujo. We're going somewhere with Danny." Daggett said.

Cujo barked and ran up to Daggett. They both then walked up to Danny. "Let's go Danny. Let's go! Let's go! Let's go!" Daggett said.

"Alright." Danny said.

As they were about to leave. Dani spoke. "Danny?" Dani said.

Daggett, Danny, and Cujo turned their heads looking at Dani. "Yeah, Danielle?" Danny said.

"I was just wondering. Can I come too?" Dani said.

"Of course you can. Why would I say no." Danny said.

"Really thanks." Dani said.

Dani turned off her TV and the video game before running up to them. "So where are we going?" Dani said.

"We're going to the Nasty Burger to meet up with Sam, and Annie." Danny said.

"Who's Annie?" Daggett said.

"She's the friend I'll introduce you when we see her and Sam. She's also my girlfriend." Danny said.

"Oh and that's weird. I always had a odd feeling you would eventually become your so called Goth friend Sam's boyfriend." Daggett said.

"Well after the day of the Disasteroid. We did. However as months went by. Our relationship just couldn't work out. She we decided to remain as friends." Danny said.

"Oh." Daggett said.

"Anyway then let's go." Danny said.

"Alright." Daggett and Dani said.

Cujo barked agreeing. As they were about to leave the door heading outside. Norbert who was talking with Jazz saw them and spoke. "Hey where you all going?" Norbert said.

"We're going out Norbie. You like to come?" Daggett said.

"I would, but I'm helping Jazz here by telling her how to get ready for college faster. Though if it's alright Jazz. I'll help you more later about it. I think I wanna go out with my brother and the others." Norbert said.

"Sure, Norbert. Besides you gave me lot of help now. You can continue telling me what to do to get ready for college faster when you all get back." Jazz said.

"Oh alright then. If you like. You can come too with us." Norbert said.

"Nah, I'll stay here and do things to catch up on the college things to do. You all go have fun." Jazz said.

"Okay just asked. See you then." Norbert said.

"You see too." Jazz said.

Norbert jumped off the seat and walked up to everyone else who were waiting. "Let's go then to where we are going." Norbert said.

Danny nodded and with that they all left Danny's house and were on the streets heading to the Nasty Burger to meet up with Sam, and Danny's girlfriend Annie who were at the Nasty Burger waiting for them. A while later. They were all still walking passing by many people who were also walking on the streets. "So Danny. Tell me more about this Annie person?" Daggett said.

"Well believe me. She's a very nice person. Truth is me, Sam, and Tucker were friends with her since I was younger, but her father got a job from somewhere else and they had to move. However after the days after the Disasteroid. She and her family moved back here to Amity Park and now were hanging out with each other again." Danny said.

"Well that's nice." Daggett said.

"This Annie person sounds really nice indeed." Norbert said.

"Believe me she is." Danny said.

"Danny are we almost at the Nasty Burger?" Dani said.

"Yes Danielle we are." Danny said.

"Good." Dani said.

Cujo barked running up to them catching up. As they kept walking. They all notice green lush grass and plants up ahead. "Look at all these plants and all. They look pretty delicious." Daggett said.

Daggett ran pass everyone running up to the area with grass and plants everywhere. Danny realized he seen this before. It was an enemy of his right here. "Daggett wa-" Danny said not finishing.

Before Danny could finish what he was about to say. Everything began to shake and the road cracked open. A large plant like ghost came out. It was Undergrowth. "HUMAN INSECTS! Nature has returned to take over once again!" Undergrowth said.

"Oh great it's Undergrowth." Danny said.

"Who?" Dani said.

"Undergrowth. And Daggett come back here!" Danny said.

"Oh. Wow he's big!" Dani said.

"Tell me about it! He is big indeed!" Norbert said.

People began to panic as they ran pass them all. Daggett who didn't hear Danny shout to him was nearby Undergrowth. The Brown Beaver who was eating some of the plants turned around to find more plants to eat and then he suddenly saw the bottom of Undergrowth unaware that it was the Ghost of Plants. "Wowie! That must be the tastiest looking tree or whatever it is I've ever seen. I wonder what it tastes like." Daggett said.

With that Daggett made his way towards Undergrowth still unaware. Undergrowth looked down at Danny and the others. "You! I was hoping to find you! I have returned to get revenge! My children and I will take over once more!" Undergrowth said.

"Not if I can do anything about it! Come on Danielle. We're going Ghost!" Danny said.

Dani shooked her head as they both turned ghost and flew towards Undergrowth. Undergrowth shot thorns at them, but they both turned intangible and turned back. Just before they were about to shoot their beams at Undergrowth. The ghost of plants suddenly felt pain. "Ow! Hey ow! ow! What in the!" Undergrowth said.

Danny, and Dani were confused as well as Norbert, and Cujo until they saw it was Daggett chewing on Undergrowth. Undergrowth who saw this was getting angry. "HEY YOU! Stop that it hurts! You weird weasel thingie!" Undergrowth said growling angrily.

Daggett stopped chewing and looked up at Undergrowth. "Weasel thingie! I'm not a Weasel. I'm a Beaver!" Daggett said.

Undergrowth's eyes widen in fear. "B-BB-BEAVER! BEAVERS! MY BIGGEST FEAR! I'M TERRIFIED OF BEAVERS! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!" Undergrowth said screaming in fear.

Norbert, Danny, Dani, and Cujo were surprised to hear this and Danny began to laugh "Hey Undergrowth. Aren't you going to do anything about it?" Danny said laughing.

"I-I can't. I'm afraid of Beavers! They eat plants, chew on roots! Chew down trees! And since they are part of Nature I can't do anything about it! I have to accept nature for whatever it is! SOMEONE HELP ME! MY CHILDREN! WE MUST FLEE! THERE'S A BEAVER! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES! BEAVER! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE MY CHILDREN! WE MUST GET AWAY FROM MY BIGGEST FEAR! BEAVERS! AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Undergrowth said panicing.

With that Undergrowth and his children went back into the ground. He could be heard screaming for his life for the fact he was afraid of Beavers. Danny and Dani went back onto the ground and turned back into their human forms. Danny couldn't help but laugh at the fact that Undergrowth was extremely scared of Beavers. "I can't believe it! I mean seriously! Who knew Undergrowth was afraid of Beavers." Danny said laughing.

Daggett ran back to the others. "That was some of the tastiest plants I ate." Daggett said.

"Daggett don't you know what you did?" Norbert said.

"No what did I do." Daggett said.

"Thanks to you. You saved Amity Park from Undergrowth. And can you believe it. He's afraid of Beavers." Danny said continueing to laugh.

"Well if you think about it. I can see why he is. He's the Ghost of Plants and Beavers eat plants and since he can't do anything about it and has to accept it due to it being nature. That's a good reason he's afraid of us Beavers." Norbert said laughing along with Danny.

"That makes sense. So yeah as I said Daggett you saved Amity Park from Undergrowth." Danny said.

"I did. All I was doing was chewing on this huge plant like thing that appeared to be part of that plant like ghost you just spoke of...Though it was yummy. I was eating and chewing on a Ghost! EW!" Daggett said.

Daggett tried to get the taste out of his mouth. "It doesn't matter Daggett. You're a hero." Dani said.

Daggett looked at Dani. "That's true." Daggett said.

Cujo barked agreeing. "Well let's just keep heading to the Nasty Burger then." Danny said.

"Alright." Daggett, Norbert, and Dani said. While Cujo barked again agreeing.

They kept walking until they got to the Nasty Burger, where they suddenly saw Sam and the new friend Daggett and Norbert were about to meet name Annie.